Thursday, October 27, 2016

Armstrongite Anti-Semitism

On page 2 of issue 188 of The Journal the following letter may be seen.
Concentration-camp witness  
I have just read the ad by Jan Aaron Young in the July 2016 issue [No. 186]. I was shocked by his obvious hatred of the Jews.  
The camps were doctored up for the Red Cross to inspect, when they were inspected. Actually, they were unlivable. Ike [Gen. Dwight Eisenhower] foresaw there would be people who denied fact as time went by. He gathered up the German civilians and forced them to witness what had transpired. He was a great man, and smart enough to know that there is anti-Semitism throughout the world.  
As a World War II veteran who was in Germany at the end of that war, I can attest to the fact that Mr. Young is 100 percent wrong about most of what he says. I saw the horror of the victims of the concentration camps with my own eyes.  
Yes, millions of Jews were tortured, starved and murdered there. The filth and disease-ridden camps they were forced to live in is unspeakable. I challenge him to refute what I am saying. It disgusts me when I hear zealots try to deny the truth.  
He claims that the German prisoners of war were starved to death by Ike. That is not true! I guarded German POWs. They never had it so good: well fed and clothed. They spent most of the time playing volleyball. In fact, some Italian POWs were allowed to visit Italian-American districts of villages here in America.  
THE JOURNAL printed that it will not knowingly print untruths. I suggest you do a better job of accepting your advertisers.  
I am not suggesting that you censor them, but you should at least smell a rat by some of what Mr. Young writes. He obviously has his own agenda. I have no idea what that is, but I do know it is not good or in any way biblical.
The Journal published Young's response.
THE JOURNAL does have a policy of correcting errors of fact in news articles, mainly by running letters of correction from our readers. That policy cannot apply in the same way to letters, advertisements and editorials because of their opinion-based nature. One man’s fact is another man’s fantasy.  
Because of Mr. DeFalco’s serious allegations including the accusation of anti-Semitism and his challenge to Mr. Young to refute those allegations, THE JOURNAL checked with Mr. Young, who says he disagrees with Zionism but is not anti-Semitic and doesn’t hate anyone. Here is his response to Mr. DeFalco’s above statements:  
“I have reported from books and other resources what others have discovered, that the six million Jews and their Holocaust were written about before World War II. So it must be a fake number and ploy to garner sympathy and money and get Jews to Palestine. 
“See this video: [Link.]
“I do not hate anyone. War is wrong for very many reasons. And true Christians should avoid even hate.  
“I did report on Ike’s death camp of starvation of German soldiers on the Eastern front. I acknowledge that other POWs could have received ‘good’ treatment at other camps elsewhere.”
Incidentally that YouTube video linked to in the response above was posted by an account that promotes the Holocaust Denial claim that the six million figure dates to 1915, insinuates that Jews did 9/11 and that the "New World Order" has been pledged to Jews. All of those ideas are of course wrong.

Below is the article under discussion on page 10 of issue 186 of The Journal. It is filled with various anti-Semitic canards. As is common among conspiracy theorists it is quite confusing.
The Bad War (2015)
By M.S. King: In 1870 the various German parts united to form Germany. It quickly granted citizenship to Jews (who began to prosper) and was the first European nation to do so. Even England’s Rothschilds did not have that.  
Zionists-Globalists purchased The NY Times and skewed news to fit the New World Order. Plans were under way for Jews to acquire Palestine. A copy of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion were found and published in Russia in 1905 detailing their plans. To assassinate world leaders, commit terrorism, oust czarist Russia and start world war to include the US.  
The NY Times of 3-25-1906 is shown claiming 6 million Jews face extermination in Russia—one of many claiming the exact figure before the supposed WWII Holocaust by Nazis! [M.S. King has this and others copied, before the event (see ahead).]  
The New World Order gang had plans laid out in 1912 for the next decade to set up a US central bank (Federal Reserve). Impose a US income tax. Establish a World Political Body (League of Nations), and steal Palestine from Turks and Arabs. Zionist bankers Jacob Schiff, Bernard Baruch and the Warburg brothers controlled puppet President Wilson, all US agents of the Rothschilds.  
The NY Times published on 12-2-1914 that 6 million Jews are suffering in the war zone. Churchill’s and Wilson’s Marxist adviser Edward House contrived to make the US enter the war by having the British luxury liner Lusitania sunk by Germans. For carrying arms and explosives, unknown to the passengers, including 128 US citizens. The US press vilified Germany but made no mention of the illegal smuggled munitions on board a passenger ship. False US reports claimed German schoolkids were given a holiday off to celebrate the sinking. And Germans nailed babies to church doors in Belgium!  
Germany kept making peace overtures, but Britain and France kept making impossible demands as conditions. In 1917 Jews conquered Russia setting up Communism killing millions.  
Edward Bernays of propaganda infamy claimed the (US) populace is controlled by an elite by the engineering of consent. People become willing dupes for the elite. His slogan became the US claim of making the world safe for democracy. The Balfour Declaration Nov. 1917 by Lord Balfour assured Walter Rothschild that the Jews would get Palestine, which was the main reason for war and US entry into it.  
US Ambassador to Russia David Francis said “The Bolshevik leaders here (Russia) ... care little for Russia or any other country but are internationalists and they are trying to start a worldwide social revolution.”  
Russia could not fight a civil war at home and Germany also, so left the latter. The Germans celebrated a holiday with their war effort winning, but Marxists and Zionists in Germany undermined the nations’ morale causing factory strikes, and the press soured the populace and soldiers on the war. So German soldiers went to war with a defeatist attitude. (After the war, editorial cartoons pictured what figuratively happened, of Zionist-Marxists stabbing German soldiers in the back.) About the same time, American troops began to battle, and 10,000 US Jews joined the British to gain Palestine.  
In 1918 the Red Terror in Russia was announced and carried out, of immense cruelty and torture to Russians who resisted the Jews. Finally, most gave up resisting since they were not as ruthless as their enemies.  
After WWI Germany had to pay in many ways for a war that was imposed on it, including a food blockade. Setting up conditions ripe for WWII. The NY Times posted news of July 1921 that 6 million Jews faced massacre by counter-revolutionaries.  
A Dec. 1931 news article reported that 6 million Jews will starve in southeastern Europe. International Jewry issued a Declaration of War against Germany and 20,000 Jews protested at NY City Hall. Rallies urged boycotting German products. The Washington Post was auctioned off during the Great Depression and bought by Zionist Eugene Meyer who had stepped down from the Federal Reserve. Its editorials became pro-FDR, anti-German and soft on Stalin. With the Post purchase, the Jews gained the 4 major media giants (CBS, NBC, NY Times), the head of each had his picture on a Time magazine cover.  
Polish Ambassador to the US Jerzy Polocki said “Above all, propaganda here (in USA) is entirely in Jewish hands . . . their propaganda is so effective that people have no real knowledge of the state of affairs of Europe. President Roosevelt has been given the power to create huge reserves in armaments for a future war which the Jews are deliberately heading for.”  
FDR recognized the USSR as a legitimate nation before any other nation did, even though Soviets claim they want to overthrow all other nations including the US.
Hitler is shown in pictures smiling with children in many photos. However, the Yellow Press and Western history did not convey him as such, or with pets or women. He brought Germany out of financial ruin after the terrible financial burden of WWI was forced on it by the victors. Ex-Prime Minister David Lloyd George claimed he was rightly called a national hero. While Hitler was portrayed badly, Stalin was the supreme villain yet treated well by the Allies. Time magazine had his image on its front cover and praised him.  
FDR tried to bait Hitler to instigate an action that would lead to the US entering the war. While supposedly neutral, FDR impounded German ships, sank its subs, froze German, Italian and Japanese assets and aided Britain in spotting and sinking German ships. But Hitler did not take the bait since he knew US entry would be bad.  
In July 1943 Hamburg was incinerated by firebombs so much that some people on the streets were lifted up by the intensity. This US-UK act was called Operation Gomorrah after the Bible event of fire and brimstone raining down. About 42,000 people, most all civilians, died and as many were injured.  
The major German concentration camps were inspected by the Red Cross and found that 270,000 had died there (not the 6 million Jews that Jews kept claiming). The Red Cross did not dispute the 270,000 figure, or claim that inmates were greatly ill-treated. Most deaths were by disease. Jews tried to enforce law against anyone denying the Holocaust of 6 million Jews. The Auschwitz cite officially reduced the count there to one million, though still too high. Even many Jewish scholars now claim the stories about making lampshades of human skin, shrunken heads and killings by gas at the Dachau camp were faked.  
Chaos and terrorism resulted in Europe after state hostilities officially ended. President Ike held more than a million German POWs and allowed them to starve to death. Sympathetic US guards were told not to give them anything. The Red Cross was denied access. Stalin had his German POWS killed or worked to death.
What a disgusting, anti-Semitic screed that was. There are so many things one can mention.

It has long been a canard of anti-Semitism to claim that Jews somehow control the media.

It is insinuated that the Protocols of the Elders of Zion was genuine. That is not true. It was a plagiarized fabrication created by the Okhrana, the Tsarist secret service, around 1898 or so, which tried to prop up Tsarism and discredit widespread calls for liberal reform within Russia by slurring such reformers as tools of a conspiracy by Jews to seize power. It was plagiarized from a French novel which condemned the authoritarianism of Napoleon III. That evil work has caused untold pain and suffering against innocent Jews. It was even approvingly mentioned by Adolf Hitler in his book, Mein Kampf. It is frightening that anyone should inaccurately claim that it was somehow genuine. It is not.

It is wrong to claim that "Jews" conquered Russia in 1917. This refers to the anti-Semitic canard of "Jewish Bolshevism." To claim that the Bolsheviks were only Jews or acting on behalf of some Jewish conspiracy is a terrible slur against the Jewish people. In times past the Communists were accused of acting on behalf of some Jewish conspiracy. This terrible slur falsely accused Jews in general with the guilt of the problems associated with the Communist dictatorship. Once again Jews were used as a scapegoat.

It is wrong to claim that the United States went to war to acquire Palestine for Jews. The United States never even went to war with the Ottoman Turks. It is wrong that this writing should try to blame Jews for causing the United States to enter World War I to give Palestine to Jews. It is not true.

Hitler did not cause Germany to economically recover. It was the work of Hjalmar Schacht who was the economics minister in 1934-7.

It is strange that this writing should complain that Hitler was somehow portrayed badly. It was Hitler himself who plunged Europe into war with his military aggression against innocent people.

Somehow this writing neglects to mention that it was Hitler who declared war on the United States shortly after the attack on Pearl Harbor.

It is also absurd and offensive to claim that somehow the figure of six million Jews murdered as part of Hitler's attempt to exterminate the Jews was somehow made up. What a terrible accusation. It is a form of Holocaust Denial.

What a terrible, anti-Semitic screed that was. Just dreadful. We must never give hatred a chance to harden our hearts against innocent people.


  1. Thanks for exposing a dreadful distortion and perversion of history. I never read the ads in the journal but deniers of the holocaust should not be able to advertise their "opinion."

    The piece also shows the power of propaganda. Stuff that everyone recognized as war propaganda at the time is brought up as fact many years later.

    The worst thing of all is that such "opinions" obscure the really interesting stories. It is interesting to see how mediaconglomerates are owned by just a few individuals, it is interesting when one who saw the effects of the holocaust whith his own eyes steps forward in defence of truth, it also interesting to read about the appalling treatment of pow's by the appaling russians but for the sake of truth also new studies that it was not all roses and daisies with the war hardened gi's also. That is what war does to people.) It is interesting how aicf worked with rothchildt causes, it is interesting to study how jews were portrayed as the instigators of capitalism, while at the same time are accused of being bolsheviks, they were the richest in the most important cities of the world like Paris and Vienna, but at the same time the majority lived in squalor, not only in the poorest districts of the same cities but even worse at the rim of the pre wwI empires.

    In short, to be accused of everything wrong is the mark of being a scapegoat. No need to explain that to the sane. But to wildly copy from the known conspiracy theories without cross checking with the available data warrants an invite to the camps that are open for visits, watch Lanzman's Shoah and go see Spielbergs project and recorded witness and then evaluate a piece prepared for advertising in the journal.


    1. I never read the ads in The Journal either. I only noticed this because of the letters in issue 188.

      It is really sad and terrible that some people choose to use Jews as a scapegoat.

      I once read a book that was produced by Spielburg's charity about the Holocaust. It was so sad. I cannot conceive of living through something so awful.

  2. Thanks for exposing this. It's rare, and often subject to proper censorship, but there have been seemingly uneducated individuals who have posted Aaron Young type materials over at Banned and Silenced, and have chided those who disagree as being ignorant of true history. The very types of people who have embraced this line of thought are their own walking advertisements against it, and it is difficult to imagine what types of lives they and their families must be enduring.

    Just a thought, but holocaust denial, and associated conspiracy theories, would tend to work against spreading a "gospel" whose hook is pretty much based on the holocaust. By minimizing and diminishing what the Third Reich did by way of ethnic cleansing in WW-II, and by equating the alleged treatment accorded to German POWs under Eisenhower with the newly reduced numbers, one is actually diminishing the possibility of increased inhumanity in a theorized as yet to happen holocaust in WW-III. It's blatant foot shooting, an example of another one of many absurdities dancing around in Armstrong-infected minds, and further evidence that some poor folk had a desperate need for someone (and in slides HWA) to stabilize their lives and thinking and to render them semi-functional. I'm thinking that Dixon has gradually reconsidered the impact some of the types of paid ads have on the credibility of his newspaper, and has progressively winnowed out some of the more ridiculous. Hopefully the process continues and the anti-Semitic ones die off as well.


    1. You are right. Holocaust denial is very much contrary to much of the ethos of Armstrongism.

      Why are such persons attracted to holocaust denial. Perhaps it has something to do with the artificial sense of acquiring some sort of "secret knowledge." HWA would boast that his information was unavailable anywhere else. Perhaps that sense of getting the inside scoop on a topic helped attract some Armstrongites to embracing Holocaust denial.

    2. You are right to note that Holocaust denial goes against the ethos of Armstrongism.

      Perhaps the sense of being one of the exclusive few who "know the truth" have caused some Armstrongites to embrace the false misinformation of Holocaust denial.

  3. Dixon wants money. He will print what it takes to get it.

    1. In this post I wish to refrain from speculating about how The Journal views that screed. I wanted to bring attention to what was written in that ad.

  4. That is honorable Redfox.
    By profession I know the dilemma sometimes posed between content and advertising.

    We wouldn't publish nekkid women or women draped around cars. Holocaust denial would cross a line for some. But that is just a personal opinion for a certain publication.