Thursday, April 14, 2016

News From Syria

Alas, it seems as though the cessation of hostilities is almost gone. It is too be hoped that hostilities will not yet resume but there has been so little good has come to pass in that land since the Assad regime's bloody repression against the protesters in 2011 plunged Syria into catastrophe.

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The High Negotiation Committee of the Syrian Opposition condemned the recent parliamentary elections held in regime held Syria as a "farce". 

Rojava also boycotted the Assad regime's elections.

New Yorker reports on the compilation of evidence of war crimes committed by the Assad regime in seeking to suppress the initially peaceful protest movement that began in 2011. 

Remembering the death of Ahmad Bawwadi

Twitter account focusing on the dire events in the Yarmouk refugee camp that is about 80% controlled by ISIL, the rest by Al Qaeda's arm in Syria, Jabhat al-Nusra, and surrounded and besieged by the Assad regime since they lost control of it in December 2012. Thousands of civilians are stuck in the middle of that nightmarish situation.

Assad loyalists in Tartous start to show frustration after so many of their sons have fought and died to protect the Assad regime with seemingly little to show for their many sacrifices.

Palmyra Revolution Coordination seeking to spread awareness about those displaced from Palmyra.

Palmyra Coordination's statement regarding ISIL's mass grave in Palmyra.

Dr. Hasan al-Araj killed in pro-Assad airstrike.

Haunting tweet of four 17 year old Afghan child soldiers who fought and died on the side of the Assad regime in Syria.

Heaven and Hell just 10 km away in Damascus by the will of the Assad regime.

Amnesty International's presentation of life under the Assad regime's barrel bombs.

Women and children protesting in Darayya.

Twitter thread that indicates just how difficult it was for the Assad regime to engineer the sectarianization of the conflict. (Some links have been added in the quotation below.)
The resistance/conspiracy story to Hafez Assad (and later his idiot son) was more important than building an actual army to defend #Syria.
It is true that all dictatorships rely on propaganda, but I can't think of any dictatorship that invested in brainwash as much as Syria.
For example: the majority of pre-2011 Syria still ACTUALLY believed Hafez Assad won the 1973 Israel/Syria war.
As anti Assad protests became popular, Assad scrambled to turn the Syrians against one another.
B4 adopting terrorism story: Assad propaganda claimed all protestors were Israeli agents
When that didn't work: Assad's Shabeeha kidnapped notable Alawite civilians, returned them cut up, blamed Sunnis, then same with Sunnis.
See this from July 2011
"3 Alawites were found mutilated & killed in Homs last night. Gov staged a massive rally asking "troops 2 b involved".. Now tanks jst outside" [July 16, 2011.]
That didn't even get the population to fight each other, so he thought: massacres against Sunnis would def get Sunnis to kill Alawites.
Abt 23 massacres hppnd in 2011-12. Assad Shabbeeha lining up kids, cutting thr heads, letting some live 2 tell story & foster sectarianism
Regime was desperate! opposition were still peaceful, regime borrowed videos from Lebanon & said they were in Syria
Before 2011: Big Brother was watching.


And on some other matters:

Fatalities rate of under 5 year old children in Yemen increase by 23% during a year of tragic war.

Some far right wing politician from Austria was invited to Israel.

Saudi Arabia's religious police are no longer allowed to arrest people.

Photos from Operation Defensive Shield (2002)

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