Monday, July 27, 2015

PCG Members Medically Neglecting Themselves

Latest letter from Exit and Support Network. This one details how some PCG members are refusing proper medical care because of they were indoctrinated into believing HWA's anti-medicine superstition.
PCG's Teaching on Health and Healing is Immoral and Dangerous:

July 23, 2015

ESN, Many thanks to you for the good work you're doing! This concerns the PCG teaching on health and healing. Our family is dealing with loved ones in the PCG who are resisting medical treatment for some very serious conditions. They have placed blind trust in PCG leadership believing that if they can repent more, have more faith, and increase allegiance to PCG health guidelines then their diseases will be healed. In the meantime, their children are torn between what they've been taught, watching their loved one turn a blind eye to reality, and the realization that it could cost them their life. It's frightening to say the least. When pressed about these beliefs, they espouse the teaching almost verbatim from articles such as "Principles of Healthy Living" by Stephen Flurry.

The subtle deception in this article is frightening.

It's immoral and dangerous to teach someone that it's their lack of faith or sinfulness that causes their illness. They are left to live in a constant state of guilt and striving, all towards a goal that is unachievable. It's wholly unbiblical to teach that God promises us perfect health if we live according to the guidelines in this article.
This is how deception works--mix error with enough truth to make acceptance palatable. It's this type of deception that binds people physically and spiritually to error, encourages misplaced loyalties, and results in a lifetime of regret once they realize their error.

Sincerity of belief does not make something true. Unfaltering faith in something that's untrue will not result in the promises made by folks who wrongly attribute them to God. We can positively affect our health by making wise life choices. But we cannot rid our lives of disease and physical ailment by striving to comply with a set of guidelines falsely promoted as God's panacea.

We're praying and working diligently to see the eyes of our family opened and for their physical protection in the meantime. --Impacted by loved ones in PCG.
It is well documented that PCG continues to promote this doctrine of death.

How horrifying and disgusting.

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