Wednesday, May 25, 2016

PCG's Robert Morley Condemns "Obamaphones"

PCG's Robert Morley has released an article condemning the Obama Administration for providing free cell phone coverage. (Robert Morley, My Very Own Obamaphone, May 25, 2016.)

Recently Morley went to get his phone changed.
Last week, I almost got my very own Obamaphone—by accident.
While discussing his phone change he mentions that his old phone did not get the Internet.
I get free calls and text and how much Internet? … My old phone didn’t even have Internet.
Why would Morley admit such a thing in public?

He complains that "Obamaphones"' are quite common.
I would have been part of a very big club. Approximately 20 million Americans have received Obamaphones through government programs.... In fact, if rumor is true, entire inner cities have Obamaphones.
Why is Morley passing mere rumors to his readers? Why doesn't he investigate and talk to people to find out if these things are so?

Also it should be noted that some people use "inner-city" as a euphemism to describe African Americans. Is he thinking of people of a certain race using these "Obamaphones"?

He has embedded in the article two YouTube videos. Both feature African American women saying Obama will provide for them. Why does he choose videos of African American women? Could he not find people from any other race saying such things as well?

He thinks these "Obamaphones" are bad because one day the money will run out.
Ask any Greek. Talk to someone from Puerto Rico. Eventually, there simply aren’t enough taxpayers left to support tax takers. Where are Puerto Rico’s doctors and lawyers? Where are the wealthy? Why have they left the island? When the money runs out—and it always does—the welfare recruiters turn into street demonstrators. The people revolt. Chaos reigns. And then real hardship and poverty set in. 
He seems to be confusing private debt with public debt. US dollars are printed by the US government. While with private debt we cannot print our money so we can run out of money. Greece did not have control of its own currency since it was part of the Eurozone and the euro is controlled collectively by the European Central Bank. Puerto Rico does not have its own sovereign currency so it is a false equivalence to compare Puerto Rico with the US federal government. It is not possible for the US government to be forced to default on the federal debt since it is the source of US dollars.

We need to be careful about our preconceptions about people.

It is better to search out information instead of passing out rumors.

The US government is in no danger of running out of money any time soon.

It needs to be asked why PCG's leaders have got a self taught man to tell their readers about economic matters.

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