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Meredith's Co-Worker Letters (2011-2013)

Let's take a look at the co-worker letters that are sent each month by Roderick Meredith or Richard Ames to LCG's flock and those who send money to LCG.

This post shall discuss the co-worker letters from January 14, 2011 to June 12, 2013. Some later co-worker letters (July 17, 2013 to December 15, 2015) are discussed in a previous post.

Within the pages of these co-worker letters there will be:
  • Scare mongering against Europeans, Germans, the Pope, gays and Muslims.
  • Scare mongering about natural disasters.
  • Scare mongering that the US federal debt will bankrupt America. (This is not accurate.)
  • Scare mongering about demonic activities, which is here sometimes linked with the final Pope.
  • Discussion of the UCG-COGWA split (January 15, 2011).
  • Meredith gets excited and says dramatic things will happen in the next three to six years (May 18, 2011).
  • Meredith saying "I love you sincerely" to his co-workers (March 15, 2012). 
  • Ames saying that Meredith is writing an autobiography (July 17, 2012). 
  • Ames stating that donations to fund Living University are in addition to the three tithes (February 15, 2013).
  • And comments regarding the state of LCG and their attempts to get more tithes paying recruits.
 Let's take a look.


January 14, 2011

Here Richard Ames mentions that LCG got caught out by a Christian TV station in South Africa and was promptly booted off the air by those who are constantly belittled and condemned by LCG as false Christians. But even though it was only broadcast for such a short time LCG still got three tithes paying members.
Understandably, not all the response was positive. God TV executives, once they realized that our teachings are at odds with “mainstream Christianity,” pulled us off the air after just one week! So, that “open door” closed very quickly. But we should not be disappointed. We remember that, even though the telecast aired for just three weeks on the “Love World” station in South Africa, that brief airing brought more than 20 new attendees—and three people being baptized into God’s Church! Even though the telecast aired for just one week on God TV, we cannot yet know what impact that airing will have. Of course, Dr. Meredith will now be looking for other open doors to preach the true Gospel—to a world that will not always receive it favorably.
It is mentioned that circulation for LCG's recruitment magazine, Tomorrow's World, was at this time about 338,000.
The Tomorrow’s World magazine print-run for January-February 2011 was 338,000....
Ames promotes LCG's unaccredited Living University and mentions several comments from students praising it.
We were encouraged last year when more than 100 Tomorrow’s World Bible Study Course students who had completed the 24-lesson course accepted Dr. Meredith’s invitation to enroll tuition-free in his semester-long Living University course, THL 135 Life, Ministry, and Teachings of Jesus. An online student from South Australia commented, “I have found this class extremely beneficial as it has increased my understanding of the Gospels and also the person of Jesus Christ,” and another from Oregon said, “An understanding of the gospels is invaluable, and getting the flow of the story has been enjoyable and educational.” A South African student wrote, “Analysing the Gospels in the context of the political, social, and religious aspects in the life, times, ministry, and teachings of Jesus was not only informative, but now in my opinion, essential in understanding the significance of Jesus Christ. Thank you for bringing the Bible to life for me.” Although registration for the Spring Semester has closed, Living University will be offering this course and others in the Fall Semester, for those who want to study God’s word in-depth in a stimulating academic environment.
Ames scare mongers about natural disasters.
As we look forward to the Second Coming, what prophetic trends can we expect in 2011? A quick review of the news can give us a hint. The top news story last year, according to several agencies, was the disastrous 7.0 magnitude earthquake in Haiti. ... Already in 2011, catastrophic flooding in Queensland, Australia, has inundated vast land areas equivalent to the size of Germany and France combined. The State Treasurer Andrew Fraser described it as a disaster of “biblical proportions” costing the nation’s economy billions of dollars.
Ames scare mongers that some sort of economic catastrophe will soon befall the United States.
Again, let’s consider recent prophetic trends. A year ago, Time magazine reported that the top news story of 2009 was: “America’s Economic Crisis: Now for the Non-Recovery.” Certainly, 2010 certainly lived up to the label of “non-recovery.” ... Will 2011 see a global economic recovery? ... God will give the world a few more years to face the realities of its sinful ways. But Judgment Day is coming! The world needs to be warned and witnessed to!
Dibar Apartian's death is also mentioned. It is most unfortunate that a certain former member of LCG has used him to justify his split with LCG when Apartian can no longer speak for himself.

January 15, 2011

Here Meredith discusses the UCG-COGWA split. He blames Satan for the division of the Armstrongite movement into hundreds of differing groups seemingly without understanding how the leaders of the COGs, not least himself, brought this division about.
I am writing this letter at a time of great stress and confusion in the Church of God. Satan is attacking right now! We all know that Satan’s very name means “adversary,” or “enemy.” We know that Jesus directly described Satan as a “liar,” and as a “father of lies” ....

Right now, Satan has thrown thousands of brethren in the United Church of God into division and confusion. Charges and counter-charges are being hurled back and forth between the different factions of their ministry. As a result, many brethren are trying to understand and to figure out “what to do.” Actually, since the death of Herbert W. Armstrong, whom God used powerfully to teach nearly all of us the Truth in the first place, Satan has done a masterful job of confusing and dividing God’s people. One news source estimated that there were over 300 different church groups, home churches and little “works” flowing from the major split up of God’s people since Mr. Armstrong’s death. That is horrible!
Meredith complains that the UCG-COGWA split will make it harder for LCG to gain more converts.
The continuing dis-unity and even enmity among many of God’s people is a disgrace to God and a disgrace to everything we claim to stand for! Before the entire world out there, it makes a mockery of what the true Church of God should stand for. And it will deeply hurt all our sincere efforts to preach the Gospel on television, on the radio, via the Internet and in our printed literature and public campaigns. We certainly need to show more genuine Christianity to the world at large as this age comes to an end and we carry out Christ’s command to “preach the Gospel [unto] all the world.”
Meredith calls for LCG members to fast on January 29, 2011.
After counseling with our leading ministers here in Charlotte, and after much prayer, we are now calling for a Church-wide FAST on the Sabbath of January 29. Our purpose for this day of fasting and prayer is to “cry out” to God to bring many more of His scattered and faithful people together so we can really use our combined resources to finish the Work and genuinely prepare for the soon-coming Kingdom of God.
Meredith alludes to the close personal relations with many LCG members have with UCG members.
Thousands of us in the Living Church of God have dear friends and relatives in the United Church of God and other groups that are just “out there”—still divided and now becoming more divided by these present upheavals. May God help all of us to be willing to sincerely think through why we are divided and how we can get together to zealously and humbly do the Work which Christ has called us to accomplish. 
Meredith alludes back to the split of 1998 in which Meredith left the Global Church of God and founded LCG.
Brethren, we all have our human vanities and weaknesses, and we have all made mistakes. About ten years ago, we also experienced a traumatic division in our Church that affected many people and families. Thinking back on this should help us pray more fervently that God would help those caught in similar circumstances.
Meredith then nostalgically remembers what things were like under HWA to call for continuing loyalty among his followers seemingly ignoring the many problems that were present even in those fondly remembered days that continue to haunt many members of the COGs and ex-members.
Even though some in the past have terribly mis-used the God-inspired hierarchical Government described in Scripture, hundreds of us still living remember the many decades of unity and of “doing the Work together” which we enjoyed under the leadership of one man, Herbert W. Armstrong. So, as the old proverb says, “Do not throw the baby out with the bath water!” Let us pray fervently that our “separated brethren” in the United Church of God and other groups can come to understand this vital biblical Truth! Remember, for more than 50 years, God used Mr. Armstrong—the man God used to preach the full Truth of God to more people than any other man in modern times—to reveal the “fruits” of God’s form of government, with His true servant appointing servants under him, and they in turn appointing others down the line. 
February 15, 2011

Here Meredith expresses his excitement that his dire predictions may finally come to pass citing the mass protests in the Arab world originating from Tunisia.
My friends, truly exciting prophetic events are cascading across North Africa and the Middle East! All the way from Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt, Yemen, Jordan, Lebanon and elsewhere, enormous political upheavals have been occurring—sometimes completely overthrowing top government leaders! Nothing like this has happened in that part of the world for decades. 
Although the world’s media gives us the details of these events, and television records the vivid images of these ongoing political upheavals, they do not remotely understand what all of this means—and where it is surely going to lead.
Only LCG does, according to Meredith. Despite the hundreds of other COG groups that have similar views to LCG's.

Meredith insists these mass protests in the Arab world will lead to the rise of the King of the South, a future entity among the Arabs of the Middle East that Meredith insists will soon arise. Meredith even throws in a reference to HWA's teaching that Petra in Jordan will be the place of safety, although Meredith is careful not to be explicit.
Right now, in the prophesied “last days,” God has specifically predicted that an entire group of Arab states will get together in a confederation with plans to overthrow and even destroy modern “Israel”—just before the Second Coming of Jesus Christ! ... Note that this confederacy will be composed of the descendants of Edom and of the Ishmaelites, among others. Many Bible scholars recognize that the descendants of “Ishmael” ... are a warlike people and that the modern people of Moab and Ammon are now found primarily in Jordan (with “Amman” as the capital) and among the peoples of Lebanon and the Palestinians. The primarily “Ishmaelite” peoples are scattered throughout Egypt, the Gulf States and other North African nations.
These are the very people now involved in the furious riots and overthrows of government throughout that region—freeing up the situation for them to get together and form the prophesied “King of the South.” For your Bible clearly predicts that at the “time of the end” ... a powerful Arab Confederation will become strong enough and arrogant enough to attack or “provoke” the soon-coming Beast Power in Europe! Although they will probably “give it a good try,” the technological superiority of the Beast Power will simply overwhelm this Arab Confederation.

Again, God’s inspired Word clearly indicates that those nations which will be involved are the modern Egyptians, Libyans and Ethiopians along with other allies in that region. Although modern “Israel”—the “glorious land”—will be overthrown, the peoples of modern Jordan shall “escape” from the conquering Beast Power .... Is this because the sanctuary of “Petra” is controlled by modern Jordan and may become a “Place of Safety” for God’s true Church ...? Time will tell.
March 14, 2011

Here Meredith exploits the mass protests in the Arab world originating from Tunisia, earthquakes in New Zealand and Japan and floods in Australia to insist that his dire predictions will soon come to pass.
As we swiftly approach the end of this age, prophetic events are certainly speeding up! The unprecedented upheavals against authoritarian governments in the Middle East, the massive earthquakes which have recently struck Christchurch, New Zealand, and now Japan, the continued flooding affecting vast parts of Australia and many other so-called “natural” disasters—all this is beginning to shake millions of people into an awareness that “something big is up!” 
Meredith insists that persecution against LCG members will soon occur.
Yes, we will become a “prey” if we continue to dedicate our lives to “crying out” with God’s message to a deceived world. However, by earnest Bible study and fervent prayer, we must summon the faith and the courage to act. Through this very Work of the living Christ, we must reach out with increasing power to make “all” the nations aware—at least as a “witness”—that the God of heaven will soon intervene.
And even though all these other things are going on he once again vilifies gays again.
This present world has been so terribly deceived by the invisible Satan the Devil ..., that they will—in the name of “religion”—end up fighting God Himself—in the Person of the returning Jesus Christ! As our peoples continue on their present path of denying the validity of God’s laws, and as they brazenly portray on television, in films and on the Internet almost every form of perverted sex, “living together,” adultery and even “men marrying men,” the Eternal God is beginning to act. He is beginning to shake the nations of this world, literally, in a way they have never been shaken before.
April 12, 2011

Here Meredith exploits the Jewish Passover, a beautiful festival precious to Jews all over the world, as a club to ridicule the vast majority of Christians as false for observing Easter, not Passover. The Jews did not ask Meredith to use their festival for narrow sectarian ends. It is terrible that HWA and his imitators have done this to the Passover.
The Christian Passover is upon us. It is the time when true Christians re-dedicate themselves to their faith in the blood of Christ to pay for their sins—and also in their dedication to surrender their lives to the living Christ. 
Meredith then boasts that LCG is expanding. It is asserted that this is a sign of divine favor. 

May 18, 2011

Here Meredith insists that he is "excited as never before" seeing his dire predictions finally come to pass. He mentions the deadly tsunami in Japan that killed about 15,894 people and caused the disaster at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster, the mass protests in the Arab world originating from Tunisia,
the US' war efforts, tornadoes, other earthquakes, droughts and wildfires in the United States and flooding in Australia. And Meredith is excited.
My friends, I am excited as never before. For so many of the prophetic events we have talked about or written about for many decades either have already happened or are right now in the process of happening! The virtual “tsunami” of Middle East and North African nations overthrowing their secular rulers is coming along day by day even as I write. This—as we have explained—could clear the way for the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamic extremists to take over much of the Middle East. Such an event would “prepare the way” for the coming “Mahdi”—the Islamist religious/political leader who will no doubt become the biblically prophesied “King of the South” (Daniel 11:40). He will probably lead in the provocation of the “King of the North” described in that same inspired prophecy in Daniel 11. And this will set in motion the final chain of events leading up to “Armageddon,” and then Jesus Christ’s return as King of kings...! 

Meanwhile the Eternal God really is “breaking” the pride of our power (Leviticus 26:19). The American dollar is going down the tubes. Our military is already stretched too thin with many more “little wars” on the horizon. Many of our cities and towns in the southeastern United States have been devastated by a huge outbreak of tornadoes that was described by the National Weather Service as “the largest in U.S. recorded history” (BBC News, May 2, 2011). Also, we have had one of the most powerful earthquakes in modern history strike Japan with a terrible tsunami following—plus massive earthquakes which have recently hit not only Japan but various parts of China, the Philippines, New Zealand, Chile, Haiti and elsewhere! Now, we are also experiencing terrible drought and wildfires in vast parts of Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico. And let us never forget the massive flooding which hit most of Queensland, Australia and which caused hundreds of millions of dollars in damage to the crops there—as flooding, drought and wildfires are also ruining crops in various parts of the United States. Many other “natural” catastrophes—plus increasing outbreaks of war—are occurring all over the world, too numerous to mention.
Meredith then complains how some influenced by a New Age superstition that the world would end on December 22, 2012. He exploits it to insinuate that Satan will attack humanity with demonic apparitions. He also insists that within three to six years (2014-7) "truly awesome events will begin to take place!" He then insists that this is not a prediction that the Great Tribulation will soon begin.
Meanwhile, remember, my friends the speculation about “2012.” Millions have been deluded into believing that the “end of the world” will occur then. Or that the “Age of Aquarius” will begin then. Yet, the Bible does indicate that the rebellious wicked spirits who followed Satan do know certain things beyond what we humans sometimes know. And this is certainly indicating that next year, 2012, may be a very exciting year! Even apart from that, as a minister of Jesus Christ in His true Work for over 58 years, I clearly perceive that within the next three to six years truly awesome events will begin to take place! By this time six years from now I feel—based on my decades in God’s Work—that the “world” around you will be vastly changed from what it is today. I do not predict that the Great Tribulation will have begun by then, or that Christ will have come by then. But prophetic happenings will be bringing us “very close” to those events, and enormous changes will already be underway beyond anything you have ever experienced in your life
It is five years later. We are still here. America is still the greatest nation on Earth. His dire predictions failed again.

Meredith then insists that "a terrible persecution" awaits LCG members in the near future. (By 2017?) But they will be allowed to go to a place of safety. But only if they have been good LCG members.
So a terrible persecution is going to be mounted against the “little flock” who constitute God’s true Church today. Yet, for those who are truly converted and willing to obey their Maker, God promises a “Place of Safety.” This place is not up in heaven—for the unbiblical “rapture” theory is totally untrue. Rather, the Place of Safety is in the “wilderness” somewhere on this earth. Those “watching and praying” (Luke 21:36) will be protected as many Scriptures indicate. But “the rest” who have not been truly close to God will have to confront an “enraged” Satan the Devil. He will persecute them mercilessly. They are the “rest” of God’s people “who keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ”....  
Meredith insists that Satan will inflict the world with dire miracles designed to lead people away from (LCG's) God.
Dear friends, how will you know when the coming “Spirit War” in heaven has taken place? As we have just seen, when Satan is totally defeated, “his angels were cast out with him” (Revelation 12:9). “His angels”? These are perverted demon spirits who will begin to attack mankind in a way they probably never have before. For as Satan himself is “enraged” ..., so will his demons be! 

At that point, we may begin to hear more “horror stories” than ever—men and women doing weird, cruel and perverted things; many experiencing unusual and inexplicable temptations to carry out evil and terribly perverted and outlandish acts. Also, the leaders in many nations—especially in the coming “Beast” power—will begin to demonstrate a strange, demonic influence beyond anything previously shown. The coming False Prophet will be allowed awesome power to perform Satanic miracles—even bringing “fire…down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men” .... Your Bible states that “in those days” millions will be deceived by false ministers....
Apparently Meredith finds this exciting.

Five years later we are still waiting for his dire predictions to come to pass.

June 16, 2011

Here Meredith talks about floods in Mississippi and the deadly tornado that struck his original hometown, Joplin, Missouri on May 22, 2011 killing 158 people.
Wow! What a month this has been, as well as the past two months! I am so thankful you are able to read this letter, because many areas here in America are suffering incredible disasters. Natural disasters are striking across our beloved country at an intensity I have never seen. Yes, I’ve seen plenty of Mississippi floods, but this year’s Mississippi flood is one of the worst if not the worst in our national history. And on May 22, at 5:41 p.m., my birthplace, Joplin, Missouri, was hit by one of the most horrendous, destructive and deadliest EF5 tornadoes in American history. God spared virtually all our members and co-workers in the Joplin area. Psalm 91 comes to my mind, where God promises: “Because you have made the Lord, who is my refuge, even the Most High, your dwelling place, no evil shall befall you, nor shall any plague come near your dwelling; for He shall give His angels charge over you, to keep you in all your ways” (vv. 9-11). Even one of our supporters, who lives just one block from the center of the tornado’s destructive path in Joplin, had his life and house spared, with only minor damage to his house. The tornado skipped over his home—a miraculous sight to see, especially considering that more than 8,000 homes were utterly destroyed or heavily damaged. Yes, all of us have a lot for which to be thankful!
Meredith insists that his dire predictions will soon come true and when that happens LCG members will be persecuted.
As we preach the specific prophecies of the soon-coming downfall of America and the British-descended peoples, we will be persecuted. Our message will not be “popular.” But we will know that the great God who gives us life and breath will be watching over us, guiding us and—in the end—blessing us in powerful ways.
July 20, 2011

Here Ames delivers the co-worker letter. He opens with a paean to his boss, Meredith.
Dr. Meredith has been very busy in the last few days, so he asked me to write this month's co-worker letter.  Just in this last week, he has been completing several writing projects, holding meetings about plans for the Work, and taping the last in a series of interviews for use in this year's "Behind the Work" film. I watched him taping one of his interviews, and was both moved and inspired by what I heard. Brethren and friends, we are indeed blessed that God has used Dr. Meredith so powerfully for more than 60 years in the Work! Even at age 81, he continues to persevere in fulfilling the Great Commission. I hope we are all thankful for his continuing zealous and inspired leadership.
Ames encouraged LCG members to prepare for disasters.
Given the many natural disasters around the world in the first half of 2011, one theme I have emphasized is, "Be prepared!" When I have asked audiences how many have emergency drinking water to last a week, I have been surprised to learn that only 10 to 15 percent typically indicate they have even that minimal degree of preparation for a disaster. After my presentations and warnings in Chicago and Milwaukee, a powerful "derecho" (violent windstorm) left hundreds of thousands of Chicagoans without electricity. ... Even man-made disasters can severely affect us. Last year, in Boston, Massachusetts, a major water main was damaged and two million residents were without safe drinking water for several days.
Ames talks about famines.
Famines are one important prophetic trend about which Jesus warned us. Consider the extreme poverty of millions trying to survive in northeast Africa. ...  We in the Western world often complain about the most trivial inconveniences. Yet some of these African families walk on foot for miles seeking food.... Brethren and co-workers, we need to face the reality of these end-time prophetic trends. We should "sigh and cry" ... over the abominations that lead to massive suffering and starvation. We need to spend more time on our knees in fervent prayer for God's Kingdom to come, and for the Gospel of the Kingdom of God to go forth with greater power and effect as a witness to the world ....
What about donating to charity?

Ames scare mongers that the United States will soon be bankrupt even though the US was more indebted per capita back in the 1940s because of World War II. He fails to note the political nature of the debt ceiling stand off.
Another major trend we have all been watching, and have been experiencing to varying painful degrees, is the global financial crisis. More than one financial professional has described the crisis as our "financial Armageddon." The deadline for raising the 14.3 trillion dollar U.S. national debt limit is August 2. Many are fearing that if the U.S. Congress does not act by this date, the nation could default on its debt obligations. ... Unless we change our way of living, the U.S. and other Western nations will face skyrocketing inflation, and "financial Armageddon"!
The US is not going to go bankrupt. The US federal debt is denominated in US currency produced by the US government. Half of the federal debt is owed to other Americans. No one can force the United States to default on this debt. America is great. Bet on America.

August 15, 2011

Here Meredith scare mongers about Standard and Poor's downgrading of the US federal debt, floods, droughts and political partisanship.
Are we really in America’s “last days”? Certainly, nearly everyone recognizes that we are in a horrific financial crisis. We are so much indebted that our children and grandchildren will probably be unable to pay our national debt even during coming decades. Our national credit rating has been lowered by Standard and Poor’s—one of the most respected credit rating agencies in the world. Massive floods have ruined hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of grain and other crops up and down the Missouri River. And now, in the southwestern part of the United States, the record breaking drought continues. Because of the political infighting and uncertainty in our leadership, a sense of national malaise is increasing among the entire American population. People are now uncertain about the direction our country is taking. 
Meredith exploits the London riots to insist that his dire predictions will soon finally come to pass.
Over in Britain, we have witnessed a remarkable outbreak of rioting, looting and hooliganism on a scale never before experienced in the United Kingdom. Newspaper writers and editorialists are asking all kinds of questions about why. Many of the people and even leaders there are beginning to grasp that their attempt to be “politically correct”—and their “multicultural” and “universal care” society—is not working. In fact, the society is slowly but surely coming apart. One of our own members sent me an email about this just yesterday. This London resident stated, “I am disgusted at these thugs. If I hadn’t been in the church I think I would definitely be out marching against them… urghh… they should drop them all off in Afghanistan!! Children shall be their oppressors eh??” So it seems that the “beginning of sorrows” has certainly been escalating in Ephraim and Manasseh! Maybe it will help some few people to actually “wake up”! 
All these problems are happening and Meredith insists that he can solve them for you.
But untold millions are beginning to wonder about “what is going on.” They ask, “Why are these things happening?” Dear brethren and co-workers, it is our job to help these people begin to understand the supreme purpose which is being worked out here on earth. We need to help them understand that there are genuine answers to the questions in their hearts. They—and all of us—must understand that God is not trying to “save everyoneat this time! Although so many Protestant evangelists seem to picture God as a sort of sad-looking hound dog slowly following people around and wishing that He could somehow get them “saved,” the real God of the Bible is not doing any such thing!
Meredith's answer is to join LCG and pay his organization three tithes for the rest of your life. This is your membership fee to gain God's favor so that you will, among things, get to go to the place of safety during the Great Tribulation and once (LCG's) Christ returns you will be become a God being as fully God as God is God. If your relations and friends are not interested in what LCG says, do not worry, (LCG's) God simply has not called them yet but will do so after Christ returns.

September 19, 2011

Here Meredith scare mongers against transgender people and France banning public prayers on the streets of Paris.
As most of you long-time co-workers know, our entire Western society is changing rapidly. Most people “feel” it. But they don’t know why. And they don’t even begin to realize how far these changes will go—and who is ultimately behind them. Wow! Are we actually entering the “transgender” age? ... A “huge step forward”? Or a “huge leap over the cliff” by a confused, God-rejecting society just before the Eternal God sends Christ back as King of kings to straighten out this mess!
Meredith condemns France banning prayers on the streets. For once Meredith seems to be portrays Muslims in a sympathetic light. This is very unusual for him.
Next, read this striking news from the respected Telegraph newspaper in Britain:  “Praying in the streets of Paris is against the law starting Friday, after the interior minister warned that police will use force if Muslims, and those of any other faith, disobey the new rule to keep the French capital’s public spaces secular” (The Telegraph, September 15, 2011). Keep the French public space secular? Or is the message also, “God, get out of our lives! Get out of our nation!”? 
Meredith alludes to the widespread pedophilia by Catholic priests and the subsequent protection of pedophile priests by the Catholic hierarchy. He absurdly says this is making more people accept Meredith's dogma that the Roman Catholic Church is the Harlot of Revelation 17.
Now, from Ireland, notice how things are rapidly changing over there.... As more news of this “priestly pedophilia” comes to light—along with other similar revelations—millions are beginning to realize the true identity of the “great harlot” of Revelation 17! ...

How many untold thousands of priests and nuns down through the centuries have tossed and turned through the night in emotional agony and frustration because “their” church directed them to forsake the normal married lives.... 
November 10, 2011

Here Meredith scare mongers about New Age fears about 2012, events in Europe, the Middle East and China.

Meredith alludes to superstitious fears about December 2012 and blames it on Satan's demons.
My friends, there is a “spirit world” out there and many fallen angels have become very excited about next year, 2012. Although many false ideas have been propounded regarding this year—including the idea that Christ will return or an age of Aquarius will begin—there are nevertheless a number of powerful prophetic events underway which will impact 2012 and make it a remarkable year in which to “watch” prophetic events.
Meredith scare mongers that the financial crisis in Europe will result in the creation of the European superstate he has been predicting since the early 1950s.
Right now, more than most people realize, much of western Europe is in danger of falling apart as the EU ministers attempt to “paper over” a truly horrible financial problem and avoid the entire EU coming apart, hundreds of thousands of people losing their jobs, big banks all over Europe—and many in the U.S.—going bankrupt because of this, and many other truly awful things. As our correspondent in Britain just reported to me, “As I go to bed tonight things look very dire indeed for the Eurozone. It is quite literally at the brink of untold disaster…. This is brinkmanship of the highest order and if the markets really get spooked the results could be catastrophic. The seriousness of the situation seems scarcely to have penetrated the minds of the Eurozone leaders and they are really waking up very late indeed to adequately deal with the issues involved.”

In the hours since this report was sent to me, the Europeans have put together a hasty “bailout” proposal to attempt to save Greece and Europe. It all looks good on the surface but the European Bond Market and real money investors just are not buying the “happy talk”! They don’t believe European politicians can afford to do what they say they can do. So the dire consequences of this problem are apparently postponed for several weeks or even several months—but it is still like a huge iceberg out in front of the Titanic! 
As bad as things are in Europe because of the policies of austerity being enacted there Meredith insists Europe will unite and become an unstoppable superpower fated to conquer the United States.
This will bring about the ultimate “revival” of the Holy Roman Empire which we have predicted for decades. It will bring about the final “Babylon” described in Revelation 17 and 18. Please study these chapters of your Bible carefully! This coming religious/political power will attain massive wealth and influence all over the world in a way no entity has ever done in modern history.
Meredith quotes himself to insist things will be greatly changed within six years, namely by 2017.
As I stated to you in my semi-annual letter last May, “As a minister of Jesus Christ in His true Work for over 58 years, I clearly perceive that within the next three to six years truly awesome events will begin to take place! By this time six years from now I feel—based on my decades in God’s Work—that the ‘world’ around you will be vastly changed from what it is today. I do not predict that the Great Tribulation will have begun by then, or that Christ will have come by then. But prophetic happenings will be bringing us ‘very close’ to those events, and enormous changes will already be underway beyond anything you have ever experienced in your life!”
Five years later we are still waiting for his words to come to pass.

Meredith then scare mongers that the protests of the Arab Spring will result in the creation of an Arab alliance called the King of the South which Meredith insists will arise in the near future. Meredith criticizes PCG's teaching that Iran will be the King of the South, which has been PCG's stance since 1994.
Meanwhile, various Islamist groups—often foolishly called “moderate” by the mainstream media—are coming to power in Egypt, Tunisia and other African and Middle Eastern nations after the uprisings of the “Arab Spring.” The prophesied “King of the South” will soon emerge as these nations seek a “Mahdi”—a powerful religio/poltical leader who will bring them together under Islam. This “King of the South” predicted in Daniel 11:40 will no doubt be headquartered in Egypt or Saudi Arabia, not in Iran as some confused people foolishly predict. This man and his cohorts will somehow “provoke” the coming Beast Power—the “King of the North”—into a war and be conquered by the coming Beast Power in Europe. All this in the same time frame in which America and Britain are conquered and taken into the massive national captivity....
Five years later we are still waiting for such a thing to happen.

Meredith insists that China will somehow be restrained from arising as a great power. He says this to insist that Europe will arise to power.
What about China? The Bible does not mention direct Chinese involvement in any of the prophecies we have cited. Rather, the indication is that weather disasters, financial problems, bank failures and other situations will cause China to “pull back” and it will not, in fact, become the major player in world events as many analysts now predict. Rather, the major power—far above all others—will be this coming “United States of Europe” or “Beast”....
Seemingly heedless of the vast pain and suffering events would cause Meredith says "it will be exciting" to see this European Empire arise. Meredith would be relieved to no longer face the fact that his dire predictions has always failed miserably.
Although it will be very sad indeed to see our beloved nations—America and the British-descended peoples—come down in power and prestige, it will be exciting and yet sobering to watch the ascendency of this enormously powerful empire in Europe!
Meredith boasts of his association with HWA and even brings up the late Richard David Armstrong in an attempt to convince LCG members that he is worthy of being followed instead of the competition like UCG, COGWA or PCG.
As many of you know, of the several original evangelists ordained by Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong, I am the only one who is still living. Back in 1958—after Dick Armstrong’s death—Mr. Armstrong appointed me as Second Vice President of the entire Work and of Ambassador College. I was personally trained by Mr. Armstrong—far more than anyone still living—and was deeply acquainted with him and with his elder son, Dick, and the entire family. I spent thousands of hours with Mr. Armstrong personally, traveled with him and helped him develop what we now call the “Work” of God preparing the way for Christ’s coming. This film will truly give you an “inside peek” at the Work which we are carrying on since Mr. Armstrong’s death.
This ignores that letter HWA sent to Meredith in 1980. This ignores how HWA was reported by David Robinson to have mockingly described Meredith as being so "righteous you were unrighteous". This ignores how Meredith was removed as head of the ministry in July 1979 in favor of Joseph Tkach, Sr. Some asserted that this was done at Stanley Rader's behest. But Rader fell out of HWA's favor and retired from WCG in 1981. But in all the four years HWA had left after that he never restored Meredith to the head of the ministry or tried to make him his successor. This indicates that it was HWA himself who did not trust Meredith.

Since WCG under Tkach decided to abandon HWA's heresies many of those who continue to yearn to follow HWA wonder which COG they should join. Meredith's LCG is one of the largest and most prominent of these splinter groups. But LCG faces stiff competition. UCG gained the allegiance of more WCG members when it formed in 1995 then Meredith was able to get. Meredith is in stiff competition against the other COG groups to get more members by persuading them to follow him and not any of the others. Hence why he appeals to his seniority to gain loyalty within LCG.

December 14, 2011

Here Meredith mentions the anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attack.
A few days ago, as I was collecting ideas about what would be most helpful to write you in this letter, I realized that it was an anniversary of an extremely important event in America’s history—December 7, 1941, the “Day of Infamy.”  For it was on that day that my life and the lives of millions of other Americans were suddenly changed. Our parents were talking in hushed tones. The news came on the radio that the Japanese had attacked our fleet at Pearl Harbor and nearly 3,000 Americans were killed. America was at war! As President Franklin Roosevelt concluded his speech before Congress, he triumphantly declared, “We shall gain the inevitable triumph, so help us God!” Many Americans who had not liked his liberal policies were suddenly excited by his decisiveness and leadership. For we were one nation back then—more so than we have ever been since.
Is this an indication that Meredith's family did not like President Roosevelt before the Pearl Harbor attack? It is hard to be sure. It is quite possible that he is projecting present views onto past events.

Meredith insists that dire and terrible things will occur any moment now.
Many events are now coming together which will change your lives more than you can probably even imagine. We in this Work are God’s servants to give you—ahead of time—news about these traumatic events now on the horizon. And we should tell you how to “take action”—before it is too late! ...
Right now, we all need to be “watching” and praying about these events which are underway even as I write: 

·       America’s financial crisis and coming riots and civil unrest!
·       The European financial crisis and where it will lead!
·      China’s economic “pull back” which will allow the coming European Empire to be the most powerful economic system on earth!
·      The rise of Islamist parties in the newly formed governments of the Middle East and Africa, and how this is leading to the coming Arab Confederation and the “King of the South” (Daniel 11:40).
·      Israel’s possible attack on Iran (in conjunction with America?) and how it could take Iran out of any significant leadership in the Middle East for some time.
·      Then the prophesied drought, famine, disease epidemics and earthquakes which Jesus predicted in Matthew 24 and elsewhere.
·      Also, watch for a religious “revival” in Europe—probably in reaction to the growing power of Islam. This revival will lead to the coming of the Great False Prophet described in Revelation 17.
·      Finally, “somewhere on this earth,” a very “little flock” (Luke 12:32) of truly faithful, humble and yet zealous people will do a powerful work to preach the true Gospel, to warn our peoples of the Great Tribulation just ahead, and to genuinely prepare a “people for God.”
Dear brethren and co-workers, many of these events I have described will come “suddenly.” Just as I woke up to a changed world on December 8, 1941, so you will soon find a “new world” around you—with everything being changed very swiftly. So you and I need to be “ready.” We need to be “right” with God Almighty.
Four years later we are still waiting for Europe to become an unstoppable superpower.

Meredith then seems to insist that LCG is unique in understanding that Europe is fated to conquer the United States. However most of the other COG groups share the very same understanding as LCG on this matter. LCG's dogma about Europe is not unique at all.
Dear brethren and co-workers, as the prophetic events in Europe—slowly but surely—bring about the coming “United States of Europe” or “European Empire” as many have characterized it, we need to understand that we are unique in understanding the real meaning behind these events!
January 17, 2012

Here Meredith changes his tactics. First he says that he is so happy at the state of LCG at present and only after that he scare mongers that some are worried that a nuclear conflagration might soon occur.
Yet, the specific prophecies which I have preached for decades are right now beginning to occur. The God of the Bible is real. “The Doomsday Clock, a symbolic gauge of nuclear danger, has moved one minute closer to midnight because of ‘inadequate progress’ on nuclear and climate issues. The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists (BAS) announced the move—to five minutes before midnight—on Tuesday. The clock last moved one minute back in 2010. BAS said the failure of multiple nations to control the spread of nuclear weapons was a cause for worry. The group, which created the clock in 1947, said that two years ago it believed world leaders were trying to address global threat issues. ‘In many cases, that trend has not continued or been reversed,’ it said in a statement to explain the change” (BBC News Online, January 11, 2012).
February 16, 2012

Here Richard Ames states that the unaccredited Living University goes through an audit.
You may be interested to know that, just as the Living Church of God voluntarily submits to a professional outside audit every year, so too is LU audited. We want all who are supporting the Work to have confidence in the responsible stewardship that we are diligently striving to apply in handling the tithes and offerings of thousands of brethren and co-workers. 
Ames also states that income for LCG has increased despite the economic crisis.
Dear brethren and co-workers, through your donations, tithes and offerings, our 2011 income in the United States increased by 7.0 percent over 2010. In spite of global financial turmoil, God is blessing His people to be able to give generously to help the Work move forward more powerfully than ever in carrying out the dual commission given by Jesus Christ, to preach the gospel of the soon-coming Kingdom of God, and to feed the flock whom He calls.
Ames boasts about the unaccredited Living University.
On August 15, 2007, LU began its first classes, enrolling more than 150 online students. It now enrolls about 200 students in online and on-site programs. The on-site students are unique assets in the daily affairs of the Living Church of God headquarters here in Charlotte. Through the student work program, the headquarters office receives vital student help in areas ranging from electronic media and editorial support, to reception, secretarial, mailing and other office support duties. 
Up to now, LU students have resided in apartments and private homes near Headquarters. What we plan to do soon is to make available University-operated housing to provide a student living environment specifically created to support academic and spiritual success. We would then like to expand this annually as God blesses the University with additional students and the funding to make it a reality. University-operated housing increases safety, permits more privacy and promotes student camaraderie and cohesiveness.
Ames scare mongers that China and Japan each hold about 7% of the of US federal debt ignoring the fact that because the federal debt is denominated in US dollars it is not possible for anymore to force the US default on that debt. The US government itself produces the US dollar. Furthermore he ignores the fact that about half of the federal debt is owed to fellow Americans. What are those Americans going to do? Default on themselves?
Unless the Western nations repent of their increasing transgressions and rebellion against God, we will not see a reversal of the dangerous downward financial trends we have been experiencing! The U.S., once the world’s greatest creditor, seems bent in solidifying its status as the world’s greatest debtor nation! The nation of China alone currently holds about $1.1 trillion of U.S. national debt, followed by Japan with $1.0 trillion—each overshadowing the third-place creditor nation, the United Kingdom, which holds $429 billion.
Ames is scared of Japan?

Ames also scare mongers that the Middle East might blow up.

March 15, 2012

Here Meredith insists that Christians are obligated to observe Passover and other Armstrongite festivals.
Christ’s Passover is coming soon! Those who choose to truly imitate Jesus Christ [LCG members] will be observing this biblical festival on the night of April 5 this year. When the appointed time arrived, Jesus was asked by His disciples, “Where do you want us to prepare for You to eat the Passover?” (Matthew 26:17). Obviously, Jesus had always observed this sacred festival, or His disciples would not have asked the question in that way. True followers of Jesus Christ [LCG members] try—with God’s help—to follow Christ’s example.... Yet, very, very few human beings on Planet Earth even remotely believe this concept.
Christians are under no obligation to observe these Jewish festivals. Why did the New Testament say that Christians did not need to be circumcised? Because it was decided in those early days that non-Jews who converted to Christianity were under no obligation to become Jews. And this included observing the Jewish days mentioned in Leviticus 23. Circumcision was the sign signifying one's decision to observe these things including those festivals.

It is quite likely Jesus celebrated Purim. But HWA decided it was a national holiday that his followers did not need to observe. So the COGs do not observe it. 

If the Leviticus 23 festivals were so important to the New Testament Christians then why does the New Testament not tell people to observe these things? Christians are under no obligation to observe those festivals.

It is terrible that HWA and his imitators have twisted these beautiful Jewish festivals into a club to condemn the vast majority of Christians as false and bearing God's wrath. The Jews did not ask for their festivals to be twisted in such a way. We should respect the Jewish religion and leave their festivals alone.

Then, just after condemning the vast majority of Christians as false for not sharing his unorthodox views regarding Passover and the other Jewish festivals, Meredith exploits the persecution suffered by Christians in certain countries to scare monger that such things will befall LCG members. Most of these Christians also do not share Meredith's views regarding the Jewish festivals.
So, today, we increasingly read and hear about professing Christians being sorely persecuted all over the world. In a news bulletin I heard just this morning on the radio, a famous preacher was describing how ferocious the persecution of professing Christians is becoming in many African and Middle Eastern nations. Even in the United States, Canada and Britain, Christians are quite often persecuted or prosecuted if they truly stand up for what the Bible says. It is soon going to get much worse.
And true to style Meredith makes sure he condemns gays once again and exploits them as a prop to "prove" that catastrophe will soon come to the United States.
As we see our beloved nations descending into the cesspool of deeper and deeper immorality—men “marrying” men, literally millions of young people simply “living together” without benefit of marriage or involvement from Almighty God in their lives, increasing vilification of all professing Christians and those who try to stand up for the Truth—it should become increasingly evident that the time is near when God will say “enough” and will send Jesus Christ back to this earth as King of kings.
Maybe LCG should pay gay men for using them as props to "prove" that catastrophe will soon come.

Meredith then scare mongers that Israel may soon attack Iran, possibly "within a few weeks or months".  
Even as I write, news bulletins are coming out with headlines stating, “Israel builds its own bunker-buster bomb.” The articles reveal that Israel recently unveiled and approved a precision, bunker-burrowing weapon, the latest in a series of operational upgrades aimed at honing what one official labeled “a very credible military option” against the Iranian nuclear threat. This 500-pound MPR-500 bomb is an electro-optical or laser-guided projectile that can penetrate double-reinforced concrete walls or floors without breaking apart. Obviously, as many news sources speculate, Israel is probably on the verge of attacking Iran in order to slow down the Iranian push toward developing atomic weapons with which they have threatened to “obliterate” the entire state of Israel! As one Middle Eastern leader put it, this would set off a “fire storm” throughout the entire Middle East. It would probably provoke the Arab nations to get together in a very tight confederation—eventually producing the “King of the South” spoken of in Daniel 11. This, in turn, would undoubtedly “provoke” the European nations, and inflame the coming “Beast” Power which God describes in this chapter as the “King of the North” and which is described in detail in Revelation 17-18. If these prophetic events get underway within a few weeks or months, they will obviously change your life! For God is real and, in due time, these events will happen.
Four years later no such thing has happened.

Meredith then says "I love you" to his tithes paying readers.
Dear brethren and co-workers, I love you sincerely and pray that God will guide all of your lives for good. I pray that He will give genuine understanding to all of you who are willing, lead you into His way and bring you into His everlasting Kingdom.
Got to keep the LCG members motivated to keep paying those tithes.

April 17, 2012

Here Meredith acts as though he is a qualified therapist able to advise people how not to commit suicide.
Many millions of people, right now, are being persecuted or uprooted from their homes, suffering the loss of their jobs or having families come apart. Millions are increasingly unsure as to whether there is a “real” God. And so, most of these untold millions of human beings have no sense of genuine purpose for their lives. Increasingly, many of them just “give up”—turn themselves over to alcohol or drugs, or simply decide to “end it all” by suicide.
 If they had joined LCG they would still be with us, according to Meredith.
My friends, if these men and women had truly understood the supreme purpose which the Eternal God is working out here on this earth, they would not have killed themselves! If you truly set yourself to “seek” the true God of the Bible and fulfill His purpose in your life, then each day, each major world event and even each personal trial can have a sense of meaning. If you genuinely study the whole Bible and ask God for understanding, the major world events will definitely help you “see” God’s purpose as it is being worked out here among men and nations. 
For anyone who wants to read about this serious topic I would suggest the following:
Despite saying similar things since the early 1950s Meredith continues to insist that his dire predictions will soon come to pass.
In the pages of our Tomorrow’s World magazine and on the Tomorrow’s World television program, we have told you repeatedly of the Big Picture events soon to come:  a rising United States of Europe, a revived Roman Catholic church with increasing influence on religion and world affairs, a coming federation of Arab states—the prophesied “King of the South” mentioned in Daniel 11:40—the “grinding down” of the pride and prestige of the American and British-descended peoples, plus soon-coming major earthquakes even in our nations, along with increasing storms, disease epidemics, alternating drought and floods leading finally to hunger and ultimate starvation for millions.
But Meredith is annoyed that most people note he has been saying these things since the 1950s and has been able to be well provided for by people who pay three tithes to his organization so they do not listen to him. They look him up on the Internet and learn the many troubling things about Meredith and Armstrongism in general so they do not join LCG or pay tithes to him. Meredith responds:
Do you not take our words seriously? Remember, we are not preaching what the “mainstream” professing Christians preach. We are not preaching a message which is easy or popular. But it is the Truth.
Meredith insists these dire things will occur.
As frightening prophetic events unfold in our nations, as disease epidemics, storms and earthquakes strike and even famine and starvation occur in many areas, may the great God who gives us life and breath help you to genuinely trust in Him.
And such people trust LCG and listen to them. LCG orders their followers to pay three tithes to LCG. And Meredith benefits from this income.

May 18, 2012

Here Meredith insists that Britain will leave the European Union, the final Pope will perform miracles and that financial troubles and droughts await the United States.
Truly staggering events are destined to take place within the next five to 10 years of your life! Although Christ may not come within that period, quite a number of amazing things will happen or begin to happen. 
How prodigiously vague.

HWA taught that Britain would not be part of the European superpower fated to conquer America. But in 1973 Britain joined the European Economic Community. In response the Armstrongites insisted that Britain would somehow leave or be kicked out and not be part of the European superpower. Meredith continues this tradition.
The malaise now taking place in Europe because of the recent upsets in the French and Greek elections is destined to bring about a restructuring of Europe. Within the next few years, Britain will no longer be part of the European Union! It will either get out or be pushed out!
HWA also taught that the final Pope would be empowered by Satan to perform miracles such as summoning fire from the sky to convince Europeans to support the military dictator fated to conquer the United States. Meredith continues to promote this venomous anti-Catholic dogma.
Also, because of the financial, political and religious chaos in Europe, a powerful resurgence of the Roman Catholic Church will take place. It will be truly stunning. And it will be powerful! For a charismatic, miracle-working pope will arise. All kinds of “miracles,” visions of the Virgin Mary and other strange sights and events will begin to take place—startling many and causing many to return to the historical “mother church” of Rome. Many tens of millions will return to their Catholic heritage throughout Europe.
Meredith also asserts that the United States and other that he describes as "the promised “birthright” people" will face crippling crises weakening their nations before this future European attack.
America, Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand will begin to “wither away” unless we truly repent and begin to serve the God of the Bible. There will be a massive financial malaise along with the destruction of the dollar during these years. Awesome weather, tremendous storms and earthquakes and other upsets will occur in the United States, Canada, Britain, Australia and New Zealand. For, though most do not understand, we are the promised “birthright” people who have been given the magnificent blessings of the temperate areas of the earth, control of the vastly important “sea gates” and many other blessings because of Abraham’s obedience. But we have turned away from the true God.
More claptrap stemming from British Israelism.

June 14, 2012

Here Meredith mentions the upcoming Presidential election, gays, Europe and Muslims.
The Presidential election is coming in a few months in the United States. The television ads—the “attack ads”—and all manner of references to the election are swirling around the American public. Things seem to be getting a little “meaner” than usual in this Presidential campaign. For even the issue of “men marrying men,” President Obama’s big health care program and America’s massive national debt are all big issues and heavily debated ideas along with other contentious problems.

In Europe, the entire “EU Project” is in danger of failing. Many nations in the Eurozone are near bankruptcy. Germany—the only completely solvent nation there—does not want to bail out an ever-increasing number of its southern neighbors. So German Chancellor Angela Merkel is now insisting on forming a more complete fiscal and political union for the Eurozone members. Even a number of European and British newspapers are calling it a “United States of Europe”! Of course, as some of you older readers know, I have been personally preaching and writing on this for about 60 years. ...
So as the present European Union comes apart, as the Middle Eastern nations continue to explode with various uprisings—with dictators being overthrown and Islamic extremists coming into power—it should be clear that mankind cannot govern himself.
Meredith also mentions having to drop some local TV stations.
Back in April we added a new TV network here in the United States, called the ION Network. I’m letting you U.S. TV viewers know because some of you have been calling or writing us about your local TV stations disappearing. Yes, I had to cut some TV stations because of exceptionally high costs. We are doing all we can to make every cent count that we receive in tithes and offerings. Jesus Christ has given us a mission that we take very, very seriously. So, even though I did cut some stations, all of them were replaced by a local ION Network TV station. These stations air Wednesday mornings at 6:30 a.m. Eastern Time, Pacific Time and Mountain Time, and 5:30 a.m. Central Time. I am not happy with such an early time, but it was a time we could afford and an opportunity to get our foot in the door, as it were, for a very productive TV network for this Work. With the addition of the ION Network, the Tomorrow’s World telecast is now able to reach into 105 million homes in the United States and Canada, which is 82 percent of all TV homes. We are not always on at the best times, but your prayers can help change this! And over time we will buy the best TV times we can afford.
July 17, 2012

Here Ames states that Meredith has been working on an autobiography.
Dr. Meredith has asked me to write this month’s co-worker letter, as he has been devoting much time to videotaping sermons for the October Feast of Tabernacles, which the Living Church of God will celebrate in more than 40 nations around the world. Since turning 82 years of age in June, he has also been spending time researching and writing his autobiography—a project many of you have encouraged him to complete.
Ames boasts of attempts to get more converts. This time he boasts of attempts to get more converts by distributing their writings on social media.
Almost from the start of its availability, one of our booklets—Dr. Jeffrey Fall’s booklet Successful Parenting: God’s Way—became the second most popular download in the iBookstore’s section for free books on the subject of parenting. 
Ames boasts of LCG's attempts to get more converts among African Americans and the people of China.
Through His power, Christ has opened more mass-media doors for the preaching of the true gospel. Just a week ago (July 10), the Tomorrow’s World telecast began airing at 6:30 a.m. Tuesdays on BET (Black Entertainment Television). BET reaches 80 million television households.  

Our Chinese edition of the Tomorrow’s World telecast is doing well, broadcasting in Hong Kong and in the neighboring Chinese province of Guangdong. China television requires a different format limiting the advertising of our free literature to the end of the program. Our Canadian office in Mississauga, Ontario—which produces a Chinese version of the Tomorrow’s World telecast—recently moved to a new facility, which includes a dedicated television recording studio. Mr. Gerald Weston, evangelist and Regional Director for Canada, presents most of the programs. Mr. Rod King and I have also taped several new-format programs there in the Canadian studio. Ten of our booklets have been translated into Chinese and are offered free at the end of the program. You can view these programs at The program is subtitled in traditional Chinese, while booklets are available in traditional and simplified Chinese as well as English. Brethren and co-workers, please pray for the success of the telecast on all of these television networks!
As if African Americans and Chinese people did not have enough problems already.

Ames scare mongers about the US federal debt.
As our Western nations ever more brazenly reject the Ten Commandments and God’s way of life, we will pay the penalties for greed, selfishness and sin. ... Indeed, the two nations now holding the most U.S. debt are China with $1.3 trillion and Japan with $1.0 trillion.
Ames is wrong. China and Japan are merely second and third. The number one nation holding US debt by far is the United States itself. The US debt is denominated in its own currency and consequently it is not possible for anyone to force the US government to default on its own debt. Scare mongering about the US federal debt is a red herring. There are many problems in the world. The US federal debt is not one of them.

Ames then uses that topic to insist that all will be solved if people simply tithed to his organization, LCG.
If our Western nations would repent, turn to God wholeheartedly and begin tithing, their financial curses would be reversed. God’s way is the way of love. Robbery is a sin, and robbing from God brings a curse. We need to proclaim powerfully God’s true way of life, and warn our nations even more powerfully as Jesus Christ continues to open doors for preaching the gospel of the soon-coming Kingdom of God.
How convenient it would be for Ames if everyone in America began tithing to LCG.

August 15, 2012

Here Meredith insists that "this time" the dire warnings he has been saying since the 1950s will finally come to pass.
Prophetic events seem to be speeding up! Just within the next two years, quite a number of shocking events will probably coalesce to give all thinking men and women a powerful jolt. For they will begin to realize that this time, “it really is different.” For our world will never be the same again.
2014 has come and gone and his followers are still waiting for his dire predictions to come true.

Meredith scare mongers that the United States would soon go to war with Iran.
Even as I write, America has assembled the most formidable armada in the history of naval warfare just off the Iranian coast. Two battle fleets were just joined by the USS Eisenhower Battle Group. The USS Stennis will soon join them. These four nuclear aircraft carrier battle groups are supported by massive numbers of land-based airplanes, France’s leading battle fleet, and a host of British mine sweepers.

From all indications, a big war is soon to get underway in the Middle East! For Iran continues to rapidly develop the capacity to produce nuclear weapons. Iran is the sworn enemy of Israel and of the United States. The Iranians continue to hold anti-American rallies in their major cities, burn American flags, curse our leaders and prepare for war. Obviously, military action may soon get underway. For Iran has repeatedly threatened to annihilate Israel and to close the Strait of Hormuz if we retaliate.
He also scare mongers about the drought.
Meanwhile, what many have called the worst drought since the “Dust Bowl” years of the 1930s continues to devastate vast portions of America’s Midwest and Southwest. ... God wants to bless those He created in His image, but disobedience forces Him to remove His blessings and protection (verses 1-7). God does control the weather and yearns for His people to return to Him so that He can once again bless them with “rain in due season” (Leviticus 26:1-4, KJV).
Meredith blames the gays again.
Will we repent of what God Almighty calls the “vile passions” of homosexuality....? Dear brethren and friends, when even the religious and political leaders of our peoples increasingly sanction these vile, reprehensible practices, how long until Almighty God says “Enough”? God is the One who “sets up kings” and who takes them down.
Meredith wonders if a war with Iran will finally make his words come to pass.
The increasing loss of power and prestige of the American and British-descended nations will pave the way for this coming Super Leader to arise in Europe. America’s own severe financial difficulties plus the coming horrific drought and famine, along with alternating floods and hurricanes and massive disease epidemics, will severely weaken our peoples and make it much easier for the coming Beast Power to conquer us and our allies (Jeremiah 30:4-7).
September 11, 2012

Here Meredith offers some faint praise to his donors before trying to make the reader feel guilty that he or she has somehow failed to go all the way in serving LCG's God by obeying Meredith. He is quite vague about what one needs to do. This is what Steven Hassan would call an "indirect suggestion." Such talk leads the reader to fill in the gaps and feel guilty about whatever one's own perceived failings. Such talk is quite manipulative.
My dear brethren and co-workers, this attitude is certainly pervasive in the approach of millions of Americans. For they increasingly believe different “bits and pieces” of various religions and philosophies. Also, because of the almost total confusion in religion today, other millions are completely “giving up” and turning to atheism—completely denying the existence of God Himself! People are really confused as they “cobble” together, “their own” form of religion. However, extremely few people in the United States, Canada, the UK or Australia take with total seriousness the real God of the Bible. Somehow, they are not willing to surrender their will to the genuine Higher Power who created them and gave them life and breath. They are often quick to say, “Here is the way I look at it!”

In all respect, do you really think that the great God—the Creator of heaven and earth, the God who gives you life and breath—is very concerned about the millions of differing “opinions” that we puny, mixed-up human beings have about the ultimate purpose of life?
And Meredith still finds time to condemn gays as he so often does.
Although we often have clever arguments to justify our conduct, we manage to regularly break nearly all of God’s Ten Commandments! This attitude reached an all-time high recently when the very President of the United States publically stated that he now approves of the idea of “men marrying men”!
October 16, 2012

Here Meredith scare mongers about the European Union having troubles and of hostility between China and Japan.
As the European Union seems to be coming apart, as China and Japan line up against each other in the western Pacific, and as the Middle East comes ever closer to a full-scale war in that region, far more people around the world are becoming aware that this present human society is in mortal danger.
Meredith also promotes the improperly observed Armstrongite Feast of Tabernacles.
In that vein, I would like to share with you the fact—which  many of you know—that several thousand of us recently returned from observing an annual Holy Day festival which Almighty God commands His people to observe.
In the Bible the Feast of Tabernacles was observed in one's home with family and friends. To this day the Jews build sokkot in which they celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles. For Jews it is a precious, happy and beautiful time. It is celebrated in one's home.

But HWA twisted this beautiful, Jewish festival into a tool to discredit every other church. He also twisted it into an eight day indoctrination session. Instead of celebrating it at home with family and friends COG members go far away to a eight day conference. It is used to slur all churches that do not observe the Feast of Tabernacles as false Christians cursed to be denied access to God. HWA did a terrible thing against this festival which is special and sacred to Jews.
Those of us who have just observed the Feast of Tabernacles in dozens of Feast sites around the world came back spiritually refreshed, invigorated and very grateful that we were able to have eight full days of fellowship with God’s people, a full sermon or two nearly every day—plus some Bible studies and special socials—and thoroughly “drink in” the kind of atmosphere we will have in Tomorrow’s World when Christ returns. Frankly, as thousands of brethren could tell you, it was wonderful!
These practices are non-biblical traditions that the COGs have added upon this improperly observed Feast. The COGs have changed the Feast. There is no need as a Christian to observe the Feast of Tabernacles.

Meredith then tries to make his co-workers feel guilty if they should hesitate and not actually join LCG and follow their erroneous, non-biblical ways.
All of you dear brethren and co-workers have the opportunity before you to achieve this magnificent goal if you will exercise the faith and the courage to step out and do what God says regardless. Yet, many are fearful of being looked down on by their fellow man, losing some of their friends and family or other possible consequences of obeying God (Mark 10:29-31). But what is really important—the “praise of men,” or eternal life?
Talk like this falsely recruited me into believing LCG's inaccurate and heretical doctrines. There is no need for a Christian to observe the Feast of Tabernacles. In the New Testament the Feast of Tabernacles was only mentioned as a background detail. There is no discussion anywhere in the New Testament telling Christians to observe it.

But in the New Testament they did talk about circumcision, as in Galatians. It was decided that Gentile converts to Christianity did not need to be circumcised to become Christians. In other words they did not need to become Jewish. If there was no need for them to be circumcised then there was no need to observe the Jewish practices, including the Feast of Tabernacles, as well.

We should respect this festival that is precious to Jews and not use it as a tool to promote Armstrongism or as a pretext to denounce all other non-Armstrongite churches as false. There is no need for Christians to observe the Feast of Tabernacles. HWA was wrong to misinform his followers on this matter and to exploit this festival for his own gain. Armstrongism should stop exploiting the Feast of Tabernacles.

October 24, 2012

Meredith also repeats his story about how he knows more than his childhood Sunday School teacher when he was raised up in a Methodist church.
I will always remember my mainstream Protestant Sunday school teacher patiently explaining to us children why Jesus Christ nearly always spoke in parables. She said, “Children, in Jesus’ time most of the people were farmers or shepherds. So that is why Jesus gave these ‘stories’ using agricultural terms which they could understand.” Nice try. But what this sweet old lady forgot to mention was that Jesus Himself explained why He so often spoke to the public in parables.
Meredith redefines knowing God to mean keeping LCG's commandments including worshiping on Saturday.
So we do not “know” God—and certainly do not have true understanding—unless we “keep His commandments”! Thousands of professing Christians claim they love Jesus, yet they do not do the one thing that Jesus said those who love Him would do....
This is what known as "redefining the term." By insisting that mainstream Christians are false Christians for worshiping on Sunday Meredith is trying to make the readers doubt any other Christian church expect himself. Meredith is trying to get the reader to join LCG with this letter.

Armstrongism has a long and shameful history of promoting anti-medicine superstitions causing followers to forsake vital and necessary medical treatment. Many Armstrongites have died and endured illnesses because of this doctrine of death. Today Meredith says it is perfectly fine and proper for LCG members to see doctors and take medicine. But despite the terrible toll such ideas has caused Meredith proclaims that LCG's God heals of sicknesses.
Also, in this Work, we have experienced scores of genuine “healings”—people being supernaturally healed by God just as they were in Jesus’ day and in the ministry of Peter, of Paul and even of the young evangelist, Philip.... These are not supposed “healings” that are part of a religious “show” being put on in some sort of circus tent with the supposed “healer” shouting loudly, laying his hand on the sick person’s head violently and making a big “production” of the whole thing. Rather, these genuine healings take place all across the United States and around the world when our faithful ministers quietly lay hands on people and ask God Almighty to keep His promise to heal the sick.... As the end of this present age approaches, all true Christians need to grow in faith in the great God who made us and who gives us life and breath. Through that living faith, we must learn to “Claim God’s Promises” regularly!
It is baffling that Meredith should present this carrot to potential recruits despite the terrible toll of HWA's anti-medicine superstitions.

In November 2012, to the despair of those who live off of the COGs' tithes, Barack Obama was re-elected President.

December 11, 2012

Here Meredith complains about gays.
In fact, millions of our people actually wish that the God of the Bible would “just keep His nose out of our lives!” So, even the President of the United States has stated that he actually approves of “men marrying men”! Now, news comes that the Supreme Court of the United States is planning to rule on the “same-sex marriage” issue as early as this summer. And several states have already voted to “approve” this abominable practice—a practice that would have been un-thinkable even ten or fifteen years ago! The founding fathers of America would “turn over in their graves” if they could somehow learn of these shocking developments.
Everything is falling apart! The end is near! So proclaims Meredith as he has constants said since Truman's Presidency.
My dear friends, no wonder our nations are going down and out unless we repent. For a watered down “Christianity” has opened the floodgates to immorality and vile practices which now permeate our entire society. A very blatantly godless media industry has fostered and promoted illicit sex, pornography, unbridled violence and the constant approach to hedonism and obvious disregard for even the idea of a real God who gives mankind “Ten Commandments” to live by!

In the name of Jesus Christ, I want to warn all of you dear subscribers: America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Britain are very near the end of our rope! As more and more “same-sex” couples are pictured “rejoicing” in their perverted lifestyle becoming “legal,” the Eternal God is not amused. Soon, He will intervene in loving correction and shake our God-rejecting society to its very foundations!
Meredith insists that listening to his writings, giving money to his LCG and being a member of LCG will let be part of the elite of the God Family, superior than anyone who who becomes deified after Christ's return.
As I said earlier, somewhere on this earth, God has a genuine Work that He is using to warn this world of what is about to happen. In God’s mercy, you have had your minds and hearts opened to be given a part in this Work. ... At that time, dear brethren and friends, deep within our very souls, we will be infinitely grateful that we have had a vital part in helping this world understand the meaning of these coming horrifying events and—as God calls some—also a part in bringing many thousands of human beings into God’s Kingdom in the first resurrection, the “better” resurrection (Hebrews 11:35). May God help us all go forward with zeal in doing our part in the greatest activity on earth today, directly preparing for the return of the King of kings.
What a way to persuade people to part with their money.

January 15, 2013

Here Meredith begs for money and asserts that "within a comparatively few years" his dire prophecies that he has been preaching since the early 1950s will finally occur.
Indeed, we have all been “children of wrath”—sinful human beings cut off from God. However, within a comparatively few years, God Almighty will intervene! As God’s inspired Word tells us again and again, the true Christ of the Bible will return to save humanity from itself....
He says all kinds of things about how being in LCG will get you to become a God like being. And at the end of the letter he begs for money because income has dropped.
Our income has fallen somewhat at the beginning of the year, and I personally ask you to be unusually generous as best you can. Let us truly go “all out” in honoring our great Creator, dear brethren, and letting God know exactly where we stand by serving Him with all of our being.
It's all about the money.

February 15, 2013

Here Richard Ames fear mongers about the Pope's resignation and weather problems. But most of this co-worker letter is devoted to condemning gays and attempts to legalize same sex unions while exploiting the memory of President Lincoln to do so.
And when leaders of nations not only condone but even promote as “normal” the sinful ways of life condemned in Scripture, we can expect a powerful judgment day as a result. One London newspaper reported that Britain’s Prime Minister, David Cameron, has even “given his backing to gay weddings in churches in a move that puts him on direct collision course with the established Church…. The Prime Minister revealed yesterday he will be voting in favour of legislation allowing gay weddings in churches” (The Times, December 8, 2012). ...

In his second inaugural address, on January 21 of this year, U.S. President Barack Obama stated: “Our journey is not complete until our gay brothers and sisters are treated like anyone else under the law—for if we are truly created equal, then surely the love we commit to one another must be equal as well.” By calling a sinful lifestyle “love,” the President challenged the very laws of God. Yes, God loves sinners, but godly love promotes repentance from sexual immorality. Godly love encourages godly behavior and godly marriages. God does treat all “equally” according to His law—He is not a respecter of persons (Acts 10:34). Incredibly, polls have shown that 78 percent of Americans under age 30 agree with the President and support the sinful lifestyle of same-sex marriage. Will we repent of our sinful attitudes and behaviors, or will we face the penalties of our sins? God help our nations to wake up and acknowledge that the promotion of sinful, perverse, abominable practices is sinful (God’s own description in Leviticus 18:22, 27). We must repent—as individuals, nations and national leaders.
Ames also begs for more money in addition to regular tithes and offerings to keep the unaccredited Living University funded.
One way to prepare is to educate ourselves. As many of you know, Living University teaches biblical values, biblical morality and the way to successful and abundant living (John 10:10). Our students are standing up for the truth of God, and are not compromising with the pressures of worldly immorality, as they strive to “recapture true values.” Many of you from around the world have taken on-line courses from Living University in your own home. We also deeply appreciate our on-site students, who daily participate in God’s Work here in Charlotte.

In 2012, worldwide Living University student enrollment continued to rise, with an average semester student count of more than 200. We now have dedicated classroom space, have created a professional university library, and were able to greatly expand our library holdings in 2012. God also blessed us with double the amount of donations to Living University in 2012 compared to 2011. God is clearly showing His support for Living University, and with His on-going guidance we will continue working hard to provide better quality and more meaningful spiritual education to an ever-greater number of His people. Your tax-deductible donations to Living University, in addition to your regular tithes and offerings to the Church, are much appreciated!
So three tithes are somehow still not enough for LCG's leaders and they want even more money in addition to that to keep Living University funded.

March 18, 2013

Here Meredith exploits the rise of Pope Francis to scare monger that the Pope will soon help to forge a future European Empire led by Germany fated to conquer the United States.
A new pope has appeared on the world scene! As you no doubt know by now, Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Buenos Aires, Argentina has become Pope Francis. The media is emphasizing his humble roots and pastoral approach in serving his people. Personally, he appears to be a very low key and kindly man. So this may help win over the Catholic faithful and strengthen that church not only in Europe, but especially in his native Argentina—one of the fastest growing regions for Catholicism in the world.

... it should give pause to the millions who may soon find this man or his successor powerfully influencing the soon-coming “Beast” in Europe to “cleanse” the sinful American peoples. Could God use a German-led European Empire to clean up the “mess in America”—as they would put it?
And after scare mongering about the Pope and scary Germans coming to conquer the United States Meredith then begs for money and tries to pull on his readers' heartstrings by saying if you really loved (LCG's) God then you will Meredith and Co. your money.
My friends, this is the Work of Almighty God at the end of an age. We really do “tell it like it is.” And we really do understand biblical prophecy and are constantly proclaiming the truth about what lies just ahead for your very life. ...

So, if you dear brethren and co-workers are part of the “team”—if you really are genuine “co-workers with Christ”—then along with our faithful team here in Charlotte and around the world, you will feel especially at this time the urgent need to zealously do your part in helping us warn our peoples of what lies just ahead and how they ought to be preparing to serve with Christ in Tomorrow’s World! We are not a big church or huge organization, with tens of millions of dollars pouring in to help us get out this vital message. So your faithful tithes and offerings—even every little “widow’s mite”—are vital to keep this Work going and growing.
Back in 1979 Mike Wallace stated that WCG had more money coming into their coffers than even Billy Graham or Oral Roberts combined. Graham and Roberts to this day are well known and were able to project their influence upon American society. But WCG failed to do so because HWA's WCG was inefficient and was more focused on enriching themselves.

Meredith continues to persuade his readers to part with their money. Note how Meredith condemns "liberal ... propaganda" thus revealing his partisan view on political affairs. The COGs are not neutral in regards to politics even though they do not vote.
If you and I see that our beloved peoples are being “drawn toward death” by the incessant barrage of liberal, anti-God propaganda pouring forth from our government, the media, our educators and even many of the churches—if you grasp the fact that our American and British-descended peoples really are “stumbling to the slaughter”—then, as true Christians and servants of God, you and I must take action.
Meredith even presents himself as being reluctant to beg for money but in fact the leaders of Armstrongism has always begged for money and tried to make their followers feel guilty to get their money.
Even with you who have voluntarily elected to become “co-workers with Christ” in this crusade to get out His message, I very seldom desire to “get strong” unless circumstances warrant this. But, now, I tell you most sincerely, this Work of God really does need your extra-generous help and support right now.
Meredith can say he is reluctant to beg for money but his readers are under no obligation to believe such words.

April 16, 2013

Here Meredith exploits the rise of Pope Francis to scare monger that the last Pope is fated to help create the European Empire that Armstrongism teaches is fated to conquer the United States.
Will the new Roman Catholic Pope, Francis I, bring about big changes on the world scene? Will he be used to help promote the most massive religious upheaval in modern times? Will he become—as many prophecy students fear—the final pope, the man identified in Revelation 13:13, who literally “makes fire come down from heaven on earth in the sight of men”?
Here Meredith appears to insist that II Thessalonians 2 does not refer to the Tkach changes contradicting PCG's interpretation.
The idea that this coming total rejection of God is simply an “apostasy” from some teaching of some church or group of churches is simply not indicated here! Even many of us in the past have assumed this—but that is not the case when you understand the original Greek language in the whole context which involves the entire world rebelling against the true God!

Notice that this Greek expression is translated “rebellion” in Today’s English Version, the New International Version, the English Bible and—as I have already indicated—the Revised Standard Version, plus a number of others. So to properly understand what we are talking about here, it is vital to realize that the term involves a worldwide rebellion against the true God which, in fact, is going to affect the entire world in ways that very few understand.
In verse 8, Paul revealed that the “lawless one”—who obviously has various religious teachings that in fact do not involve obedience to the Ten Commandments—will be revealed, “whom the Lord will consume with the breath of His mouth and destroy with the brightness of his coming. The coming of the lawless one is according to the workings of Satan, with all power, signs, and lying wonders” (vv. 8-9). So no local “apostasy” in any church or small group of churches could possibly fulfill this awesome prophecy—and certainly not without the one who is in charge showing great power, signs and lying wonders.
It is asserted that demonic influences will be behind the European Empire.
Satan the Devil will be powerfully involved with this false religious system, and demonism and sorcery will be involved! ...
Yet, additional millions of people will be sucked into this system by various “appearances” of humility, of false miracles and the like. But those in charge of this system are indeed “lawless” as these prophecies clearly indicate. They will not teach obedience to the commandments of God. They will substitute their own rituals and traditions for what God clearly tells all Christians to do. They will be very appealing. They will have beautiful music, drama and inspiring occasions of all sorts. They will be heavily influenced and, in the end, destroyed because of following Satan the Devil!
And just at the end Meredith hastily added in a reference to the Boston Marathon bombing in which three innocent people were murdered.He even manages to include a condemnation of homosexuals again.
My friends, just as I was finishing writing this letter, news came of the terrible attack at the Boston Marathon. So far, we know that at least three people were killed and over 175 were seriously injured. It was obviously a terrorist attack—involving either homegrown or international terrorism. ... various attacks and calamities will come upon us with increasing frequency unless we begin to realize why things are all “going wrong” for the United States and the British-descended peoples.... But we have now forsaken our Creator by our actions and our “lawless” acts even in condoning “same-sex marriage”!
May 3, 2013

Here Meredith scare mongers about France trying to legalize same sex unions and lambasts the American media for supposedly not paying attention to this development.
My friends, America and many other nations of the Western world are right now entering a crisis of historic proportions. A powerful, Satan-inspired move is on the way to drastically transform the basic pattern of human society. The ultimate results of this move will be absolutely horrible—beyond the understanding of most people. Yet it is being “sold” to the American public by a highly active special interest group—usually pretending to be far larger than it actually is—which is augmented and validated by a confused and misguided media. ...

Just a few weeks ago, a major newspaper in western Europe headlined, “Protestors In France Make A Last-Ditch Effort To Thwart Gay Marriage.” The article went on to describe how tens of thousands of protestors took to the streets of Paris in a final bid to block the French Parliament from approving this abomination. Demonstrations reached a fever pitch just before the vote, and protest organizers said about 50,000 people took part in expressing their opposition to this radical and dangerous move.

But—the American media were virtually silent about the level of outrage caused by this projected approval of same-sex “marriage.”
Then Meredith boasts of LCG's attempts to get more recruits. Even from Russia.
As prophetic events seem to speed up, as America continues to go down and down because of our terrible national sins, as a new pope was installed in the Vatican and a United States of Europe begins to form in Western Europe—as major earthquakes, storms, disease epidemics and wars continue to occur with increasing frequency—may God help all of us want to truly draw close to our Creator!
By paying three tithes to LCG for the rest of one's life. 

June 12, 2013

Here Meredith scare mongers about hurricanes on the East Coast, the drought in California, sexual activity contrary to LCG dogma and corruption to scare monger that the end is near.
The weather forecasters here in America tell us that several potentially dangerous hurricanes are predicted to strike the East Coast of the United States this late summer and autumn. They may do huge damage. Why?

In the western United States, the increasing drought is causing massive wildfires to break out in many places—even near huge population areas in Southern California. And a number of news reports have come out describing the growing “dust bowl” conditions in much of the Southwest—causing thousands upon thousands of farmers to suffer heavily and causing many to consider leaving the farming profession for good. Again, why?

Also, the idea of same-sex “marriage” is growing across America and in many other so-called “educated” nations. Even as I write, the United States Supreme Court is debating how much to get involved in “approving” this practice of same-sex marriage. And now, our government agencies have “approved” the distribution of the “morning-after pill”—even giving young girls only twelve to fourteen years old the opportunity to purchase this pill without a prescription and certainly without any parental approval whatsoever! Now, obviously, the young girls and boys can go ahead with their fornication with more peace of mind and the young men will probably not feel the need to take protective measures—thus greatly increasing the incidence of venereal disease and AIDS! We are certainly making “progress,” aren’t we?

Meanwhile, lawsuits and investigations are mounting as countless instances of governmental and corporate corruption are being exposed. Increasing numbers of liars and thieves are at the highest levels of our society and are causing growing mistrust of governmental and corporate leaders. And they are costing American taxpayers billions of dollars!
Even though the United States is by far the most powerful nation on the Earth Meredith complains that the United States' power is falling apart.
We have already seen the national power and prestige of the British-descended and American peoples go down and down. Even in my lifetime, I have seen the once-powerful British Empire be dissolved. I have seen how the American people are slowly but surely losing their national prestige and the national confidence and sense of purpose—and the “pride of power”—we once had.
But the real purpose of this co-worker letter is to get more people to join LCG.
There is one Work on this earth which is proclaiming this inspired warning and the full message of the coming Kingdom of God with increasing power. This is that Work! Most of you are very aware that God has continued to bless the Living Church of God in very meaningful ways as we continue to dedicate ourselves to the Great Commission of preaching the return of Christ and the soon-coming Kingdom of God on this earth. However, there are some self-appointed “prophets” or “apostles” who make big claims and, at the same time, throw around erroneous accusations.
Meredith then boasts about LCG's attempts to recruit more members. Even in untapped markets such as Russia. (As if Russians didn't have enough problems to deal with already.)


And so we see some of what Meredith and Ames have wrote in their co-worker letters to those who donate money to LCG.

Some later co-worker letters (July 17, 2013 to December 15, 2015) are discussed in a previous post.

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