Thursday, October 27, 2016

PCG's Eternal "Get Real" Challenge

Back in April 2004 PCG's Joel Hilliker wrote an article entitled "God's Get Real Challenge," encouraging PCG members to be honest with themselves and with (PCG's) God.
In God’s Church [PCG] we have the truth that can cut through all deception. But how much do we use it?
PCG claims to be the only true church on the Earth. PCG claims to be "God's Church" alone while all other churches are false and not aligned with (PCG's) God.
The Word of God is a weapon. It is like a two-edged sword. The truth it contains can cut. It boldly condemns. It shocks and stings. God sees reality—and when the occasion is right, He minces no words. He calls people vipers and hypocrites.
PCG's leaders have use the Bible like a weapon. The members of the other COG groups are slurring as "Laodiceans" and PCG members have been instructed to have no contact with the members of the other COG groups.
Before conversion, we lived in the cold darkness of deception. But our conversion is a process of God taking us by the hand and, step-by-step, leading us out of that darkness and into the glorious light of His truth. That’s not always comfortable—it can hurt! But what a blessing! Not to have to languish in that gloom, but to walk in the open sunlight. To know why we are here and how to live! The more we embrace this knowledge, the more we understand the meaning of Christ’s saying: “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free” (John 8:32).
Joel Hilliker was born in a family that was in WCG. He joined his parents' religion.

He compares PCG with Dr. Phil's Get Real challenge.
On the popular talk show Oprah a couple years back, one of the regular guests, Dr. Phil McGraw, presented what he called the “Get Real Challenge.” In it, essentially Dr. Phil tried to get people to stop sleepwalking through life and start being honest with themselves. He forced them to ask themselves some tough questions: What do you want to accomplish with your life? Where are you failing? What are you going to do about those failures? The Get Real Challenge was a highly unorthodox program that took radical steps to force people to confront deception—especially self -deception. 
In God’s Church, we are going through the Get Real Challenge every day! The challenge we face, however, is not a game dreamed up by a pop psychologist.
He encourages PCG members to look beyond (alleged) self-deception.
Do you have the courage to confront the deception in your life? Give serious thought to this question as you prepare for Passover this year. Consider using this article as a little workbook on eliminating deception. 
Let’s look at these three areas: first, being honest with yourself; second, with God; and third, with each other. For each of them, we will consider some ways we can succumb to deception, some benefits of conquering that deception with honesty, and some strategies for how to be honest.
He tells people not to be discouraged.
Selling ourselves short—not realizing our own potential. Mr. Flurry has often said that our greatest challenge is to remember who we are! Satan feeds lies to us all the time, trying to get us to doubt ourselves. God doesn’t need me, we can think. He would rather turn His back on me. Our minds can feed on insecurity and doubt—it can grow and multiply within us. 
This deception is dangerous! The fact is, you can only live with that kind of doubt for so long before you begin to settle—I guess I’ll only ever be this good. We can get complacent about our shortcomings, or comfortable with mediocrity. I don’t see what I have to contribute. I just don’t understand world events and prophecy—the Trumpet is over my head. I’m just not a people person. I’ll never be good at spiritual conversation. I’ll never overcome this problem.
And where do PCG members get these ideas? So often PCG's leaders say the world is so wicked and terrible it deserves to have a frightful catastrophe befall it. They are told to shun ex-members and the members of the other COG groups who are slurred as "Laodicenas." No wonder some PCG members seem to think (PCG's) God would would rather turn away from him or her.

He then relates Achan getting punished for taking spoils from Jericho contrary to God's command. This is used to tell PCG members that they are to tell PCG ministers the truth.
In that story, God worked through Joshua to expose the sin. He can work through his ministry to do the same today. There have been members who have tried to justify themselves when confronted by the ministry with some sin or fault. Some have out-and-out lied to the ministry!
He complains about gossip and says it is bad. He insists that the PCG ministry has the right to give counsel and correction to PCG lay members. He instructs PCG lay members to view a PCG minister's correction as the love of (PCG's) God.
Talking one way in front of them, another way behind their back. We can all slip into this at times. But realize: Being two-faced and gossipy is an obvious form of dishonesty—it is deceit. If you are speaking negatively about someone, be honest with yourself about it. Why are you doing this? Are you talking about the person just to denigrate him or her? Or do you have a legitimate grievance that would actually be better to bring up to the person’s face? 
Not giving tactful, constructive criticism when it is required. Consider this point carefully. If someone you care about is doing something that is hurting them, and they can’t see it, or refuse to see it, someone needs to intervene.\ 
God actually gives the ministry for this purpose—to help us become perfect (Ephesians 4:11-13)—certainly through messages, but also through counsel and by stepping in where necessary to point things out. This is a tremendous blessing. When a minister corrects us, we must recognize it as God pouring out His love upon us—trying to help us turn something around so our life can be blessed.
He also tells PCG members that they are to correct each other as well.
But this is not just the ministry’s job—not in every case. Do you realize you have a duty to intervene in some cases? (Matthew 18:15-17; James 5:19-20). If you fail to do so, and just allow the person to go on doing the destructive act, you’re perpetuating a self-deception in their minds.
He ends the article with these words.
Let’s be honest with ourselves. Let’s be honest with God. Let’s be honest with each other. 
Let’s summon the courage to confront deception, and build a life of truth and honesty. Accept God’s Get Real Challenge—every day.
And so the article  which calls for obedience towards PCG's ministers come to an end.


  1. Thus, the PCG has just indicted itself.

    It's time for the PCG gets real and admits that its founder and leader is a false prophet. The PCG needs to get real and recognize that Scripture itself condemns them and their fate is the lake of fire (of course, they could REALLY get real and admit the provenance of the Bible itself).

    The PCG is certainly self-deceived and the expansive hubris is evident. They have nothing, absolutely NOTHING, on which to stand. We have proved them wrong over and over again.

    The sane thing for them to do is to admit we are right and they are wrong and to 'repent' of their abject disgusting extremism designed to extort money through their coercive campaigns.

    In the meantime, everyone is recommended to obtain and read "Life Code" by Dr. Phil. It's not just 'pop psychology'. It's an effective defense against the preposterous con games perpetrated by the PCG and the other Armstrongist Churches of God (so called -- they aren't of God and many may suggest they are the product of the OTHER GUY).

    The PCG is evil, satanic, insane.

    Be honest. Summon the courage to confront the deception of the ACoGs and build a life of truth and honesty.

    Anything else is insanity.

  2. The PCG:

    Equal parts of brainwash mixed with hogwash.