Monday, April 25, 2016

PCG Minimizing Bad Behavior

Back in December 2015 I wrote a post that mentioned how PCG's Brent Nagtegaal minimized an Israeli shouting curses at a 13 year old Palestinian boy who had just been neutralized after getting hit by a car. Nagtegaal mentioned that the Israeli individual called for him to die and insulted his mother as a "whore".

After this the 13 year old was taken to hospital. He was interrogated. Footage of which was later leaked. The 13 year old is now in Israeli prison awaiting trial over charges concerning a stabbing attack.

So Nagtegaal saw that an individual behaved badly in this incident. Here are some of what Nagtegaal said about the Israeli individual who yelled at this 13 year old boy to die and insulted his mother as a whore.
But what about the Israeli? The one who saw a collapsed heap of quivering, broken flesh and bones crumpled upon the street and shouted at him to die. Of course we are outraged by the cold-blooded killers. And we can certainly understand Jewish anger at the murderous enemy who seeks their destruction. But surely this 13-year-old was the result of a rotten society rather than part of its cause. Obviously, the Israeli also carries a hatred that reveals “peace in the Middle East” as the cliché it is. ("Youth Terrorism Takes a Knife to Prospects of Israeli-Palestinian Peace," October 14, 2015).
Police confronted the 15-year-old, who was still holding the machete. He charged, and was fatally shot. The 13-year-old was hit by a car. As he lay on the pavement, squirming in blood, paramedics tried to save his young life. An Israeli passerby videoing the boy shouted, “Die! Die! You son of a whore!”...
But what about the Israeli who saw a heap of quivering, broken flesh crumpled on the street and shouted at him to die? His outrage is understandable. But his reaction reveals that he too carries a terrible hatred. (Brent Nagtegaal, The Holy City’s Child Terrorists, November-December 2015.)
Clearly Nagtegaal has seen the video. At the time I criticized Nagtegaal for being selectively compassionate because he thinks Israeli Jews are white like himself. This also applies to PCG's other leaders. But I had not seen the video itself.

Recently I saw the video. The 13 year old is crumpled on the ground. Blood is around him. He is wheezing clearly in severe physical pain. His legs appear to be in an unnatural angle. Whatever happened before he was clearly no threat at the time he was filmed.

The Israeli in the video was filming him and called for him to die. He even stood over him shouting at him. Whatever happened before the Israeli individual clearly felt as though he was in no danger from the Palestinian.

The Israeli individual even spoke to a police officer nearby and encouraged him to shoot the 13 year old boy dead. Nagtegaal did not mention that part of the incident.

And Brent Nagtegaal thought that was understandable? Nagtegaal called this "a terrible hatred" but at the same time tried to minimize it by saying it was "understandable."

How would PCG react if the situation was reversed?

Shame on Nagtegaal and PCG's leaders for minimizing the bad behavior of this individual.

Alas, PCG supports the State of Israel for racist reasons, namely they think Jews are white like, for the most part, themselves. This disregards how Israelis and Jews in general may happen to view themselves.

(This criticism does not apply to some others since most people assess the situation without being blinded by the false dogma of British Israelism.)

May peace soon come to the Holy Land.

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