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PCG's Demonization of the "Foxy Old Socialist" Shimon Peres

PCG constantly claims to support the State of Israel. But how sincere is PCG's intentions towards the State of Israel?

PCG's support for the State of Israel is not unconditional. For instance they despise and continuously vilify the prominent Israeli politician Shimon Peres.

PCG's writers have called Shimon Peres "one foxy old socialist ... set to worm his way back into prime focus" to collude with the European Union and the Vatican thus setting the stage for Israel to be conquered by Europe. He is accused of being a part of "the sellout of Israel". He is accused of often making secret deals. In one article it is even insinuated that he is an enemy of the State of Israel. In another place it is insinuated that he is a traitor and a deserter to Israel.

Why is PCG's leadership so hostile towards Shimon Peres? Partly it is because Peres is left wing and PCG's leadership is right wing. This is one reason why they despise Peres.

I do not condemn PCG for being right wing but it needs to be made clear that they are right wing because this explains so much of their political stances.

Also PCG's leadership predict that there will be no peace in the Holy Land until (PCG's) Christ returns. If there is peace in the Holy Land this will discredit PCG's leadership so PCG's leadership take it granted that there will be no peace. They accuse any advance for peace by Peres as some sort of capitulation that will be a "deadly wound" for the State of Israel and contrary to (PCG's) God's will.

Let us take a look at what PCG's writers have said about Shimon Peres over the years.

In a 1996 booklet Gerald Flurry wrote the following while discussing a speech by Yasser Arafat.
The speech quoted above was given in 1994. Has Arafat changed his views? Notice what he said in early 1996 to a group of Arab diplomats in Sweden: “[Israeli Prime Minister Shimon] Peres and [Israeli negotiator Yossi] Beilin have already promised us half of Jerusalem [but] WE PALESTINIANS WILL TAKE OVER EVERYTHING, INCLUDING ALL OF JERUSALEM. (Gerald Flurry, Hosea and God's Adulterous Wife, Chapter 3, p. 35.)
PCG's hostility towards Shimon Peres dates back a long time. It dates back to 1998 at least.
Sources within both the U.S. and Israeli administrations claim that America is intent on seeing Netanyahu removed from office so that he might be the scapegoat for the failed peace process. Meanwhile, the man whom Arafat has called his friend, Shimon Peres, waits in the wings, biding his time. (Israeli Pullback Continues, May 1998.) 
Of course it turned out Shimon Peres never regained the post of Prime Minister.

PCG's hostility against Shimon Peres can be seen in an article by the late Ron Fraser which denounces Shimon Peres as a traitor, as a "foxy old socialist" plotting with the European Union to make the State of Israel beholden to the European Union and the Vatican.
Why is it that Shimon Peres has seemingly popped up (either behind the scenes or in many instances leading) in negotiations, sometimes secret, with the other protagonists involved in the tortuous peace process? Simple. Close investigation reveals that Peres is the prime link involved in the negotiations with the Vatican and the EU which are now resulting in the EU seeking to take over as the principle mediator and driving force in the “peace process,” marginalizing U.S. efforts. (Ron Fraser, Muscling into the Mideast, March-April 2001.)
In this article Ron Fraser denounces Shimon Peres as a traitor.
But most significantly, it was Shimon Peres who in 1993 brokered the deal with Pope John Paul II to hand over sovereignty of Jerusalem’s Old City to the Vatican. Although we have observed enough snippets of intelligence here and there to build the picture, author Barry Chamish’s research has done much to expose this traitorous act. (Ron Fraser, Muscling into the Mideast, March-April 2001.)
Ron Fraser then denounces Shimon Peres as "one foxy old socialist".
Ariel Sharon may be the elected leader of Israel, but watch for one foxy old socialist to slide into the picture as the power behind the throne in a unity government between Likud and Labor. Once again Shimon Peres is set to worm his way back into prime focus as the mediator between Israel, the PLO, the EU and the Vatican. (Ron Fraser, Muscling into the Mideast, March-April 2001.)
Did that actually happen? No. Of course not.

Later that year PCG's Joel Hilliker wrote an article in which he denounced Peres as a blackmailer, one who dances "to the EU's tune" and "a deserter". Also Peres is once again denounced as making deals "in secret".
Remember how the EU clearly has exploited the liberal politics of Israeli Nobel laureate Shimon Peres to its advantage. As we detailed in our March-April issue, Mr. Peres has always placed great faith in the land-for-peace formula, cutting back-alley deals with the Palestinian Liberation Organization and the Vatican for Israeli real estate, all with the firm approval of the European Union.

Now carrying the political clout of the foreign ministership within the conservative Israeli government of Ariel Sharon, Peres recently revealed himself as a deserter! July 3, he warned “that he could step down from his post if the Israeli government does not stop trying to undermine Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat.… ‘I will not be able to continue in my role if you keep trying to delegitimize Yasser Arafat’ [he told] parliament’s committee on defense and foreign affairs” (Agence France Presse, July 3).

Nothing could have made Europe more proud! Mr. Peres is surely dancing to the EU’s tune as he virtually blackmails his own government into dealing with Arafat, a confirmed terrorist, on his own terms. ...

As for Mr. Peres, he wears his love for Europe on his sleeve. In April, he visited the Mediterranean island of Cyprus, another Middle East enclave that Europe seems intent on incorporating. He praised the Cypriots for taking advantage of EU moves toward “the Europeanization of the island in the heart of the Mediterranean.” He was happy, he said, that Israel and Cyprus shared the goal of “Europeanizing the Middle East,” a trend he believes will secure peace and freedom in the region. “Europeanization will change everything,” he said.

Mr. Peres laid out his dream of the future for Israel—a future in which Israel is, of all things, “Europeanized”! Peres’s deal with the Vatican to give away half of Jerusalem to Rome had been made in secret, during the previous decade, at a time when it was not fashionable to talk of “Europeanizing” Israel. Now it is out in the open and the subject of a public lecture by Peres. (Joel Hilliker, The Counterfeit Peacemaker, August 2001.)
A little article in the same issue denounced Peres as plotting "to impose a “final solution” on Israel which is to the advantage of the Palestinians, the Catholic Church and the European Union".
Israeli author Barry Chamish has long maintained that the present deputy leader of Israel, Shimon Peres, the Vatican and Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat have colluded since the Madrid peace talks to impose a “final solution” on Israel which is to the advantage of the Palestinians, the Catholic Church and the European Union. (Surrounded By Armies?, August 2001.)
PCG's disdain for Shimon Peres can be seen again in November 2001 in which Peres is denounced for not speaking of Yasser Arafat with the open hostility PCG's leaders seem to expect.
Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres falsely maintains that “Arafat is the only Palestinian leader who cares about the Western countries’ position” ( [Arutz Sheva], Oct. 16). Peres admits that Arafat’s “desire to obtain legitimacy for the Palestinian cause influences him” (ibid). At the same time, from the other side of his mouth, Peres says, “Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and Hezbollah don’t care about the West, cannot be influenced, and call for for the destruction of Israel”(ibid.). (A New Push for Palestine, November 2001.)
In 2003 one James Leigh quotes Shimon Peres to insinuate that he welcomes the Europeanization of Israel while fear mongering about Cyprus' (ultimately successful) bid to join the European Union. PCG teaches that Europe is fated to conquer and enslave the Israeli Jews (and the people of America and Britain as well).
History shows that Cyprus has long been an attractive piece of real estate for Europe. Cyprus offers a political vantage point and a military stepping stone, for influence and campaigns respectively, as the rising European phoenix once again spreads its wings to expand into the Middle East and beyond. In this vein, Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres has stated publicly that Europeanization may not end in Cyprus, but extend into Israel to be welcomed even by the Israelis. (James Leigh, Stepping Stone to Mideast, February 2003.)
In 2005 PCG made a little article saying that if Peres returned to power he would "speed the sellout of Israel" by ceding land to the Palestinians.
In order to gain the needed support to avoid both the collapse of his government (which has already been subjected to three failed no-confidence motions) and the forcing of early elections, as well as to gain backing for his Gaza initiative, Sharon is seeking a coalition with the main opposition party, the center-left Labor led by Shimon Peres, along with some small religious factions. Though there is general consensus that Likud-Labor partnership would be limited in duration, any such relationship between Sharon and Peres will likely speed the sellout of Israel, as Peres is a strong proponent of ceding land to Israel’s enemies. (Political Chaos Eroding Will, January 2005.)
In 2006 Mark Jenkins notes that Shimon Peres was instrumental in starting the Oslo peace process. This is a major reason why PCG loath Peres so much. Imagine that: denouncing attempt to make peace.
On September 24 of 1995, Rabin signed Oslo II, agreeing to divide the West Bank into three zones, an act that would cost him his life. He was assassinated shortly thereafter, and replaced by Shimon Peres—one of the architects of the failing peace process. (Mark Jenkins, Middle East Peace Process: R.I.P. 1978-2006, April 2006.
In 2006 Ron Fraser wrote an article in which he labels Peres as "wily".
Military cooperation between Germany and Israel tracks back to the conclusion of secret accords between Franz Josef Strauss, Germany’s defense minister at the time, and his wily contemporary in Israel, Shimon Peres. Negotiations between the two began as far back as 1957. By 1962 they matured into a secret agreement for Germany to supply Israel with armaments and military training for the Israeli Defense Forces.

Foisted off onto the public as Germany’s obligation to “protect Israel” being its due penance for the Holocaust, German Middle East policy is in fact geared to achieving, by diplomacy, trade and military assistance, that which Rommel was denied in battle: the extension of German hegemony into the oil-rich Middle East. (Ron Fraser, On Jerusalem's Doorstep, November-December 2006.)
When Peres was appointed President of Israel PCG continued their denunciations of him.
“We have to get rid of the territories,” Israel’s new president, Shimon Peres, told AP last Sunday, referring to the West Bank.

He made the statement just hours before he was sworn into his office at the Knesset on July 15. Revealing a taste of what is to come of his seven years in office, Peres then said, “I won’t make any secrets of my mind. I shall respect the minority. I shall not insult them. I changed my position [to president]. I didn’t change my beliefs and concepts.”

After the Israeli public voted against him in the prime ministerial elections of 1977, 1981, 1988 and 1996, Peres now claims the office of voice of the people. Fortunately for him, the people did not get to vote. (Israel’s New President: “Get Rid of the Territories”, July 20, 2007.)
My word! The writer even brings up the 1977 election against Shimon Peres. PCG really do not like him.

Stephen Flurry wrote in a 2007 article that a slogan condemning Peres' plan to cede land to the Palestinians to gain peace caused him to lose control of the Labor Party to Ehud Barak.
Many Israeli commentators believe Olmert’s slogan (“Peres will divide Jerusalem”) is what catapulted Ehud Barak to leadership of the Labor Party in 1997. (Stephen Flurry, Israel's Last Stand, July 2007.)
The following month PCG produced a little article that cited Arutz Sheva accusing Peres of having "a long history of covert deal-making". [Arutz Sheva] also commented on the publication of reports last week that Israeli President Shimon Peres has drafted a secret plan that would transfer to the pa “nearly the entire area of Judea and Samaria, along with several Arab-Israeli cities located within pre-1967 Israel.” Diplomatic sources have reportedly said Olmert is considering this plan.
“President Peres, Israel’s most veteran politician, has a long history of covert deal-making,” as [Arutz Sheva] points out. Peres helped negotiate the Oslo accords with Yasser Arafat in 1993, which resulted in the second intifada and full-scale retreat by Israel ever since. (Israel and Arabs Negotiate Over Temple Mount, August 21, 2007.)
(Shouldn't the title read "Israel and Palestinians Negotiate Over Temple Mount"?)

Such is PCG's disdain for Peres that in 2008 Gerald Flurry insinuated that Peres would lead the State of Israel into disaster. This implies that Peres would live to see the start of the Great Tribulation.
Today, Shimon Peres is the president of Israel, serving under Prime Minister Ehud Olmert. Mr. Peres is once again a key player in the “peace” negotiations. He was there at the beginning of the Oslo Accord, and it appears he will be there at the disastrous end. (Gerald Flurry, The Oslo Accord: Israel’s Death Knell, April 2008.)
Peres served his term as President and now another man is President of Israel. This "disastrous end" Flurry fear mongered about has not occurred. This is yet another failed prophecy which proves once again that God is not with PCG.

Later that year Stephen Flurry wrote that Peres had advocated dividing Jerusalem. In PCG dogma this is viewed as a terrible thing.
On Tuesday, Israeli President Shimon Peres joined the list of high-profile Israelis who see the division of Jerusalem as inevitable. According to Arutz Sheva, “Peres said that there must be a separation between the Arabs of Jerusalem and the Jews, and that it must be in the form of a wall.” (Stephen Flurry, Iran: Filling the Power Void, August 1, 2008.)
In 2009 Fraser wrote a bizarre spiel insinuated that Peres would work in collusion with the Vatican to switch Israel's allegiance from America to Europe, but Europe will then betray Israel and conquer the Israeli Jews as slaves (and do the same to America and Britain). It is insinuated that the European Union is plotting to subvert Israel in the same way they (supposedly) subverted Yugoslavia in the 1990s.
What remains largely unknown is the secret deal done by current Israeli President Shimon Peres and the leftist peacenik, former Meretz party member Yossi Beilin, known widely as “Peres’s poodle.”

Six months after the signing of the bilateral agreement between Israel and the Vatican, on June 15, 1994, the Israeli government inked a further agreement with the Vatican endorsing the Roman Catholic Church’s participation in negotiations to determine the future of Jerusalem. This was followed in February 1996 by Secretary General of the Vatican Serge Sebastian announcing that Rome recognizes Palestinian sovereignty over East Jerusalem. The Vatican had thus revealed its hand. From here Rome was to go on to actively work through its proxies in the “peace process” to exploit Palestinian claims as a means of splitting the city of Jerusalem asunder, seizing the Old City and possessing East Jerusalem. This involved the management of Palestinian aggression as part of the process, regardless of the suffering and loss of life that it would inevitably incur. This would in fact be a vital part of the initiative to take East Jerusalem by force in the event of the failure of diplomatic means. The same tactic had been instigated by Germany and Rome in the Balkan Peninsula to achieve a desired result with implicit UN agreement, with the Serbs becoming the pariah in the world’s view. This time, it’s the Jews who are being pilloried, in particular since the Gaza incursion, in the lead-up to a similar result as that in Kosovo: the seizure of iconic territory to be placed under the influence of Berlin and Rome with the willing acquiescence of the United Nations. (Ron Fraser, Vatican’s Hidden Jerusalem Agenda, March 16, 2009.)
In 2011 Ron Fraser wrote a bizarre little article saying that Israel and Germany's relations started "with Israel initiating contact with ... unrepentant Nazis".
Israel’s president, Shimon Peres, stated during the chancellor’s visit to Israel that “We are allies, Israel and Germany, and we have a great desire, on both sides, to strengthen our relationship and our bilateral cooperation. We also have the strong desire to advance peace and security in our region. Chancellor Merkel and I spoke at length about several ideas in this regard. We know that we are in a very stormy and unstable period, and we would like to advance stability, peace and security.” To which Chancellor Merkel replied, “We have similar values, which makes it very easy for us to cooperate” (JTA, January 31).

Yet, we would do well to remember just where all this collaboration between Israel and Germany started. It started with Israel initiating contact with those who were unrepentant Nazis, of that very group that Herbert Armstrong stated “went underground” toward the close of World War II, armed with their same imperialist dreams of world conquest. They emerged after the war—too often encouraged, aided and abetted by the U.S. and Britain—to build an infrastructure in Germany that would consummate in the fulfillment of their old Nazi dream of creating a world empire based on their national socialist model. (Ron Fraser, Israel’s Historic German Connection, February 16, 2011.)
In December 2012 PCG devoted a five minute video of The Trumpet Daily by Stephen Flurry to denounce a statement by President Peres that PCG viewed as too secular for PCG's taste.
Israeli President Shimon Peres recently said he believes the United Nations vote that upgraded the status of the Palestinian Authority means that Israel and the Palestinians must return to the negotiating table. In order for peace talks to resume, he said, Israel must “forget the past” and move forward. Peres said, “We are not going to deal with Abraham, our father and brother. It’s over.” (Stephen Flurry, Peres: 'We Have To Forget the Past', The Trumpet Daily, December 14, 2012.)
This segment was adapted into a little article for The Trumpet Weekly.
Wow. That’s dangerous, nation-destroying thinking. It was almost 2,000 years ago that Jerusalem was besieged by Gentile armies—and finally destroyed. But that couldn’t happen again today, could it? ... there is ... a widening divide among Israelis: one side wants to hold on to its history while the other side wants to let it go.

Many Israelis are turning their back on their heritage. ...

Israel’s enemies have always believed the Jews don’t belong in the Promised Land. By denying their past, many Jews are essentially saying the same thing. (Stephen Flurry, Peres: 'We Have To Forget the Past', The Trumpet Weekly, December 15, 2012, p. 4. [Link will prompt a download of that issue as a PDF file.])
So it is insinuated that Peres is an enemy of the State of Israel simply because his views about the State of Israel are not the same as PCG's.

In 2013 PCG produced a little article talking about President Peres giving a speech to the European Parliament calling upon the European Union to continue labeling Hezbollah as a terrorist organization.
President Peres started his speech recalling his childhood as his family fled Europe in 1934. Then he recalled how, “in 1942, most of the inhabitants of my town were burned alive.” He pointed out that more Jews have been butchered in Europe in the past 100 years than in the previous 2,000.

Despite this history, the Israeli president stood in the heart of Europe asking for help. He went on to praise Europe for having “divorced its past” and having “converted the divided Europe of the last thousand years, to the unified Europe of today.”

These statements—and the fact that they are being made by an Israeli president before the European Parliament—resonate with prophetic significance. 
The little article then insists that Europe will conquer Iran and Israel and presents President Peres' speech as "filled with unintended irony."
Biblical prophecies go even further, providing several details that make President Peres’s speech all the more filled with unintended irony. Europe will step in and deal with Iran. The president may get what he wished for. However, the European powerhouse will not stop there. God says it will enter into the “glorious land” and turn on those who, at first, it appears to be helping (Daniel 11:41). That will be one of the greatest double crosses in history. When Israel goes to Europe for help, alarms should be sounding worldwide. (Israel Pleads With Europe for Help, March 17, 2013.)
And so this list of quotes come to an end.

So often PCG portray themselves as loving the State of Israel. But this affection is given selectively. No such affection is given to Shimon Peres.

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