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PCG Members Denounce President Obama as Demon Filled, Modern Day Antiochus

Back in 2013 Gerald Flurry released a booklet entitled America Under Attack which denounced President Obama as a modern day Antiochus Epiphanes, an Antichrist like figure of Flurry's own devising. This equates President Obama with the cruel king who placed an idol in the Temple in Jerusalem. He also compared him to Tkach and denounced him as a tool of Satan used to help bring about the destruction of the United States. 

As absurd as such talk is some PCG members have embraced this paranoid view of affairs as may be seen in this comment thread discussing an article by PCG's resident McCarthyite, Andrew Müller, which denounced various limitations that exist for Christian clergy in the US military.

Here is one comment insisting that President Obama's head is full of demons.
The whole head is sick. I never seen such filth coming from a American President. He must be full of demons.
Here's one comment calling for PCG members to rally themselves for the supposed trials they will supposedly soon endure.
I am thankful to god that this voice will never be silenced. the bold and fearless remnant elect who do “NOT fear their faces.” We must ALL apply that “GRIT” that Mr. Jeremiah Jacques so eloquently spoke to us yesterday about. Be ready for the days ahead.
One commenter seemed particularly moved by Müller's claim of Christian chaplains supposedly being silenced in the US military.
Mr. Miller this is one of the most depressing if not the most depressing but yet truthful articles I ever read on the Trumpet. Just based on this article alone you can easily see why the King of the North (the rod of God’s anger) will easily defeat modern day Israel (US, UK, and Judah). Just from this article alone you can see why God the Father and the Messiah are so angry and there will be no more delay in punishing modern day Israel! Indeed modern day Israel has fallen under the spell of the ‘god of this world’!
One regular commenter then interjects with a short comment stirring up resentment against people in other religions including Islamophobia.
But they have no restrictions against pagan religions such as Wicca or Islam.
Here's one comment insisting that America is getting worse and worse. The commenter's discussion of the "spirit of Antiochus" and "lawlessness" indicates this person is quite familiar with PCG's writings and is probably a member. In this comment Israel refers to the United States, Britain and the State of Israel.
The spirit of Antiochus and lawlessness is continuing to spread throughout all of “Israel” and is absolutely rampant in this most powerful nation of the group. It has destroyed more completely any semblance of “right” principles upon which our founding fathers established this nation. As the lawlessness increases, so the effects of that lawlessness also are increasingly magnified… cause and effect. In and of itself… what a shame! However, in the context of where we are in relation to the return of Christ and the end of man’s flawed and evil rule over man, then may God’s will be done!
One commenter (author of the third comment) thought the preceeding comment was "great".
Great comment.... The spirit of Antiochus is throughout the American society. To my ugly surprised I even had republicans defend these ungodly policies. That is why in my comment I added the statement with an improvement here that all political, military and the people of modern day Israel are under the spell of the ‘god of this world’!
One commenter absurdly alleges that Jihadists are protected.
Who could have imagined it would get this bad? You can stand on a street corner and preach Jihad and your protected. You can burn the flag Its your constitutional right. You can spit, scream and swear in the face of a police officer and that is all fine. But open your mouth to speak from the Holy Bible and your guilty of committing a hate crime.
The third commenter returns insinuating that allowing gays to openly serve in the military will lead to the United States getting annihilated like Sodom and Gomorrah.
I could not write this comment any better than you did! Thank you! The modern day Israel is unthankful to what God the Father and the Messiah has given to us! We think it is a product of our abilities instead that God promised Abraham this prosperity! Now God the Father and his Messiah are so angry with us even more so that they were with the people of Sodoma and Gomorrah! We will reap the fruits of our disobedience towards our creator! One of the thinks the Father will do is to totally break down the morale of the military! The military was the last bastion of morality. Unfortunately the ‘god of this world’ through his devious schemes already conquered that bastion too! The Father has no many options with us! We are forcing his hands to accelerate the punishments on modern day Israel!
One commenter disparage executive actions as mere temper tantrums.
When the Commander-in-Chief throws his little executive order tantrums and wouldn’t exactly be known around the world for being a religious example, it comes as very little surprise that he would twist a law on its head to persecute the very peope it is meant to protect. A sad and shameful situation for the American Military but the people of America got the very thing they wanted/voted for.
One regular commenter implies in a dire manner that the next election will be "the final in your face kick by America".
Think things are bad now wait for the next set of elections (US presidential and congressional) for the final in your face kick by America. Can’t imagine God or His Son Christ will like that any better. The warning has been given to Israel for over 70 years. It wouldn’t be surprising for THE punishments to really arrive enforce to teach the only lessons mankind will hear… With all due respect Israel bring them on!
One regular commenter implies that problems US veterans face when coming home are because they do not have the commenter's religion.
Wow, then we wonder why ‘ our ‘ greatest Military has such low moral and come home with ‘ problems ‘ , no Spiritual guidance what so ever, this is only going to get worse, such a shame.
One commenter expresses rage against Satan and fantasizes about getting into a brawl with Satan.
My blood is boiling against satan and his demons . I wish I could just have one or two rounds against him outside on the grass but I will have to have a perfect body and mind. Michael and Gabriel struggled for a couple of weeks just to past by the devil to bring a message to Daniel. Thank the Lord that satan will be the last enemy that will be destroyed by God the Father who created him.
The third commenter responds to the above comment.
Indeed ... the devil, ‘the god of this world’ and his demons are the source of all evil. I cannot wait for the Day of Atonement when God will put the devil and his demons away and stop influencing the world the way they have for the past six thousand years!
One commenter implies that the Obama Administration is preparing the way for the establishment of a "New World", possibly a reference to "New World Order" conspiracy theories.
I question this articles conclusion of “the Obama administration is setting up secular humanism as America’s established religion.”
Rather, this will only be a stepping stone to something far worse. The writers of the 1986 movie Cobra (starring Sylvester Stallone) understood this when a villain stated: “I ain’t no psycho, man! I’m a hero! You’re lookin’ at a … ‘ hunter! I’m a hero of the New World! ”
That is, the Obama administration aims at a moral inversion.
One commenter insists military chaplains face similar issues in Australia.
This is nothing new since here in Australia chaplains in the services have had their content watered down for decades. Many return to mainstream churches so they can actually preach again.
One Spanish speaking follower of PCG has this simple denunciation of President Obama.
Esta actitud de Obama, es la actitud de Antioco Epífanes.
One commenter denounces President Obama as having a lawless mind.
Antiochus is flying his flag and the State of his mind, lawlessness rules.
PCG leans far to the right in regards to politics. Naturally their audience reflect that tendency of theirs. Their partisan hostility towards those not politically aligned with themselves is quite evident in the quotes above.

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