Tuesday, October 11, 2016

PCG Still Mainly Silent About Trump's Comment

In the last post it was noted that as of the time of that posting PCG, LCG and UCG had not bothered to write even a small article to discuss Trump's recently disclosed comment about women. (There was one tweet that seems to allude to this but it was very vague and did not refer to the scandal specifically.)

Let us see if PCG has mentioned now.

So PCG has released a few articles on their website to start off the working week.

There's one article by Richard Palmer about the Colombian President, Juan Manuel Santos, wining the Nobel Peace Prize for his attempts to bring peace in the country's long running civil war. It also scare mongers about the Catholic Church.

There's one article by Kieran Underwood about Jacques Hamel, the French priest who was murdered by ISIL sympathizers, being given a fast track to sainthood.

There's one article by Gerald Flurry scare mongering about Europe being fated to arise as a military superpower fated to conquer the United States. Somehow this modern day superstition is still being used to try and find new followers after eighty years of failed predictions.

Let's now look at their radio station.

Here's the synopsis for the latest broadcast of The Trumpet Daily, hosted by Stephen Flurry.
In recent months Iran has taken steps to strengthen its presence in critical areas throughout the Middle East. In Iraq, Syria and Yemen, the Iranians have bolstered their influence and put pressure on neighboring nations. Over the weekend, another flare up took place in Yemen where two missiles were fired from Houthi territory towards a United States patrol boat. As the Middle East continues to destabilize, look for Iran to continue angling for control. Listen to Stephen Flurry discuss the prophetic importance of Iran’s advances in the region and much more on today’s Trumpet Daily Radio Show. 
In other words Trump's comment is not specifically addressed in the synopsis. Whatever is said in the broadcast is said only to listeners. It is not mentioned in the synopsis.

There has also been another broadcast of Trumpet Radio Live. It is entitled "Hurricane Aftermath, Debate Aftermath". Here is the synopsis.
On today's TRL:
- $800 billion in damage from hurricane?
- Another ugly debate
- How sugar is in that drink you drink? [Sic.]
Again Trump's comment is not specifically mentioned in the synopsis. Whatever is said in the broadcast is said only to listeners. It is not mentioned in the synopsis.

Meanwhile pcog.org has said absolutely nothing but since that website is less focused on political affairs that is unsurprising.

One wonders why PCG's leaders did not bother to address this issue in writing freely accessible on the Internet? How can they judge the issues concerning that comment as less important than what they chose to write about?

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