Thursday, July 23, 2015

One Israeli's View of the Agreement with Iran

So the Obama Administration has signed an agreement with Iran about its nuclear program. PCG would have us believe this agreement is terrible.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu opposed the agreement. PCG has cited his opposition to the agreement to insist that this agreement is terrible.

But what do Israelis think about this agreement? Not all of them voted for Netanyahu. What do those Israelis think about this agreement? Let us get out of the COG's information bubble.

The following is from Bradley Burston in Haaretz.
As complex and jargon-laden as the agreement is, evaluating it comes down to a simple question – who do you trust?

The document is asking us to trust on a level that we've seldom needed to summon. Like it or not, fight it or not, we are trusting this document, and its signatories, with our very lives.

Whom do I trust with the lives of my children? ...

I trust nuclear non-proliferation expert Aaron Stein, who told journalist Max Fisher that under the terms of the agreement, if Tehran tries to build a bomb, "the likelihood of getting caught is near 100 percent," meaning that the agreement "makes the possibility of Iran developing a nuclear weapon in the next 25 years extremely remote."

I believe that Barack Obama is making the best effort that anyone is, to keep my family safe from the possibility of an Iranian nuclear weapon.

And what about Benjamin Netanyahu? Don't I trust him? Don't I trust him to keep us safe, to safeguard Israel's vital interests, to keep war at bay?

No. Not at all. Absolutely not.

"The attempt to change the rules of the game and include additional demands from Iran in the agreement, like recognizing Israel and halting the support for terror," Halevy wrote this week, "shows that Netanyahu has no interest in any agreement." (Bradley Burston, I live in Israel, in Iran's shadow. I voted for Obama. I'm glad I did., Haaretz, July 21, 2015.)
What a difference from what PCG would have us believe about this agreement.

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