Monday, April 18, 2016

Declining Income in PCG?

Banned by HWA has an intriguing comment about the state of affairs in PCG. It appears that belief in the inaccurate idea of British Israelism is having a somewhat unexpected effect on PCG's 1%.
The PCG’s bizarre fixation with Irish dancing became apparent approximately 10 years ago. In Edmond the rationale behind the pursuit of Irish Dancing was that it represented a form of dancing established or practised by King David, a dancing style that ultimately was transferred to Ireland by Jeremiah, and therefore one that needs to be practised in the church today. This new-found Irish Dancing fixation supported by its pseudo-doctrinal belief system quickly synergized with the already firmly established PCG obsession with all things musical.

Add to that toxic mix the endemic nepotism and self-serving egotism at PCG HQ and you have a recipe for what amounts to nothing more than unbelievable self-indulgence and at the same time unbelievable financial incompetence. Consider the following:

- PCG income for 2016 is currently down a shocking 25%!

- For the 2014-2015 period income was only stable due to two large estate donations PCG received.

- Bizarrely in 2013-2014 PCG spent £4.5M ($6.5M) on an old British mansion for a second college campus. This is a facility which due to its age and size will require millions more spent on it just to maintain and bring the thing up to a serviceable level.

- Declining circulation of PCG’s flagship publication The Philadelphia Trumpet. After over 25 years in publication current circulation is well under than 300K with a rumour that around 200K of this figure is from circulation derived from their waiting room programme!

- An ageing tithe-paying membership that is rapidly approaching collective retirement.

- A message that has little or no impact with the modern world, especially young people.

Yet despite the above, PCG are prepared to spend $1.8M on a music and dance facility! In light of this all I can conclude is the following:

1. PCG leadership is genuinely financially and managerially incompetent and incapable of making long-term sound decisions that prioritizes the stability of work of the church above self-interest. Where is the financial wisdom in building this facility?

2. Spending money like this shows PCG leadership has nothing but contempt for the sensibilities and feelings of field members; a membership who almost universally loathe the music and dancing extant in the PCG. This construction proves that PCG HQ leadership literally has no understanding or interest in their member’s needs. What does a ministry that spends money like this on music and dancing primarily for themselves and their kids have in common with the one described in the pages of the Bible? What fear of God is there in people who spend tithes like this?

The PCG hierarchy have proven themselves to be individuals who desperately crave approval and admiration and see the resources of the PCG as their own and their position as church leaders as opportunities for unbelievable self-indulgence and self-promotion.

In a recent post about Malone’s Song of Songs musical a commentator made the statement that when they saw the reaction of the PCG HQ audience roar with approval at the conclusion of a previous musical performance, that it felt like being at a high school musical with ambitious, pushy parents. I can tell you from first-hand experience that is a highly accurate description of the PCG right now.

Despite PCG's impending financial demise, despite its steady decline in income, membership and overall effectiveness of its work, I can guarantee you one thing: dancing and music at PCG HQ Edmond is not going to be cut back any time soon.