Monday, April 25, 2016

PCG's Book Club Continues

On Dennis Leap's radio show they discussed The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway. The next book they will discuss will be the Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin.

HWA wrote with admiration about Franklin's autobiography. It has been suspected by the Ambassador Report that HWA took the name of his recruitment magazine from a publication by Benjamin Franklin.

Ironically Benjamin Franklin's views concerning religion were very different from what HWA and his imitators teach.


  1. As I recall, Benjamin Franklin gave advice to his son about selecting prostitutes.

    One wonders if the admiration of Benjamin Franklin extended to the same sort of advice being passed along by the admirer to his son.

    Given the history, it would not have been necessary at all, but one would think that a loving father would pass such information to his son, GTA.

    [There are few religions as anywhere near screwed up as Armstrongism -- the insanity goes on and on and on.]

  2. Without question Benjamin Franklin believed and did many things contrary to what HWA and his imitators taught to their followers.