Thursday, April 28, 2016

PCG Leaders Denigrate Scandinavinian Countries as "Shocking" and Bureaucratic

Here is Andrew Müller and Robert Morley talking about the Scandinavian countries as part of a condemnation of Senator Bernie Sanders in a recent broadcast.

The following is from The Trumpet Hour, April 22, 2016, 6:45-7:55.
Müller: Sanders tries to tout Scandinavia (like Denmark, Sweden, Norway) as more as his model. Although those nations aren't nearly as nice a place to live in as he makes it sound like. And in a lot of ways aren't really socialist. ... They don't own the means of production. They're still capitalist nations with just a really, really huge bureaucracy. Really. With the progressive income tax. ...

Morley: And some of them like Norway have a lot of oil resources.

Müller: Yeah. And they've got natural resources that help them out somewhat.  And even then, I mean, there are a lot of things that happen in countries like that that would be shocking to an American mindset. ...

Müller: I've just read another case, which is actually quite common over there, of the government stepping in and taking, like, three children away from their Christian parents because they spanked them occasionally. No trial. No federal judge. Just a bureaucratic agency...

Morley: Bureaucrats arrive at the door and knock at the door.

Müller:...can take that which, yeah. That would make front page headlines in America. But in Europe I don't think that gets much of a rise [much attention] anymore.

Morley: That is just, just crazy.
The paranoid style is alive and well. Even Scandinavians are not spared suspicion.

Also PCG insists that they are the only "true church" and any not in PCG are not Christians at all.

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