Monday, May 23, 2016

PCG Uses Prince to Illustrate "Dysfuctional Celebrities"

On May 19 PCG released a radio broadcast of The Trumpet Daily hosted by Brad MacDonald entitled "Lessons From Our Dysfunctional Celebrities."

To illustrate the type of "dysfunctional celebrities" MacDonald wishes to condemn a picture of Prince is presented.
Each week, it seems, we learn about another celebrity overdosing, committing suicide, or sinking into dysfunction. These people have tremendous wealth, fame, power and influence, yet so many are miserable and dysfunctional. Meanwhile, society tells us, especially our children and teenagers, that the celebrity lifestyle of wealth, fame and power is one of happiness and stability, something to aspire to. In today’s program, Brad Macdonald explores the depressing lives of a few celebrities to show that we must not fall for the lie that success and happiness come by the acquisition of wealth, power and fame.
Why couldn't PCG's 1% at least used a picture of a celebrity who is still alive?

This is not the first time PCG's 1% chose to criticize a famous singer after his death. When Michael Jackson PCG's Ron Fraser wrote an article condemning him as noted in a previous post.

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