Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Remembering PCG's Exploitation of the Yugoslav Wars

PCG's Richard Palmer has released an article commenting on fears regarding the appointment of a far right politician as the culture minister of Croatia. It is mentioned that he minimized the horrors of what happened in the collaborationist Ustashi regime of Croatia during World War II and that he used to lead a minor party that sympathized with the Ustashi. That is quite concerning. It is perfectly proper to be concerned and speak out about these things.

But it deserves to be noted that PCG has long decided to vilify Croatia ever since 1999. During the Kosovo War of 1998-9 PCG's leaders decided to ignore the widespread concerns and condemnations of the Milošević regime in Serbia and portray him as the victim of German aggression. They chose to portray Milošević as the good guy in order to demonize Germany and the Pope. The many human rights abuses laid at Milošević's doorstep were ignored by PCG's leaders so they could blame the Yugoslav Wars on Germany and the Pope.

Germany's recognition of Croatia and Slovenia in December 1991 was cited to blame Germany for the wars. But fighting had actually begun in June 1991. Slovenia had already gained de facto independence in July 1991. Serbia and Croatia fought a cataclysmic battle at Vukovar that raged from August 25 till November 18, 1991 killing about 3000 people. All that was before Germany's recognition of Croatia and Slovenia. In January 1992 a ceasefire ended this phase of the Croatian War of Independence. It was not until 1995 that Croatia would directly attack Serbia again.

Recently Radovan Karadžić was convicted and sentenced to forty years' imprisonment for genocide. Back in 2008 PCG's Ron Fraser wrote an article denouncing the alleged demonization of Karadžić and he even demonized Bosnia as a "terrorist enclave".

Back in 2011 Richard Palmer himself minimized the Srebrenica massacre as merely "a crime of passion" which is a terrible way to describe the premeditated mass murder of 8000 Bosnian men after they had surrendered.

Shame on PCG for treating this most serious topic in such a superficial way. And PCG is still watching for Germany to conquer the United States.

It is perfectly proper to condemn anyone who wishes to minimize the horrors of what happened under the Ustashi during World War II. But PCG bears a terrible history of exploiting the Yugoslav Wars to prop up their false prophecies about Germany and the Pope even at the expense of the victims of the Milošević regime and the Karadžić regime.


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