Friday, April 1, 2016

Mark Armstrong Rants About Refugees Trying to Destroy Western Civilization

Mark Armstrong has another rant posted as his weekly update (March 25, 2016) like those previously mentioned on Ambassador Watch. This time he insinuates that refugees heading into Europe are trying to take over Europe.
The pope's favored "poor immigrants" are succeeding with their intention to inject fear into the hearts of westerners, having blown up the crowded ticketing lobby at one of Europe's busiest airline hubs. How sorry do you think Europeans are feeling for the plight of the million Muslims that streamed into their midst over the past year now?
At present there is no evidence that ISIL's sympathizers in Brussels have any refugees with them. This is a terrible slur upon the refugees who are fleeing into Europe.
The existence of "no-go zones," or "sensitive urban zones" as they prefer to call them, is now well documented.
Wrong. The myth of "no-go-zones" is complete nonsense.
That is where the unassimilated Muslims of various origin stew in their religious hatreds and plot the destruction of the very society that took them in. Their "dream," as one of the captured terrorists told police after his arrest, is to live under an Islamic caliphate in Europe. Can you imagine western streets under the patrol of masked ISIS enforcers? That's the Islamic "dream," and not just for those willing to get their hands dirty or strap on an explosive vest. Even the "good Muslims" share that "dream."

After all, their "holy text" is shot through with instructions about killing Christians and Jews, cutting the necks of infidels and numerous similar passages.
Reading this rant I was reminded of a vile chapter written in 1868 by the anti-Semitic author Hermann Goedsche entitled "The Jewish Cemetery in Prague and the Council of Representatives of the Twelve Tribes of Israel." That chapter describes a fictional meeting of Jews with Satan the Devil engaged in a conspiracy to take over the world. It is a vile piece of anti-Semitic writing that was later used by personnel within the Russian secret service to concoct The Protocols of the Elders of Zion as exposed in the 1921 book, The History of a Lie by Herman Bernstein.

Let it also be remembered that one common trope of anti-Semitism was to cite certain words from the writings of Judaism and manipulate these words to slur Jews in general and cast them in a bad light.

Goedsche targeted Jews. Armstrong targets Muslims. But the hostility seems eerily similar.

Mark Armstrong then seem to indulge in sexism as well by describing an Argentinian woman as "leggy".
If you saw him [President Obama] doing the 'wave' at the Cuban baseball stadium with Raul Castro, the ruthless communist dictator, or dancing the Tango with the leggy Argentine lady....
Mark Armstrong ends this rant by scare mongering that these Muslim refugees will cause "the destruction of western civilization". What does that even mean?
Much to our chagrin, the destruction of western civilization is under way and our leadership is aiding and abetting the trend through their devotion to everything and everybody that is against our traditions, our foundational history and our God-inspired Constitution. May God help us save the United States from the depths of ignominy and destruction. It's looking too late for Europe.
This is a common trope of Islamophobia, the idea that the immigration of Muslims into Europe and North America will somehow cause these Muslims immigrants to take over these societies. This is just rank scare mongering.

Also there seems to be no sympathy for the people enduring the ongoing war in Syria provoked by the Assad regime's brutal repression of an initially peaceful protest movement. Recently there was one report that about 30 people were killed by Assad regime bombardment against a rebel held area near Damascus.

So we see that Mark Armstrong has made another rant to his followers. His followers are ill served with such talk.


  1. The problem as the refugees, there is no way to screen them before they enter a country. Take Syria for example. They have no apparatus like the USA to come up with info on any individual. If 1 percent of 10k refugees come into a country with ideas to shoot up the place, you have a real problem. Lots of death.

    Of course the solution is to quit supporting the USA in its war against the world as it tries to exercise worldwide hegemony.

    Truly, the psychopaths are in charge. And even worse, people with a mother complex like George Soros are causing death all over the planet. If this last statement is foreign to you please study the works of this man and all the misery he has bought on to the world scene. He is the poster boy of evil. He makes Herbie look like a boy scout who pushes old ladies in front of trucks as he 'guides' them across the street. Rather benign compared to George.

  2. It doesn't get any better. There's another rant up now dated April 1. More of the same.