Wednesday, May 11, 2016

PCG's Radio Shows Made to Get More Recruits

Recently PCG celebrated the one year anniversary of their radio station, KPCG, as may be seen here and here. The latter article included the following comment from PCG's Jeremiah Jacques concerning his radio show, The Sun Also Rises, a radio show highlighting feel good stories.
“Beyond e-mails, I have also heard several members at services, via phone, et cetera, express great interest in the show. The comments that most catch my ear are those about non-members taking an interest. I think four different people have said that they have unconverted friends or spouses who listen to TSAR [The Sun Also Rises] and really enjoy it. Hopefully, they will start to listen to the more biblical shows soon, as well.”
—Host Jeremiah Jacques
This comment exposes what will have been readily apparent to many. These radio shows, even though less overly concerned with PCG's dogmas, are made to try and gain new recruits to join PCG.

PCG members are required to pay three tithes to PCG. PCG is trying to get more tithes paying members through these radio shows, even those less concerned with PCG's dogmas.

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