Wednesday, May 25, 2016

PCG Inviting an Israeli Official to Armstrong Auditorium

As if Israeli Jews didn't have enough problems already.

The marketing director for a front organization of PCG, Shane Granger, attended a celebration of the State of Israel's establishment in 1948 at a gathering in Houston on May 11. He invited the Consul General to visit PCG's $24 million Armstrong Auditorium.

How dare PCG's leaders try to exploit Israeli officials in an attempt to make PCG seem special in the eyes of their followers. It is morally wrong for PCG to do this.

HWA did this. A certain controversial religious leader from Korea did things like this as well.

PCG has a terrible reputation among the COGs. PCG can try to invite whoever they wish to go to PCG's $24 million auditorium but the truth about PCG is well known to those familiar with Armstrongism. Those who know the truth about PCG are not fooled in any way.

PCG would do better by trying improve relations with the other COGs and stop shunning ex-members and members of the other COGs instead of trying to make themselves look important.

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