Monday, April 18, 2016

PCG's Writings Quoted in 2008 Book

On February 21, 2008 a 360 page book, entitled America in Prophecy: A Nation at a Crossroads, written by one John J. Quiles was published. Here is its Google Books preview. He is a minister with a Pentecostal church named the International Assemblies of God Fellowship. He is based in Clearwater, Florida. Unlike the COGs they believe in the Trinity.

Chapter 2, "The Nations: Posturing Against America," is rather reliant on PCG's writings with 19 out of 36 footnotes citing articles by PCG concerning current affairs (pp. 348-9). This includes articles written by Ron Fraser, Gerald Flurry, Brad MacDonald, Mark Jenkins, Ryan Malone and Michael Dattolo. This author only seems to quote PCG in this chapter.

The many teachings of PCG's that contradict many mainstream doctrines of Christianity appear to be unknown to this author.

Here the articles cited in this book.
  • Ron Fraser, Space Wars, December 2003.
  • Ron Fraser, Land of the Brave, Home of the Hated, November 2004.
  • Michael Dattolo, Is the World Shutting the U.S. Out?, November 2004.
  • Anonymous, Boeing Loses Altitude, March-April 2005.
  • Anonymous, EU Exerts Power Over American Industry, February 2006.
  • Gerald Flurry, Jerusalem is About to be Cut in Half, March 2006.
  • Brad MacDonald, The Asia Effect, April 2006.
  • Mark Jenkins, China's Quiet War, April 2006.
  • Ryan Malone, The Empire Strikes Back, April 2006.
  • Ron Fraser, The Coming Siege, May 2006.

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