Sunday, April 3, 2016

Mark Armstrong Insinuates Syrians Refugees are Not Refugees

In Mark Armstrong's latest weekly rant (April 1, 2016) he insinuates that the refugees from Syria are not really refugees and baselessly vilifies them as potential terrorists. (In this section he also quotes from a website connected to an organization which is a part of what some have called the Islamophobia Network.)
Just to review, the administration continues to demand that the United States accept and support tens of thousands of "refugees" from Syria and other terror-ridden Middle Eastern countries. Middle Eastern Muslims who are here illegally will be allowed to stay indefinitely and presumably be given a "path to citizenship," being lumped in with poor Hispanic immigrants "just looking for work in order to support their families."
Since 2011 Syria has been the scene of a cataclysmic war provoked by the Assad regime's brutal and deadly repression of an initially peaceful protest movement. The extreme violence that is now the lot of so many Syrians continue to this day. Even though there is now a cessation of hostilities in place there is still a lot of violence being committed.

There are reports that a few days ago in Eastern Ghouta near Damascus the Assad regime's bombardment against a rebel held urban area killed about 30 people, a death toll similar to that recently experienced in ISIL's recent terrorist attack in Brussels.

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights 174 civilians were killed in Syria despite the cessation of hostilities coming into force on February 27, 2016.

And most of the killing is being committed by the Assad regime and those fighting to prop it up.

How dare Mark Armstrong should slur and scare monger people who clearly need help and are fleeing a most terrible situation in Syria.

(Hat tip for highlighting this latest weekly update.)

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