Friday, May 27, 2016

A Jewish Family Torn Apart by Israeli Policies

Very sad article about a Jewish woman mentioning how her father accusing her of talking like the Nazis because she said something he did not like.
Just say it, Dad. Say that there is an occupation, that we’re controlling another nation. Say that 18 year-olds are being sent into the heart of a civilian population to face horrible situations. No. There is no such thing! He yelled at me with his eyes wide, banging on the table. “You are talking like the Nazis. You want to annihilate us. There is no occupation and there never was.”  (When your own Jewish father calls you a Nazi, +972 Magazine.)
The COGs insist that violence and bloodshed is the expected lot for the people in the Holy Land. They seek to destroy any hope that this terrible situation can be brought to an end.

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