Friday, April 1, 2016

COG-FF's Publishes Condemnation of Interracial Marriage

Ambassador Watch commented about Church of God-Faithful Flock's recruitment magazine, The Philadelphia Remnant. COG-FF is led by Don Billingsley.

The following words are from a 1957 article by HWA and may be found on page 3 of this magazine.
America is falling victim today to the Communist propaganda of MIXING THE RACES, contrary to God's com­mands! God Himself scattered the races at the tower of Babel. God decreed they shall remain SEGREGATED until the end of this world, and the coming of Christ. 
Communism stands for amal­gamation of the races, until there will be but one race again. They disseminate this propa­ganda among the Negroes of America. Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt has fallen under this delusion, and other public leaders have started a trend in America which makes segrega­tion, which GOD COMMANDS, appear to be sinful and evil, and which makes a mixing of races, which GOD CON­DEMNS, appear to be Christian and good! This has nothing to do with race superiority or racial DISCRIMINATION. God condemns racial discrimina­tion, but COMMANDS racial segregation. There's a vast difference! Today people con­ fuse the two as though they were the same!
What terrible, racist, McCarthyite propaganda. And COG-FF chooses to publish these words today in their magazine? How disgraceful.


When I was falsely recruited into believing Armstrongism one of LCG's writers was one Mark Mendiola. He left LCG to join Pack's RCG around 2005. After that around 2007 he left RCG and joined COG-FF. Although his name does not appear on this latest issue of COG-FF's recruitment magazine.

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