Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Meredith's Xenophobia Against Immigrants in Britain (2008)

Not least because of the false doctrine of British Israelism HWA and his imitators have a long history of stirring up xenophobic fears. Shamefully LCG's leader, Roderick C. Meredith, continued this tradition by scare mongering against immigrants in Britain in the July-August 2008 issue of his recruitment magazine.
On a recent trip to the United Kingdom, I was saddened to see how the British people are quietly submitting to the takeover of their once-great nation. Month by month, slowly but surely, it is happening right before their very eyes!
Meredith then cites a report of some map in the European Union not listing England in its representation of Britain.

Reflecting his political leanings to the far right he scare mongers about the Labour Party government.
Are the Labour politicians and government bureaucrats telling the truth? Or will a European government try to abolish Britain? 
Here Meredith spreads xenophobic fears of foreigners (that is people he does not view as one of us) living among us.
New European Union regulations are encouraging millions of immigrants to enter Britain, particularly from the formerly Communist nations of Eastern Europe. Waves of immigrants, whether Roman Catholic or Muslim, are changing the long-standing character of neighborhoods—sometimes even of whole towns and villages. During my trip to Britain earlier this year, I was struck by the number of articles in the British press lamenting the nation's loss of its British character. Is it any wonder that many native Britons become so upset when confronted by EU plans that ignore the national boundaries of Britain, when they see that the EU bureaucrats prefer instead to divide the nation's citizenry into various "regions" along with other nations, without regard for Britain's national character and history? Is Britain destined to be swallowed up into Europe?
Who are these "native Britons" that Meredith writes of? He means white people.

What does Meredith mean when he says that these immigrants "are changing the long-standing character of neighborhoods"? Is it simply because that peoples from ethnic groups he is unfamiliar with happen to be living in these neighborhoods? Is he offended that they should happen to live in neighborhoods of Britain? Does their mere presence offend him?

Is Meredith offended that these immigrants are living with white people in Britain?

But why is Meredith scare mongering about this? He lives in Charlotte, far away from whatever happens in Britain. Most of LCG's members and donors are in the United States, not Britain. So it seems rather pointless to scare monger about immigrants moving to Britain. But these immigrants are used as a prop to "prove" that Britain and the United States will soon fall apart.
What should our friends and loved ones in Britain do? ... Those comparatively few Britons who truly fear God should tremble at Hosea's words, and should wholeheartedly return to the God of the Bible, begin to honor Him and begin to obey the "great" things of His Law!

As the end-time servants of the living God, we in this Work are now warning our beloved friends in Britain to "wake up" and to realize what is starting to happen! For, slowly but surely, over the next several years, the once-great British nation will be brought down—unless it undergoes a national repentance that is genuine. As we have warned in the past, Britain may eventually opt out—or be put out—of the EU. Even so, as God's word makes clear, the coming takeover of Britain by a ten-nation confederation—which your Bible describes as the "Beast"—is absolutely certain unless there is real repentance!
But Meredith teaches that this will happen due to some kind of military attack. Why scare mongers against immigrants? Meredith does not teach that immigrants will somehow cause Britain to be conquered by Europe. But he seems perfectly willing to stir up irrational xenophobic fears against Catholics and Muslims.

There is no need to live in Meredith. But Meredith stirs up fear hoping some will be persuaded to join his LCG and donate three tithes to his organization, namely LCG.


  1. Incredible! Meredith's remarks are reminiscent of comments one used to hear when someone went back and discovered that a minority group (Blacks, Mexicans, Asians, Arabs) moved into their old neighborhood, and became the dominant local culture. That is not a tragedy, or disgrace, and it does not besmirch all of one's cherished memories. It is just a change, a byproduct of human mobility.

    Armstrongism is crippled by British Israel superstition and authoritarianism. Those are the two basic factors that drive their thinking processes. And, this xenophobia is just one more example.


  2. Indeed. Armstrongism's superstitions regarding British Israelism has made them inclined to give in to such irrational fears.