Friday, April 15, 2016

East Jerusalem Through the Eyes of a Settler

Arutz Sheva published an article discussing a Councilman who leads an organization dedicated to filling East Jerusalem, an area predominantly populated by Palestinians, with Israeli Jews. So how does he do this? Partly by a video saying East Jerusalem is filled with scary Arabs.
[A] Jerusalem Councilman ... on Monday exposed the lawless state of affairs in the Arab neighborhoods of Jerusalem where terror flags fly freely and calls for attacks on Jews are scrawled on the walls.
In a post on Facebook, King shared a video that he took on Monday while driving his motorbike through Abu Tor and other areas just south of the Old City. He pointed out green Hamas flags and Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) terror flags flying from nearly every electric line, and graffiti on the walls including images of a bloody knife in an open call for terror attacks. (April 11, 2016.)
This Councilman goes on to say.
"But as your eyes can see, there are priorities in the city according to which culture, perks and public relations come before a thorough treatment of the terror dens and an implementation of the sovereignty and enforcement of the law."
[He] pointed out several recent moves in the municipality indicating those priorities, saying, "this is what happened when the small budget for eradicating the deafening noise of the mosques was erased from the budget book." (April 11, 2016.)
Eradicate the noise?

Bear in mind this man runs an organization dedicated to filling up East Jerusalem with Israeli Jews. He is working to place Israeli Jews near these alleged "terror dens" with PLO and Hamas flags present and graffiti of a knife. He wants to get Israeli Jews to move there.

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