Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Bob Thiel Mentioned in Rawstory Article

The unordained, self appointed, false prophet Bob Theil, founder and leader of the Continuing Church of God has been indirectly mentioned in an article at Rawstory discussing how some have reacted to Donald Trump's victory in the Republican primaries.

Thiel is not mentioned by name in this article but links to an article of his is included in it.
Christians who claimed months ago that Donald Trump was foretold in Biblical prophecy must be feeling prescient today. ...

Another article drew parallels between Trump and events, which pointed toward an apocalyptic future. The article cites article after article about Trump, and verses of the Bible that he finds relevant. After a long, protracted presenting of both sides of the argument, eleven reasons are presented as to why Donald Trump is “apocalyptic.” As one of these eleven reasons, Trump’s statements against Apple are cited, which “suggest an environment of loss of privacy and favoring unlimited government control. This type of thing will be exploited by 666 of Revelation 13:16-18.” (Lorraine Berry, Christians can’t wait for God to punish ‘wicked’ America with Trump — and usher in the Apocalypse, Rawstory, May 5, 2016.)
The article refers to Theil as a Christian however Armstrongism has long insisted that every Christian outside of the COGs are merely false Christians and are not "true Christians." HWA redefined Christian to mean those who followed him and many in the COGs continue to redefine the term according to their advantage.

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