Friday, April 1, 2016

The Power of Nostalgia

It seems one reason why the COGs continue to function is because some members nostalgically remember what WCG was like when HWA was alive and WCG was far larger and more powerful than is the case for any of the COGs today. Evidence for this may be seen in some of the comments posted in response to Joel Hilliker's August 3, 2011 article, A Warm Friend of Israel. (The article was later turned into a booklet which was discussed in a previous post.)
Thanks for the article. It brings back such good memories and promises more.
It was a pleasure to wake up this morning and read this wonderful article regarding the legacy of Mr. Armstrong and his involvement in the city of Jerusalem! How precious is that common thread of inspiration that binds Mr. Armstrong’s work and passion with that of Mr. Flurry, the Philadelphia Church of God, and the Armstrong International Cultural Foundation? My heart is truly uplifted this morning!
Thank you Mr Hilliker for your fabulous article!

What a privilege to be involved in this ‘latter rain’ work; raising up the ruins of what the Apostle for the end time yielded himself to be led to bring - as a foretaste of the future for all mankind. We are really enjoying the current trip (and its regular updates) to Israel by God’s servants and await with bated breath to see what miracles arise from it.
I have heard this stories before, but not in such great detail. I’m sure there are so many others and I would hear them all if they were avaiuable. So thank you Mr. Hilliker for bringing these to light. It hightlights all that’s been going on with the recent work in Isreal.
Laughter and tears DO go together, sometimes. What a wonderful article this is, which evoked both in me.

Thank you, Mr. Hilliker, for teaching us more about this great man of God. The Autobiography is wonderful, but so often we get only the highlights of his life and work from the viewpoint of those with whom he interacted on the world scene, so it was with great joy that I read many of these positive and inspiring details.

All I can say is, “More, please! “
I was able to shake Mr. Armstrong’s hand two times in my life and I’m very grateful. What heart a 90+ year old man had to stand for literally hours to shake everyone’s hand, young, old, lame or otherwise. Sometimes I wonder just how much of the dig is bringing up “inner” and “outer” courts that will parallel the spiritual connotations that are involved so deeply within our teachings. Thank you so much for the beautiful memories Mr. Hilliker.
To paraphrase Black Ops Mikey, HWA's WCG is gone and it is never coming back. It is good to live life today instead of yearning to go back to a situation that is now no more.

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