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Reading Melvin Rhodes' Blog: Part 1

Recently Ambassador Watch mentioned the blog of UCG's Melvin Rhodes. Rhodes originally came from Britain and now resides in the United States. Let's take a look at what Rhodes has said on his blog in March and April.

In my opinion the blog's message can be summed up in the following words, "The Muslims are coming! Restrict immigration of Muslims now."

Rhodes constantly complains that Muslims are allowed to immigrate to the United States. At times he cites the Immigration Act of 1965 and constantly associates that legislation with Senator Ted Kennedy.

March 1

Here Rhodes complains that there are too many Muslims in the United States.
So it should not have come as a surprise that, seven years later, the country elected its first president with a Muslim name and definite Muslim connections.
The name Hussein is derived from Arabic. With talk like this it is no wonder why some incorrectly says Obama is a Muslim.
The Obama Administration is staffed by a number of Muslims. ...  It’s no wonder they are panicked at the thought of Donald Trump and his promise to suspend Islamic immigration.
 What about the other Muslims who have no such connections to the Obama Administration?
The media will now follow with programs to show just how it was Islam, not protestant Europeans, that gave birth to this land and made it the most prosperous country in the world.
 Where did Rhodes get this idea? It is not going to happen.
Fifteen years after James Town, the English settlers had less of a presence on American soil than Muslims do today, less than 15 years after 9-11.
This is a false equivalence. Why is the establishment of Jamestown equated with the 9/11 terrorist attacks anyway? Furthermore there were more Muslims in the United States before 9/11 than Europeans in what is now the United States in 1622. This is a false equivalence.
And so we see the progressive spread of Islam into western democracies.   Instead of embracing freedom, they will spread their pernicious religion, which means “submission” or “surrender,” the exact opposite of what America was.
Our children and our grandchildren will never forgive us!
This fails to distinguish between the guilty and the innocent. All Muslims are vilified. This is wrong.
As the US has turned against Israel,
Wrong. Relations are quite close between the United States and the State of Israel regardless of the personnel relations between Obama and Netanyahu. The US pays 20% of Israel's military expenditure.

March 7

Here Rhodes discusses meeting with a campaigner for Bernie Sanders.

March 11

This post is entitled "Donald Trump and Islam."
Donald Trump’s statement that “Islam hates us” has been roundly condemned by other presidential candidates and by the media.
But, what if he’s right?  What if Islam does hate the West?
It is incorrect to view as Islam as one thing. Islam is a religion not a singular political movement. We often say, There over one billion Muslims. But religiously speaking there is a wide diversity of opinion and traditions among various Muslims. Politically speaking there are many different nation states, each nation states have differing factions within them. Politically we need to learn about and then assess what to do about the various political actors that we wish to address. It is incorrect to describe Islam as though it were a singular political actor.
Not for the first time, Mr. Trump has raised an issue that needed to be raised. He warns of Islam threatening the United States.   Some voices in Europe are raising similar fears, following the Paris attacks and the migrant crisis.   Calls for restrictions on immigration are greeted with voluble cries of “racist.”   Both President Obama and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton have said it’s “un-American” for the country to discriminate against Islamic immigrants.   They clearly do not know much history – before 1965 the US openly discriminated.
Is Rhodes suggesting such discrimination should be reinstated?

Rhodes then scare mongers that some sort of Great Depression might soon occur as Armstrongism has done since the 1930s.
One final question needs to be considered:   The United States and western Europe have not had a 1930’s style Depression in the fifty years of mass immigration.   When another one comes, which it surely will, will the multicultural paradise envisioned by Mr. Obama, the Clintons, the Kennedys and others, hold, or will we see friction between the various ethnic groups, the kind of conflict that has led to so much upheaval in other parts of the world?
March 17

Here Rhodes quotes an acquaintance of his from Australia. 
I thought readers might appreciate the following from a friend in Australia:
“Your presidential race is fascinating yet depressing.  Away from America, nobody, and I mean just about no one, can believe that Americans would support such a demagogue as Trump and all he stands for.   To say they like him because he speaks his mind and refuses to be PC is just inane.  Look at the type of person he is.  I would really fear for America, and more so the world, with a clown like him in charge.   It is positively sickening.
Bernie Sanders sounds like maybe a nice guy but a bit out of touch. I don’t think America could work his way. So Hilary . . .  there are skeletons in the closet so to speak but at least she has experience and did quite a reasonable job of it.  I think much of America still lives in the Teddy Roosevelt era in outlook . . . with little knowledge of the outside world and sort of contempt for it.”
Rhodes speculates that if Trump became President relations with the European nations will deteriorate. He blames Democratic Party politicians as well.
It’s difficult to imagine the Atlantic alliance holding together if Trump wins the election; having said that, the Democrats have not done any better.
March 22

Here Rhodes condemn Muslims again.
More Muslims = more terrorism!  That’s because a certain percentage will be extremists. ... Dealing with the problem requires a major change in immigration policies.  That’s not going to come from most western politicians, who are still influenced by liberal 1960’s thinking that says all peoples are the same and can all mix together peaceably.
If immigration is restricted many people who had nothing to do with extremism will be adversely affected. This fails to distinguish between the innocent and the guilty.
Another interesting development today is how quickly the bombers were identified as ISIS by the Belgian authorities.  ISIS later claimed responsibility.  Normally, following an attack in the US or the UK, we are told not to blame Islamists, or that there is no evidence this was terrorism.   Some are still in denial, but others are waking up!
I suspect he is wrong on this matter. Rather after events like this occur the authorities often encourage the people not to lash out at random Muslims because they do not want innocent people to suffer because of criminal acts.
More attacks will follow.  It will take Europe some time to fully wake up.  But it will come.  It’s either that or we will witness the fall of western civilization!
Western civilization is not going to fall anytime soon. This is an irrational fear.

March 29

(This post was discussed in Ambassador Watch.)

Here Rhodes discussed ISIL's terrorist attack in Brussels in which 34 innocent people were murdered and the terrorist attack in Lahore by a faction of the Taliban against Christians. He connects these criminal acts with immigration. This unfairly conflates the terrorists of ISIL with all Muslims and fails to distinguish between the innocent and the guilty.
Faced with the prospect of more terrorism in the years to come, each attack ratcheting up the intensity and the carnage, an anti-immigrant rally was held in Brussels on Sunday.   The rally was quickly condemned as being made up of “hooligans,” “right wing thugs,” “racists” and “neo-Nazis.”   None of their concerns was addressed.

Older people know that the West as it is now is the direct result of more than five decades of liberal and leftist thinking that has created the multicultural, mixed race, mixed religions, environment we are now living in.  It’s a disaster.  Yet the creators of this mess insist on more of the same.
Rhodes proclaims that the two religions cannot mix.
It’s glaringly obvious to a growing number of people that these two religions cannot mix.
What does this mean? No one proposed merging the two religions. So he seems to be saying that if there are too many (non-white) Muslims among us bad things will happen. Again we must distinguish between the innocent and the guilty. It is wrong to blame a whole community for the acts of a criminal conspiracy.

April 5

Here Rhodes scare mongers that there are two thousands mosques in the United States, seemingly ignoring the fact that the United States is a big place.
In the same week that the AfD (Alternative for Germany) party called on the country to close all mosques, it was disclosed that the United States has 2,000 mosques, with one now opening each week.   Many European countries are finding that Muslim young people, educated in the mosques, are learning extremism from local imams.  Many of the religious leaders are sent from Saudi Arabia and are members of the Wahaabi sect of Islam, the most violent form of Sunni Islam.
To be continued...

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