Friday, October 21, 2016

US Presidential Election is Fair and Not Rigged

It has been concerning to hear that Trump has been claiming that the presidential election is somehow rigged. It is not. If he loses he would have lost the election fair and square.


  1. Heres something all will find interesting....

  2. Quote unquote:

    There was a second question asking “hard Trump supporters” what disastrous event would stop them from voting. Recall that in a previous question, an astonishing 74% of “hard Trump supporters” answered “None”.

    But another question listing different disasters got a lower percentage (17%) of “None” responses from “hard Trump supporters”.

    Presented with four epic disasters, the percentages of “hard Trump supporters” who said the disaster would stop them from voting are:

    8% for “shooting war in neighborhood”
    16% for “Biblical event”
    17% for “external invading force”
    38% for “attack by extraterrestrials”



  3. And than this polling institute "recommends" the "staging" of an alien attack.

    As of tomorrow I am pulling my investments out of America. (not for ever of course)

    On another conspiracy site I saw a cnn interviewer be somewhat suprised when most raised their arm for trump after the debate.

    The fact is. It didn't make those people less fat or more educated. They are simply wrong in their assessment.

    Clinton will win by a landslide and then I'll return and read that report again.

    On the other hand I was wrong on Brexit, that 's why I am Underweight USA right now.


  4. Get back on the meds nck...

  5. Stolen elections are the American tradition.

  6. Are you crazy?

    I was quoting from the report you placed here. So your reaction is hilarious for all to see.

    Man you guys expose yourself as who you are.

    The only thing that is rigged is that the press still presents this as a race in order to make money.

    Trump will be swept away by the great american people. (Although as I said I am not betting on it in economic terms.)


  7. The guys who constantly oppose my opinions are extremely funny.

    -I usually quote from university textbooks
    -Direct former wcg material and pg reports
    -And in this case I quote directly from a report placed by Painful truth himself.

    And the responses are always "get back to meds" , "you are crazy" etc. I have extreme pleasure in your feedback. Since it confirms exactly what your charaters are.


  8. Let me ask a direct question.
    I find zerohedge informative also.

    But how much money did you actually make by placing bets based on their information?????

    My guess is you like quoting a lot of rubbish in all you do but you are not willing to wager anything real based on that information.

    And in the meantime accuse others of living in the twilight zone. Continue as you are my friend if it brings happiness and prosperity for you or whatever. I won't interfere with your personal beliefs or your lack to wager substance on that belief. And don't go blaming hwa for your misfortune. It is 2016.


  9. Lately I was admonished to stay on topic. So I thought I might aswell read the zerohedge article you posted. It is a whiny little article on how blacks cannot register to vote. Well let me enlighten you. We had an elected black president twice..... Bwahaha. Oo the black can't vote.

    The article does not seem to understand the reason why the press attacked Trump for his belated answer on the peaceful transition of power.

    The very reason is that the militia pride themselves in defending the constitution. Most of them would not "illegally" come in to action (although there are the extremists). So they await for a legal basis for action. A presidential candidate not yielding to defeat would in their minds constitute legal title for action. That's why this was such a dangerous moment in american politics.

    I am not sure if Donald Trump clearly understood the implications of what he was saying. I am giving this business major even the benefit of the doubt.


  10. Just based on the fact that the elections are so huge, involving millions of people, the laws of probability indicate that there would be some element of fraud or corruption, on both sides.

    I'm not fond of either candidate. The American public is about to lose more freedoms and financial security no matter who is elected this cycle.

    Donald Trump's undoing has been his own lack of control over what he says. He is more like one of his Celebrity Apprentice guests (Gary Busey) in that than most people had realized.

    As an outsider, Trump is unfamiliar with and largely unknown to the "club" which consists of the foreign leaders of the free world. They know to trust Harvard and Yale graduates who are deeply embedded in the system, not just of American politics, but also globally. As such, if elected, Trump is going to discover that he has a lot of "bosses" that he knew nothing about. They are the checks and balances that keep us out of WW-III.


  11. We can't know what Donald Trump would be like as President. I've known a very few CEOs -- I consulted with one -- and I have had occasion to deal with the president of a University to make a presentation. Though I have never met a billionaire, I have met a few millionaires.

    What they usually have in common is that they are used to being respected and unopposed. I suspect that Donald Trump is frustrated that people don't take him at his word (not entirely unexpected) and he doesn't like it. He chafes. He has no idea how people 'could be like that'.

    Furthermore, and especially in the debates, Hillary Clinton has trumped him over and over -- she knows how to push his buttons.

    I do believe that we all have a pretty good idea of what Hillary Clinton will be like as President (is Bill going to be 'First Man'?).

    I wonder how it is that out of over 300 million people we don't seem to have that great a selection of viable candidates. Are the corporations keeping all the good ones to themselves?

    One more thing. A study was done decades ago that showed that those who have the ability to be elected are not at all the same as those who would fulfill the duties of office well. The qualifications are different, so for the most part, the people who would be good in office can't get elected and those who can get elected aren't going to be good in office.

    What a choice: Charisma over competence.

    Thankfully, this election, the American don't have a choice because both of them really don't seem to have either.

  12. The difference between a CEO and the Leader of the United States of America is that a CEO does not have to sit with his loyal opposition every day and negotiate every step from an idea to a conclusion. Neither does a CEO have to deal with the checks and balances that prevent sudden change and protects those that might not fully agree and appreciate the ideas of the CEO.

    And Donald Trump has not shown sufficient understanding of this process.

    It is true this is the age of image, television and communication. A president Lincoln type might today not appeal to a television audience.

    There are lots of different billionaire types. There is the rather modest Warren Buffett or Michael Bloomberg who you can picture as quite different personalities.

    In the brief encounters with billionaires that I was briefed on I found that billionaire type were people who were constantly looking for ideas, new ideas, fresh ideas and means to leverage those ideas.

    So either Trump knows to hide those qualities real well or I have to gather that he is not a billionaire at all. Perhaps a lot of bricks but leveraged by the banks and taxpayers.

    I am really not the right person to have an opinion on Trump. But I see his daughters having difficulty kissing his cheek after the debates. So I guess he is somewhat like me. A great guy if you get to know him. But appalling to have to sit next to in a plane or have to listen to on important issues. :-)


  13. nck writes: Are you crazy?

    I was quoting from the report you placed here. So your reaction is hilarious for all to see.

    Well nck I'm not crazy, I just don't like you.

  14. Ah. Then it's ok. I understand now. Goodday. Nck