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PCG's Demonization of Transgender People Exposed: Part 1 (1998-2007)

PCG has a long habit of vilifying and inciting animosity against transgender people.

PCG's 1% do not talk about it but transgender people are diagnosed with the recognized medical condition named gender dysphoria in which one's gender identity (which is determined in the brain) differ from one's anatomy.

Transgender people suffer all kinds of problems due to animosity and hatred directed against them. Last year about 22 transgender people were murdered in the United States, 19 of them African Americans.

Furthermore about 40% of transgender people in the United States have contemplated suicide. This is far higher than the national average which is below 10%. There is even a helpline, Trans Lifeline, specifically dedicated to helping transgender people to not commit suicide. That is how severe this problem is among the transgender community. Clearly they need support, not demonization and condemnation.

For anyone who wants to read about suicide I would suggest the National Suicide Prevention Helpline. Their phone number is 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

Bearing these sobering facts in mind here is some of PCG's demonization of transgender people.
The Anglican Church is rife with dissension from within, populated by homosexuals and transsexual priests, in deep decline into the most dubious of spiritual practices, to the point where historian Paul Johnson declares that it is time that this ancient and traditional bastion of British spiritual faith just close up shop. Protestantism presents no respectable resistance to the incursion of Catholicism in Britain. (Ron Fraser, Terror Triumphant!, July 1998.)
So we see above that PCG has vilified transgender people as far back as 1998. In the instance above transgender people are used as a prop to portray Britain as falling apart.
God created sex when He made Adam and Eve so that man and woman could cleave together and form families—families as God designed them to be .... Yet, a new tidal wave in moral decadence finds U.S. judges—supposed purveyors of decency and upholders of the law (under a Constitution based on the Ten Commandments)—not knowing which way to rule in family issues involving transgenders.
As highlighted by Time magazine (March 4), even the top courts have become temporarily paralyzed over the question of whether a person who has turned to medical science in an attempt to change their sex should be given the same legal rights as natural mothers and fathers. ...
Astounding! America as a nation has lost sight of God—so much so that men and women are becoming ignorant of why the great Creator made them male and female. (Today's Greatest Conspiracy, June 2002.)
In the quote above we see legal discussion about transgender people is insinuated as "moral decadence" and condemned as a sign that the United States "has lost sight of (PCG's) God". Instead of trying to understand the situation this article vilified transgender people.
In early August, California became the fourth state to pass a law protecting transgender people from housing and job discrimination—one which would impose penalties including fines of up to $150,000 on landlords or employers who violate it. (Joel Hilliker, War Over Marriage, September-October 2003.)
Actually discrimination in regards to housing against transgender people has been a problem. PCG is confusing people by insinuating that it is not a problem.
Australia’s Daily Telegraph reported on a child-care center in a Sydney suburb teaching toddlers that homosexual and “transgender” parents are normal; this is part of a drive to “challenge the perception” young children have about sexuality. The center, which receives government and council funding, has developed a specific curriculum to teach children of ages 6 weeks to 6 years old about “lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and inter-sex issues” (May 27). (Homosexual Ed at Child Care, November-December 2006.)
It is quite unusual for PCG to put the word transgender in quotes like that. It insinuates that transgender people are somehow making up their identity. But with quotes or not PCG has constantly portrayed transgender people in the worst possible light.

Also a major reason why educators would wish to talk to children in this way is because they are worried that people like PCG's 1% have constantly condemned and vilified transgender people.
Children as young as kindergarten-age could be taught homosexuality, transsexuality and other lifestyles.
California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed four bills over the weekend that promote homosexual, bisexual, transsexual and other deviant lifestyles in the classroom, as early as the kindergarten level. ... “Dad” and “Mom” or “husband” and “wife” for instance, will likely have to be eliminated from textbooks, instruction and activities, or portrayed alongside homosexual, bisexual and transsexual ideas. (New California Law Requires Schools to Promote Deviant Sexual Practices, October 17, 2007.)
In the previous quote transgender people are demonized as "deviant". This section of writing is used in several PCG articles.
California is now one of nine states with explicit non-discrimination laws for transgender individuals. By January, similar laws will also be in effect in four other states. Thus, against all common sense, gender confusion is protected by law—placed in the same category as biological realities like race and sex.
The implications of these laws are enormous. Universities nationwide are hosting gender-neutral student housing, bathrooms and locker rooms; transgender law advocates are pushing for student health insurance plans to include hormones and “sex-reassignment surgery.” Last year, New York City’s homeless shelter system, which segregates men and women, began allowing people to decide which shelters to use based on whether they “feel” male or female. Some people are pushing to open women’s public toilet facilities and locker rooms to Burts-turned-Berthas everywhere. Thus, to protect the right of a man who says he feels more comfortable as a woman, the law is preparing to trample on the right of women who feel more comfortable in public bathrooms devoid of perverted men. (Joel Hilliker, The Alarming Push for Transgender Rights, November 7, 2007.)
This is particularly ghastly rhetoric. It is also untrue. 22 transgender Americans have been murdered this year but PCG instead falsely equates this vulnerable minority with violent criminals. Clearly transgender people need help and protection from violence. It is terrible that transgender people are falsely insinuated to be violent criminals.
Western society has divorced itself from fatherhood. Reasoning from more than two generations of evolutionary hypothesizing, educators and the leaders they produce have declared the traditional father not only non-essential, but also an archaic, oftentimes negative influence. Politicians are increasingly taking up the cause on behalf of scholars like Silverstein and Auerbach. For instance, Democratic presidential candidates have committed to overturning the Defense of Marriage Act, which, for federal purposes, defines marriage as a heterosexual union. In October, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed four bills, written by California’s first openly lesbian senator, that promote homosexual, bisexual, transsexual and other deviant lifestyles. Two of them affect the classroom, as early as the kindergarten level; one suggests that these lifestyles must be portrayed in textbooks and instruction, and in a positive light. “Dad” and “Mom” or “husband” and “wife,” for instance, will likely have to be eliminated from textbooks, instruction and activities, or portrayed alongside homosexual, bisexual and transsexual ideas. Another of the bills prohibits state funding for programs that do not support deviant sexual practices, which affects churches, day cares, preschools, senior services and other organizations. (Phillip Nice, The Best Man I Ever Knew, November-December 2007.)
Is PCG trying to get state funding? Then why scare monger about that?
In October, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed four bills that promoted homosexual, bisexual, transsexual and other deviant lifestyles in the classroom. One of the bills will prevent any public school from offering instruction that might be interpreted as negative toward transsexuals. (Stephen Flurry, The California Dream Is Dead, December 28, 2007.)
Does PCG have a public school? Then why is the PCG 1% worried? A government is duty bound to protect its people. It is perfectly natural for the American government to try and look out for the interests of transgender Americans. Why is PCG trying to make this look like a bad thing?

To be continued...

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