Sunday, April 3, 2016

PCG's Changes Trumpet Weekly

Ever since PCG started their weekly recruitment publication, The Trumpet Weekly, back in late 2007 it always features quotations from various news outlets. But starting with the March 26, 2016 issue they have altered how it excerpts articles.

Before the Trumpet Weekly simply presented articles from various news outlets and prominently displayed where the article came from. This way of excerpting articles has been removed.

Instead PCG's writers use their own writing to summarize what various news outlets happen to say. This has the effect of obscuring the sources of the excerpted articles they chose to cite. It also allows PCG's writers to more directly manage what The Trumpet Weekly says to their readers.

The March 19, 2016 issue contains excerpts of articles from The Jerusalem Post, Bloomburg Business, Agence France Presse, Telegraph,, Carnegie Europe, LifeSiteNews, Gulf News, Nikkei Aslan Review, The Washington Post, Independent Online, Daily Beast and The Wall Street Journal. These articles are quoted without any attempt to place them in articles written by PCG's writers.

This changes with the March 26, 2016 issue. It contains excerpts of articles from New York Times, Telegraph and Agence France-Presse. From page 4 onward all the articles have been rewritten by PCG's writers and their sources have been placed within articles written by PCG's writers.

With the April 2, 2016 issue then transition seems to be complete. All articles in the issue are either excerpts of PCG's articles or summaries of other articles.

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