Monday, May 23, 2016

John Ogwyn Quoted by Minister in Italy

The following passage is from a book written by a minister in Italy of Nigerian heritage. (Amazon and Google Books).

He writes the following about LCG's John Ogwyn.
One of my favorite authors, John H. Ogwyn, wrote in his booklet, "The beast of Revelation," is both an ecclesiastical and a civil government, and that the Pope is both a religious leader and a civil head of state. He quoted elsewhere in the same book that, "Nestled within the city of Rome is the world's smallest sovereign territory-the Vatican City, maintaining its own diplomatic relations with all the major powers. This miniscule city-state, ruled by the Roman pontiff, is a full participant in international affairs." I profoundly share these views with John Ogwyn.
If only his readers knew the problems regarding LCG and Armstrongism.

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