Wednesday, July 13, 2016

A Quarter of PCG Headquarters Work on PCG's Radio Station?

Recently Banned by HWA made a post suggesting that PCG's radio station, KPCG, is a flop and hardly anyone listens to it except those already involved with PCG. Amusingly it seems to have caused PCG to alter an article of theirs that was discussed.

It also contains a fascinating comment that, among other things, suggest about a quarter of personnel at PCG Headquarters work on this radio station. Here are excerpts from it.
Anonymous 2:05 AM said: “If the tribulation is near, every possible means of warning nations needs to be explored. The PCG is doing that. Billions are going to die, and all some here do is sneer”.

“Every possible means needs to be explored…the PCG is doing that” are you serious, what planet are you on? I too believe the Tribulation is just around the corner and can see plainly that the PCG, especially Stephen Flurry, REFUSES to explore every possible means, unless they are HIS ideas. PCG uses TV, radio and print because HWA used it, simple nostalgia and mimicry, that‘s all. HWA used it we must do the same that is literally the extent to the depth of their reasoning.

Read Grant Turgeon’s Philadelphian article before it was noticed by PCG leadership and cleaned up to see the stupefying incompetence at play. Apparently there are around 50-odd people involved at some point in the production process for KPCG.FM - 50 people! With around 200 employees in Edmond, that’s an astonishing 25% of their entire workforce involved in a production which by their own admission is listened to by members only! That means that a shocking 1 in 6 who listen in are actually the show’s production staff!

Consider after over 25 years in operation the current circulation figure of PCG’s Trumpet Magazine with member generated waiting room circulation subtracted is only 100,000 copies. PCG’s work has become so pathetic it’s embarrassing. Considering the ideas used to promote it are we surprised?

I assume you’re a PCG member, and then would remember that awful Behind the Work presentation from last year’s FOT. Don’t you remember Stephen Flurry boasting about radio and TV under HWA, how he believed that TV-radio was the way forward for 2016! Can’t you remember how it was all presented, stylised video footage through heavy filters of the grounds and each room of Amy Flurry’s new UK show home, how impressive it all was?

Radio and free-to-air TV the way forward, are you kidding me! TV has been haemorrhaging its audience since the Mid-2000’s. In 2012 for the first time ever free to air TV was no longer the primary means for accessing news and entertainment. 4 years later that trend has continued to the point where the TV industry as we know it will no longer exist by the close of the decade, and Stephen Flurry thinks that TV and radio is the way forward!

Stephen Flurry is the one who has driven PCG’s college to the extent that it is now. He is the one that has made impressive multi-million dollar stately homes and facilities a priority for the church. Stephen Flurry is the one who has pushed Irish dancing.... He’s the one who developed HWA College to the point where it has effectively become THE work. Stephen Flurry is the one who’s prepared to throw literally millions of tithe dollars into an Irish dance and music facility for the kids at Edmond. He’s the one who refuses to explore “every possible means” unless they are HIS ideas.

Now that Stephen Flurry is in the UK where do you think the recent idea for a private jet came from? ... What is apparent about Stephen is that due to his WCG secluded upbringing and position as PCG heir-apparent he has no real appreciation for the value of money nor concept of the need to spend it wisely.

His WCG-PCG acquired leadership mind-set is that no matter how ineffective or incompetent the idea is God will always bail them out (with 25% decline in income apparently not). Considering the tribulation is coming and the warning message isn’t going out, largely due to PCG’s leadership it makes the problems Garner Ted created for the work in the 70’s hardly worth mentioning. “Every possible means needs to be explored”, if that statement wasn’t so tragic you could laugh.


  1. One aspect of PCG leadership that is becoming more and more clear is their general incompetence. Just from a responsible business management perspective alone you just wouldn't make some of the decisions PCG leaders routinely make.

    Consider the following:

    • In 2015 who in their right mind would invest in radio as a communication medium to the degree PCG has? If you were going to use radio, why start broadcasting in your own backyard where you already have the largest concentration of members in the world? With its radio station PCG is quite literally talking to itself.

    • After the overwhelming dominance of the internet over TV during the last ten years who would insist that their primary communication model be still based on free-to-air television?

    • Contemplating massive expenditure (private jet, $1M+ dance-music academy) during a period when they are experiencing a 25% drop in income.

    • Absolutely no capacity for innovative or original ideas in spreading their message. PCG simply imitates HWA’s methods almost to the point of superstitious idolatry. They obstinately refuse to try anything that doesn’t rely on the old WCG model of TV, radio and print.

    • Modern forms of internet-based media and communication viewed and routinely ignored as suspicious and flawed.

    • Anyone with new or innovative ideas seen as an inherent threat and routinely overlooked.

    • Always try to do things cheap and in-house, graphics, artwork, printing, marketing advertising etc.

    • Incumbency at the top - basically in the PCG you have the same half dozen key personnel in the same positions they were 15-20 years ago. Refusal to refresh key personnel in any organization always breads inefficiency, corruption and nepotism.

    • Frequent and flagrant displays of HQ’s exclusivity and nepotism, almost to the point of deliberate provocation and alienation of rank and file members.

    • Despite the wide-spread dislike of the dancing and musical productions, PCG leadership insist on more of the same, again, almost to the point of provocation.

    It’s almost as if ineptitude and incompetence are hard wired into PCG’s leadership. You have to wonder whether it will still exist in 5-10 years…

  2. So true. PCG's 1% are insulated in a bubble of power and privilege so they have a hard time seeing what they do wrong towards lay members.

  3. Perhaps they could produce a video series for Amazon Prime.

    Perhaps they could produce a science fiction series.

    British Israelism is alternative earth history science fiction, so they could start there. They could have episodes showing how Dan made the wrong decisions and ended up causing his whole tribe getting lost.

    You know -- that sort of thing. They could use their imaginations and make it look like Game of Thrones or something.

    Heaven forbid it become another series about zombies -- they already have the walking dead at headquarters, what with their hive of drones and all.

  4. What happens in the world of Armstrongism is so strange and bizarre they might as well do so.