Friday, April 8, 2016

Robert Morley's Hometown and Russian-Israeli Immigrants

There is little information to be gleaned from WCG's writings concerning PCG's Robert Morley. However thanks to comments at Banned by HWA it is known that his father is Ronald Morley. And on page 6 of the April 12, 1982 issue of Worldwide News the following birth announcement is noted.
MORLEY, Ronald and [his wife], of Regina, Sask., [details follow.]
Although this announcement is of another person it seems clear this is Robert Morley's family. So it is evidence that PCG's Robert Morley came from Regina, Saskatchewan. It was already mentioned in a previous post that he came from Saskatchewan.

Now Robert Morley has a tendency to scare monger about immigrants in his writings. One example of this may be seen in his August 7, 2014 article. Here Morley exploits clashes between rival protesters in Calgary prompted by the war in Gaza to indulge in a spate of xenophobic scare mongering that foreigners are coming and something really bad will happen to Canada if they come.
Canada’s social experiment of importing millions of immigrants from nations whose cultures differ so dramatically from traditional Western heritage is backfiring—horribly.  

How long before Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, ISIS, Tamil Tigers, Babbar Khalsa, Mojahedin-e-Khalq and other radical groups’ family members introduce jihad to Canada? Shiite versus Sunni; Arab versus Israeli; Ethiopian versus Somali; Croat versus Serb; Armenians versus Turks; Turks versus Kurds—how long of a list do you want? 

Sacrificing Canadian national heritage to celebrate, maintain and promote the varying cultures and distinct international identities within the nation in the hope it will encourage social cohesion is folly. This policy, called multiculturalism, is doomed to fail.

It is impossible for greater national unity to result from greater differences.

Sadly, few in this obsessively politically correct world see the danger of a house divided against itself, so revolting “protests” like the one in Calgary—and worse—are guaranteed to explode again.
Morley comes from Regina, Saskatchewan. So who are the immigrants arriving in Regina? The following is from Wikipedia's article on Regina discussing the 2006 census.
...(the very large synagogue on Victoria Avenue at Osler Street is long closed and replaced by a smaller one in south Regina; however with a resident Rabbi and an influx of Russian-Israeli immigrants over the past 7 years [1999-2006], the numbers are recovering and continue to increase)....
Morley seems to be scared of immigrants. What is to stop Morley from slurring and vilifying these immigrants as well?

One danger (among many) regarding xenophobia is that if one learns to be fearful of another people it is easier to transfer that fear and animosity against other groups. We need to be weary about such fears.

There is no need to live in fear. We must give no place to hatred against any ethnicity.


  1. What I've found to be true is that the people who forcefully state that multiculturalism will not work are the ones who hate the concept and do not want it to work. They speak out against it and actively sabotage it.

    Multiculturalism is simply a natural byproduct of improvements in international travel and communication. Once the jet age and wireless communication began, it was inevitable. Also, people have begin to realize that the only way to manage some of the large magnitude problems afflicting the planet today (such as pollution) is globally.

    Both of these concepts fly in the face of those who want to turn back the hands of time. This, from people whose idea of a millennium involves us wearing robes, and having our own cows and goats, segregated from other ethnicities and cultures.


  2. Thank you for sharing your comment on this blog. Learning that Morley comes comes from Regina I naturally just looked up what could be read about the place and saw there has been an influx of Russian-Israeli Jews to that city. Knowing how PCG tends to scare monger about immigrants I thought I have to bring this up.

  3. Robert Morley is my brother. If you need any information I'd be happy to assist you in finding it.

    1. Syrian Refugees continue to be relocated in Regina

    2. Thank you commenting on this blog and your kind words.

      If you wish to contact me please send an email.

      May the people of Regina be happy and prosperous.