Wednesday, May 11, 2016

PCG's Stephen Flurry Vilifies Transgender People Again

PCG has a long and shameful record of demonizing transgender people. Stephen Flurry continues this campaign of demonization in a recent Trumpet Hour broadcast (May 10, 2016).
The Department of Justice has filed a lawsuit against North Carolina’s governor over the state’s law regarding bathroom access. The Justice Department said the law, which requires people to use the bathroom according to their biological gender, “stigmatizes and singles out transgender employees, results in their isolation and exclusion, and perpetuates a sense that they are not worthy of equal treatment and respect.”
 And PCG thinks this is horrible.
There have already been incidents of abuse of the new laws in other states that allow people to use bathrooms according to their “gender identity.”
Criminal behavior like that is banned in public bathrooms and everywhere else. This scare mongering against transgender people relies on a discredited myth that unfairly stigmatizes transgender people.  
These are the results of a society that has fully embraced moral relativism.
Nonsense. "Moral relativism" has nothing to do with this issue. Rather people have come to understand that gender dysphoria is a real medical condition. One's gender identity is determined in the brain, not by one's genitalia. It sometimes happens that one is born with male genitalia but have a female gender identity in the brain.

PCG vilifies transgender people in order to distract PCG members from the problems within PCG. Sometimes it is wondered how PCG members can stay within it despite its many problems. A part of the answer is that they are told to be scared of people outside PCG, in this instance transgender people, and so they direct their attention to these supposedly menacing outsiders and this distracts them from paying attention to the problems among themselves.

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