Monday, May 2, 2016

Comments on the May-June 2016 Issue of LCG's Tomorrow's World

For an overview of this issue of LCG's recruitment magazine (May-June 2016) I recommend Gavin Rumney's post at Ambassador Watch, Tomorrow's World - Nice cover, shame about the content (May 1, 2015). For the most part it is more of the same.

The editors are listed as Roderick C. Meredith, Richard Ames, William Bowmer, John Robinson, Bruce Tyler, Stuart Wachowitz, Gerald Weston and William Williams.

The authors in this issue in order of appearance are Roderick C. Meredith, Jonathan Riley, Richard Ames, John Meakin, Rod McNair, Jonathan McNair, Douglas Winnail, J. Davy Crockett III and Wallace Smith. Circulation is 513,000 issues.

Rod McNair named his article "The Great Unraveling" after an article by Chris Hedges (p. 20). Hedges is a left wing journalist. It is quite unusual for LCG to quote a person of that political persuasion. Back in January 2007 he published a book critiquing the religious right entitled American Fascism: The Christian Right and the War on America. Do LCG's leaders realize who they are quoting from?

Hedges did not bother talking about Armstrongism in that book. Shows how (un)important Armstrongism actually is. Admittedly Hedges did quote an article from PCG once about mass layoffs in that book but he said absolutely nothing about any of the Armstrongite organizations.

Douglas Winnail insinuates that the Vikings are descended from Israelites by saying they had horned helmets.
Egyptian inscriptions reveal that among the Sea Peoples who invaded Palestine were the Shardana and Danuna (possibly the Israelite tribe of Dan) who were circumcised and wore horned helmets ..., much as the Danish Vikings of a later age have been depicted. (p. 29.)
This is incorrect. The Vikings did not wear horned helmets. That was just a illustrated exaggeration introduced in the 19th Century that has since become ubiquitous.

This recruitment magazine contains letters. Here's one from Jamaica.
Informative, eye-opening, enlightening and detailed message that outlines Original Christianity and the attempts made in proclaiming the true Christianity. God bless your ministry! I am inspired by your articles and have made the change in attending the Living Church of God.
That is the whole point of this magazine: to recruit people to join LCG. As if Jamaica didn't have enough problems already.

Here's one letter from Pakistan.
No doubt and this is very true that God’s Sabbath is Saturday. All who accept this will be blessed. I am thankful for Which Day Is the Christian Sabbath? It cleared all my doubts on this issue. God clearly said that Sabbath should be remembered. May God bless all your team.
As if Pakistan didn't have enough problems already. If only this person in Pakistan knew the problems with that booklet. Some of the problems may be seen in this critique of HWA's booklet promoting Sabbatarianism.

Here's one letter from Australia from a woman frustrated that the rest of her family happen to have their own religious views and are not interested in LCG's doctrines.
Thank you for your booklets. They are so full of the truth, and fairly easy to read and learn from. It is very hard to talk to family of what I have learned from you about the Bible, as my mother is 83 years old and has a faith mixed between Roman Catholic and Assemblies of God beliefs. My husband also has quite strong set ideas, and both are quite strong people. My daughter attends a church in Chinchilla that is a bit “jazzed up” these days. I feel unable to show my family a better way for them.
The COG organizations alienate us from our families and friends. Restrictive practices such as banning Christmas, Easter and birthdays are designed to socially isolate us from mainstream society and make us socially dependent on the group, in this instance LCG.

LCG responds to this letter by assuring her it is not necessary for her to convert them. If only this Australian woman knew the problems with LCG. This Australian does not need LCG but LCG needs the tithes and offerings of more members and donors.

And so LCG's attempts to bedazzle people into joining LCG and paying them tithes continues.

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