Monday, April 11, 2016

Andrew Locher's Tweets (PCG)

Recently PCG's Andrew Locher participated in a radio broadcast of PCG's Trumpet Hour discussing a submarine developed by the US Navy that had to be scrapped after a faulty part was discovered (April 6, 2016, 17-34 minutes). Andrew Locher is PCG's treasurer. He was also the one who made the sermon condemning Facebook on April 11, 2009.

Here are some tweets from Andrew Locher's Twitter account. Here we see scare mongering about Germany, Muslims, Iran, nuclear weapons, etc.

Some of the 2013 tweets allude to Gerald Flurry's proclamation that President Obama is "another Antiochus," essentially an Antichrist figure of Flurry's devising. This equated President Obama with Antiochus Epiphanes and Joseph Tkach. PCG's leaders really do not like President Obama.

In one tweet he even talks about the Ark of the Covenant and implies it will be soon rediscovered (August 2013).

(Note: Some of the links are broken.)

September 2012

New KoD Web Exclusive considers what the world would be like if Iran obtains nuclear weapons. Will post late Sept. 5 on

We are experiencing a spike in views of the the latest KoD program about Dan. 11. Be sure to watch the program if you haven't seen it yet.

Creating a new KoD Web Exclusive tying latest program about Dan. 11 to the Egyptian Riot at the US Embassy. Watch for it later today.

Busy day of taping. New KoD on "The Deadliest Mystery in the Middle East" and a 20 minute Web Exclusive about "Disastrous Weather"

Waiting to hear from WGN about decision not to air latest KoD on Daniel ( Watch it to understand why they're squeamish exposes the real threat of the Muslim protests around the world. Several articles and videos - dig in to understand!

No definitive word from WGN yet, but CW-Plus problems squared away for this weekend. Keep praying that God's message gets out unimpeded.

October 2012

Has God been protecting Jordan from significant terrorist attacks? Mr. Flurry answers in his latest KoD Web Exclusive

[Note: This alludes to HWA's teaching that Petra in Jordan would be the place of safety during the Great Tribulation.]

Taped a new KoD about Jonah today. New revelation in the program - first program of the 2013 season. Be sure to watch the preview next week.

New KoD Web Excl. to be released late tomorrow (just before the Sabbath) about Benghazi terrorist attack fulfilling prophecy.

November 2012

KoD Web Excl about U.S. entering profound darkness after the election - all explained from the perspective of Ezek. 33

December 2012

New KoD Web Excl. about Radical Islam. Haven't kept up on tweets, but you can watch other vids at

January 2013

Cyprus event entirely overlooked by everyone except us - watch this week's new KoD Web Exclusive at

Germany will stop the spread of radical Islam in Algeria - find out why

February 2013

What's going on at Yale Univ.? It will disgust you! Watch the Key of David next weekend to find out modern education's latest teachings.

New KoD Web Excl at Drawing from a program taped in Aug. 2012, Mr. Flurry discusses the future spread of radical Islam

America (really all of end-time Israel) is under attack from an invisible force. What is it? Watch

March 2013

New KoD Web Excl. available at This is the second part of America Under Attack and it is really strong.

Nuclear weapons production on the rise – where will it end? Watch

May 2013

One word explains what's happening in the Middle East now and what's coming next. What is that word? Watch the latest Key of David next week

We continue to have record-setting response. Taped new program and web exclusive today. Exciting new understanding about Daniel's prophecies

New KoD Web Exclusive about the 3 Antiochus types. Very interesting. Check website Monday morning!

June 2013

Mr. Flurry explains why the nations of biblical Israel are deteriorating so fast while Germany continues to surge

August 2013

Will the world talk about, view and actually visit the Ark of the Covenant? Watch next week's NEW Key of David to find out.

January 2014

Profound new documentary about Germany's Conquest of the Europe available at Share this around, it is amazing!

[Note: This was discussed in Watching PCG's Program, Germany's Conquest of Europe. It is all about the Yugoslav Wars of 1991-2001 and simplistically blaming it on Germany and the Pope which PCG has done since 1999.]

April 2014

KoD Prophetic Beast program taped 10 years ago, has aired 14 times and we just had most response ever to this program

January 2015

Just taped the 700th unique episode of the KoD! Power prophecy program about the Crises in Yemen and Iran's growing Middle Eastern influence

March 2015

Current KOD Germany's Secret Strategy to Destroy Iran was the most responsive new program in our history. Be sure to watch!

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