Thursday, May 5, 2016

PCG's Andrew Muller Red Baiting Jeremy Corbyn

Question: Is the British Labour Party also the Communist Party? Is Jeremy Corbyn the leader of the Communist Party or of the Labour Party?

PCG's Andrew Müller sees to see little difference and exploits a photo placed at just the right angle to slur Corbyn as being somehow like the Communists.

Müller then alluded to this photo in an article of his.
Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn joined thousands of May Day protesters in central London on Sunday. The crowd of people he addressed carried flags with images of Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin and a literal red flag emblazoned with a hammer-and-sickle emblem. Corbyn is the first Labour Party leader to address a May Day crowd in decades.
This is McCarthyite red baiting. But what can one expect from a McCarthyite like Andrew Müller?

Müller and PCG in general lean so far to the right in regards to politics that they seem to see little difference between the Labour Party and the Communists.

I do not condemn PCG for being right wing but it is important to note that they are right wing as this explains so many of the positions they choose to take.

Ironically PCG often scare mongers about far right parties in Europe. It is often insinuated that their rise to power will lead to Europe's conquest of the United States.

One would think PCG's leaders would be pleased that anyone should try to restrain the far right in Britain. But Müller sees one photograph placed in just the right angle and throws the photo to insinuate that Corbyn is a Communist even though he is the Labour Party. Corbyn's condemnation of the far right is ignored and not treated as the main issue.

Whatever one may think about Corbyn, the Labour Party or the left in general we should be careful not to repeat the scare mongering of Joseph McCarthy. We should not casually hurl the guilt of what happened under Lenin and Stalin's tyranny just to slur someone unconnected with those painful events.

The spirit of McCarthyism is alive and well at PCG Headquarters. No good can come from this.

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