Monday, May 23, 2016

Mark Armstrong's Misanthropic Screed

Intercontinental Church of God's leader,Mark Armstrong, son of Garner Ted Armstrong, has another misanthropic weekly update (May 20, 2016). Let's take a look.

He speculates that the EgyptAir flight was an act of terrorism. He falsely equates terrorism with "devout Muslim zealots" thus falsely equating murderous criminals such as those within Al Qaeda and ISIL with all Muslims everywhere. This fails to distinguish between the innocent and the guilty. This is Islamophobia.
There's more than ample evidence this week that American national leadership has slipped the boundaries of sanity on every subject. News outlets went non-stop this week on the EgyptAir flight that fell out of the sky over the Mediterranean Sea with 66 passengers on board en route from Paris to Cairo. While the cause is under investigation, all observers are convinced that it was another terrorist attack. Everybody knew it was only a matter of time before devout Muslim zealots would strike again, and even now, we know it won't be long before the next grotesque mass murder. The response here at home is that security measures must be heightened, and that means that the TSA will be giving American travelers an even harder time at terminal entries.
He proposes to discriminate against Muslims in airports.
How about rescinding security credentials from Muslim baggage handlers, food and beverage suppliers and maintenance workers? No, that would be discriminatory, biased, bigoted and has never been officially suggested. What they intend to do is crack down further on the traveling public! As if flying hasn't already been turned into a colossal disaster, with many people missing flights due to a three hour wait to be treated like potential terrorists by blue-gloved abusers. Maybe terrorists can't always be identified at a glance, but people who couldn't possibly be terrorists can. For this ridiculous "homeland insecurity" agency to absolutely refuse to "profile" possible suspects while allowing innocent American travelers to proceed without abusive treatment is another example of politically correct insanity, and it has taken over our society.
He indulges in inciting hatred and animosity against transgender people. He clearly never bothered to learn about gender dysphoria so he vilifies transgender people as just making up their own condition.
On the subject of the liberals' shiny new sacred cow, "Transgenders" in public and school showers and changing facilities, the president himself issued directives and got the Department of Justice and the Department of Education to send out notices that there would be legal consequences for any facility that denied access (or threw out) someone using a facility contrary to their actual physiological gender.
Now that it is harder to mobilize people against homosexuals after the Supreme Court legalized same sex unions a new target was needed. Transgender people became the new target.
Of course the Charlotte nonsense and the involvement of the president and two powerful government agencies, including the one charged with the responsibility of LAW ENFORCEMENT has encouraged some school districts to take a public stand on allowing "trans" individuals to use any facilities consistent with their "gender identity."
One's gender identity is determined in the brain, not by bodily anatomy. Normally one's anatomy and gender identity align with each other. But when they do not align this is called gender dysphoria. 
It is bizarre. It's idiotic lunacy, and yet their determined to make all of America bow down to accept the lowest of the depraved as "special" and deserving of sympathy and understanding. But there is no understanding complete insanity, and that is apparently the point! You will agree, you will understand and you will like it, or else!
Just last year 22 transgender Americans were murdered. Furthermore while about 10 per cent of the American population have contemplated suicide about 40 per cent of transgender Americans have contemplated suicide.

But these harrowing facts revealing the vulnerability many transgender Americans are hidden from Mark Armstrong's followers behind his venomous contempt and scare mongering.

Mark Armstrong seems to think there should be some sort of separation between mainstream society and transgender people. Is this a call for segregation? This time directed against transgender Americans.
It's high time we drew the line, with corporations, with local stores and restaurants and every concern that's in our collective face with overt queer, transgender, weirdo nonsense! Whatever happened to the concept that the customer's always right? Every one of the "for profit" concerns that are pushing depravity depend on consumers for their survival. Tell them they can depend exclusively on queers and trannies for their business survival! Then let's see how long this stupidity survives. If Americans had any shred of backbone left, that's exactly what would happen.
Then in his typical style he has to bring up just about everything in his typically bizarre mish mash view of the world. He mentions the economic crisis in Venezuela, tensions with Russia, tensions with China, the refugee crisis in Europe (which is falsely called a "mass invasion"). He even bizarrely insists that the United Nations and President Obama are engaged in a grand conspiracy to get immigrants into the United States.
While we're being tied in knots with stupidity, socialism has the people of Venezuela starving and doing without basic necessities of life. Russia casually threatens the United States and our European allies. China is launching submarines with nuclear missiles, building military bases in the middle of the South China Sea, and threatening that it's ready for war if provoked. Europe is undergoing a mass invasion of North Africans and Middle Easterners and enduring an unending crime wave which is contributing to the coming collapse of the European Union. The United States is undergoing an onslaught of mass migration from terrorist states and from central America choreographed by the UN, an anti-American president and agencies led and populated by his own hand-picked bureaucrats.
What a ridiculous conspiracy theory. What a shallow way to camouflage his vilification of illegal immigrants by disguising his xenophobia as though it was some kind of heroic resistance against the United Nations and President Obama.

Ironically he links to a liberal blog affiliated with People For the American Way dedicated to criticizing the religious right in the section quoted above.

He then brings up Sodom and Gomorrah and insinuates a similar fate awaits the United States. Armstrongites such as his grandfather HWA and his various imitators have constantly made such dire predictions since the 1930s and all such predictions have failed miserably.
They'll make us great in their eyes only when they've turned America into a depraved, third-world Sodom and Gomorrah. It didn't turn out too well the first time, and if we don't stand up in opposition but quick, it will end similarly.
Strangely enough he links to an interview with Noam Chomsky, a left wing intellectual who believes and says many things that are quite contrary to what Armstrongites tend to believe in.

Why does he say such things? Partly it is to keep his followers loyal to him and his organization. By inciting fear and loathing of people outside of the group his followers are too worried, fixated and distracted with these issues to address the problems among themselves.


  1. I think Armstrongites are getting desperate. Sooner or later it's going to dawn on these people that if their prophecies had been correct in the first place, they would have come to pass during World War II, or in 1975. Even though 90% of the American population was white in 1960, roughly half of those were German, meaning that while British Israelism appeared possible at that time, it was an illusion. When you look at the projected racial makeup statistics for 2050, and the trends of intermarriage, a short 34 years from now, British Israelism will have been debunked not only in the ways we recognize today, but also by history.
    That's got to pain some people.

    Mark may attract some militia types, but these rants are not going to attract the kinds and numbers of people that were in WCG in the classic era. It's going to be like trying to start a motorcycle club, and having all kinds of gangsters show up.


  2. Mark Armstrong's ideology is becoming increasingly difficult to sustain and convince people as being a worthwhile ideology. But unfortunately he chooses to scare monger against minority communities instead of trying to help people solve their problems.

  3. It's getting crazy. These splinter groups are all either going off the deep end or are tepid and unnoticeable. Surely, Mark should consider who his public stance is grouping him amongst. This is Westboro Baptist behavior! Everybody hates Westboro, and does not accept them as even being Christian. Just when we thought the Armstrong name could not be further trashed, he takes it a couple notches lower!


  4. It is very unfortunate that some within the COGs choose to behave unhelpfully.