Thursday, April 21, 2016

Recent PCG Broadcasts

In PCG's world ISIL and Iran are really allies.
The prevailing narrative in the West is that Shiite-Iran and Sunni-ISIS are mortal enemies. Based on this premise, many believe that America and the West ought to partner with Iran to confront the Islamic State, or at least give Tehran license to do what is necessary in the Middle East to destroy the terrorist group. But what if Iran and ISIS are not the enemies many believe? On today’s Trumpet Daily Radio Show, columnist Brad Macdonald [sic.] explores the horrifying reality of the situation: that Iran was largely responsible for the rise of ISIS, that Iran benefits from the Islamic State’s activities, and that, prophetically, Iran and ISIS are on the same team. (Brad MacDonald, Iran and ISIS--Friends or Foes?, Trumpet Daily, April 20, 2016.)
It is an attempt to justify PCG's demonization of Iran. PCG's leaders are frustrated that so many people have rallied to oppose ISIL that it is now harder to justify PCG's demonization of Iran. It is less marketable. PCG's leaders are squirming that scare mongering about Iran simply cannot attract the audience that it used to.

Back in 1994 PCG's leader, Gerald Flurry, dogmatically proclaimed Iran to rise as the "King of the South." This incentivizes PCG to demonize Iran in order to "prove" that Gerald Flurry can see the future. That is why PCG's leaders keep downplaying ISIL in order to scare monger about Iran. But the real world refuses to follow Gerald Flurry's script.

MacDonald also congratulates Queen Elizabeth II on the occasion of her ninetieth birthday contradicting PCG's ban on birthdays inherited from HWA. Why is it fine to congratulate the Queen for her birthday and yet they forbid among themselves the celebration of birthdays?


Also the latest broadcast of the Trumpet Hour contains discussions about the situation in Libya and the revelations of The Assad Files as recently highlighted in The New Yorker. There is also a segment that vilifies transgender people once again.


  1. Laughably KPCGFM is probably the only radio station on earth that at any given time has more people inside the studio producing content than outside actually listening to it.

    Like its forerunner the Trumpet Daily, KPCG FM is largely a stepping stone for heir-apparent Stephen Flurry to stamp his assumed nascent authority over PCG membership. Actual results and responses are sketchy and for the most part appear to be PCG-internal, with very little or no measureable results from the outside world.

    Rather than embrace modern technology, PCG leadership almost worships archaic forms of communication such as free-to-air TV, hard copy print and radio as articles of faith, the departure from which is viewed as apostasy.

    Along with Stephen Flurry other ambitious PCG ladder-climbers can be regularly heard on KPCGFM such as PCG man-for-all-seasons Joel (The Voice) Hilliker, “Pastor” Brian Davis or the ubiquitous and equally irritating Ryan Malone and his caustic-voiced wife Paula.

    As far as Malone is concerned this glorified CB channel has become the perfect stepping stone for him and his wife frustrated ambitions, and complements nicely their surreptitious takeover of the PCG’s auditorium and concert series.

    PCG Member

  2. Radio could be such a creative medium even for the ACOGs, if freedom of speech and some sort of basic honor code were used. It sounds as if KPCG is throttled, in much the same manner as state radio is controlled in totalitarian countries around the world. However, that really does not matter any more. There is pretty much total freedom of speech on the internet, and no head of any splinter group can control that. They can threaten or disfellowship, but they really cannot control the flow of information.

    As the saying goes, knowledge is power. The era of control of such knowledge has long since passed. There are so many ACOG members reading and commenting on so-called "dissident" blogs today, that the people who believe themselves to have all of the power have in reality lost control. And, there is very little they can do to get the toothpaste back into that particular tube.


    1. Thank you Byker Bob for your clear and articulate insight. The process you describe is EXACTLY what is happening right now in the collective COG.

      PCG Member

    2. Thank you for commenting here. Hope things go well with you. May you keep yourself safe.