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PCG's 1% Do Not Like Donald Trump Anymore

PCG does not like Donald Trump anymore. At first PCG seemed quite impressed with Donald Trump. At times PCG's leaders talked almost as though they were campaigning for him.

Brad MacDonald discussed Trump in late August 2015. Note how Trump is portrayed as being different from President Obama. Considering how PCG's 1% loath him this would make Trump appear in a good light to many of PCG's readers.
Fences are making a major comeback in America, Europe, Asia and the rest of the globe. Some, like Donald Trump’s proposed fence along the United States-Mexico border, are literal. ...

Donald Trump, the front-runner in the race to become the Republican nominee for president, is America’s version of Nigel Farage.

Like Farage, Trump is candid, brave and totally fearless. He doesn’t worry too much about political correctness. He doesn’t mind offending other nations or peoples.

Trump’s message has a distinct nationalist tone to it. His campaign slogan is “Make America great again!” The central question for Trump on almost every issue is: What is best for America?
When Trump and people like him look at the world—at China, at Russia, at Latin and South America, at Japan—they see these nations increasingly moving away from globalization and increasingly putting national interests first. Donald Trump knows that if America is going to survive, it needs to start playing the game the same way other nations are!

Like some nations in Europe, Donald Trump wants to build a fence too—the great wall of Mexico that will be 2,000 miles long.

When he talks about China, or Mexico, or Japan, he uses terms like “competitors” and “opponents.”

It’s very different from Barack Obama’s approach to international relations. It’s also different from even the approach of some of the more traditional Republicans. When they talk about other countries, they use terms like “partners,” “international community” and “allies.” (Brad MacDonald, The Return of National Fences, August 28, 2015.)
Joel Hilliker later discussed Donald Trump.
The top Republican contender is a man who would likely never be considered a serious candidate under normal circumstances. But people appreciate him because he is everything that the Republican establishment is not. He presents himself as a tough negotiator. He says he can’t be bought. He won’t be walked on—if you attack him, he attacks you back. He’s not politically correct. He puts the media in their place. And he continually talks about the fact that he’s a winner. He sells optimism, and leads people to think he can actually get things done. When he says he will strengthen the military, build a wall, make America a respected nation again—it doesn’t sound like mere political rhetoric: People believe it. And they are so disenchanted with politics as usual that they’re willing to overlook this man’s considerable flaws—his arrogance, his narcissism, his public, petty, childish insults. (Joel Hilliker, How Much Confidence Do You Have in America’s Political Process?, October 9, 2015.)
Although Hilliker does criticize him near the end one is struck by how he talks almost like one campaigning for Trump. He might say he is merely describing what Trump's supporters think but this description seems slightly too long for that.

Later when Trump proposed temporarily banning all Muslims from entering the United States many criticized this statement. But at this time PCG's Stephen Flurry chose to minimize Trump's statement to instead criticize President Obama.
When Donald Trump called for a “total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States” on December 7, America’s elites went into a frenzy. The mainstream media, Republicans and Democrats alike, united to voice their outrage over Donald Trump’s position. It was an unprecedented show of unity within America’s ruling elite. On today’s show, Stephen Flurry asks why more people aren’t focusing on the man in power who is actually making radical changes in America. (Stephen Flurry, Donald Trump and the Fundamental Transformation of the United States, Trumpet Daily, December 9, 2015.)
Later some British MPs debated whether or not Trump should be banned from entering Britain. Once again Stephen Flurry's instinctual response was to defend Trump.
British Members of Parliament spent three hours yesterday debating whether or not Donald Trump should be banned from the United Kingdom. It was a symbolic debate, as Britain’s government has already decided it will not ban Trump. But, in a world filled with crises, and plenty of evil leaders who have not been banned from Britain, was it really appropriate for British MPs to spend this much time debating about a few words spoken by an America businessman? Why all the attention about what Donald Trump said, while little attention is paid to the dangerous things some men in power have done? (Stephen Flurry, In a World Gone Mad, British Lawmakers Gather to Debate Banning Donald J. Trump, Trumpet Daily, January 19, 2016.)
In the January 2016 issue of PCG's recruitment magazine, The Philadelphia Trumpet, PCG's leader, Gerald Flurry himself, cited Trump to support his condemnation of the agreement with Iran concerning its nuclear program.
The leading Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump, has strongly criticized President Obama for the nuclear deal with Iran and other issues. He said: “The president is just totally inept, UNLESS he has an agenda.” Well, let me tell you, HE HAS AN AGENDA—and he is using it to LEAD THIS COUNTRY TO ITS DEATH! (Gerald Flurry, The Roots of America’s Dangerous Turn Left, January 2016.) 
However whatever sympathy PCG's leaders used to have for Trump seems to have dissipated by now. In late March 2016 Richard Palmer hosted a broadcast in which he stated that Trump agreed with President Obama on some issues. In PCG's world saying anyone is like Obama or Clinton is like the kiss of death.
Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and many of America's top leaders all have the same fatal flaw in their foreign policies. This flaw was on full display as presidential candidate Trump unveiled his foreign policy in a series of interviews over the weekend. (Richard Palmer, Where Donald Trump Agrees with Barack Obama, Trumpet Daily, March 28, 2016.)
And on April 27 Stephen Flurry broadcast a denunciation of Donald Trump choosing not to oppose laws allowing transgender people to use whichever bathroom according to their gender identity.
Many people are looking to this year’s United States presidential election as a huge turning point for the nation. On the Republican side, last night Donald Trump took a big step toward winning his party’s nomination in July. But is Donald Trump really the solution to America’s many problems? In many ways, his political views are very similar to politicians on the left. (Stephen Flurry, Is Donald Trump the Answer?, Trumpet Daily, April 27, 2016.)
With this broadcast Stephen Flurry continues PCG's shameful demonization of transgender people. The way he talks about transgender people in this broadcast is just terrible. He also hurls inflammatory accusations against them which happen to be largely nonsensical.

It is not possible at present to definitively determine why PCG has turned against Trump in this way. Maybe PCG's 1% feel that they cannot trust Trump since if PCG should criticize Trump he can afford to ignore them. That is if he ever heard of them.

But because PCG leans so far to the right if Trump should happen to be oppose the left on some matter it is likely that PCG will speak nicely about him in those instances. But otherwise it seems PCG no longer likes Trump as a politician.

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