Thursday, May 5, 2016

PCG's 1% Won't Like Trump's Victory in Primaries

Like him or not it appears Donald Trump will be the Republican candidate for President after his victory in Indiana.

It seems reasonable to believe that PCG's 1% will not like this development. As noted previously PCG's 1% do not like Trump anymore. Any sense of approval they used to have for him has now vanished.

Further evidence of this may be seen in this April 24, 2016 tweet by PCG's Richard Palmer which links to a Gary Kasparov article condemning Trump's complaints about the primary system.

And after Trump's victory Stephen Flurry made a broadcast of his recruitment show, The Trumpet Daily, entitled "A Dark Time for America" (May 4, 2016).
Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton: These are the two candidates Americans will have to choose from when they go to vote for their president this fall. The choice is indicative of the sad state America is entering into. ... In Dennis Prager’s latest article, he wrote that Trump and Clinton “are two reasons—of many, unfortunately—why, other than the first years of the Civil War, when the survival of the United States as one country was in jeopardy, there has never been a darker time in American history.”
However because PCG leans so far to the right when conflicts occur between Trump and the Democratic Party PCG's leaders will be inclined to portray him sympathetically. An example of this may be seen in the latest broadcast of PCG's Trumpet Hour (May 4, 2016).
America’s presidential race is increasing TENSIONS—protests against Donald Trump are increasing, and in some cases turning VIOLENT. How bad is this going to get?
Note how the protesters against Trump are condemned. Even though PCG's leaders do not like Trump their opposition to the Democratic Party and the left in general is still intact despite their dislike for Trump.

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