Saturday, July 23, 2016

PCG Slurs Left Wing Israeli NGOs; Implies They are "Enemies" of Israel

So the Israeli government recently passed a law requiring NGOs that receive funding from foreign governments would be required to publicly state this. Many have criticized this law as a measure directed against the Israeli left. Such criticism points out that other right wing NGOs rely on money from private donors instead of governments are left out in this law.

So PCG responds to this controversy with an article by Anthony Chibarirwe. PCG leans far to the right and loves Prime Minister Netanyahu so unsurprisingly this PCG article insists all is well.
Europe too has expressed its concerns. Most of the NGO funding in Israel comes from European nations such as Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland and the Netherlands.
“The reporting requirements imposed by the new law go beyond the legitimate need for transparency and seem aimed at constraining the activities of these civil society organizations working in Israel,” read a statement from the European Union.
The German government commented that it was “concerned about the legislation’s one-sided focus on financial support from governmental donations,” and it was “also concerned about the domestic political climate in Israel in which this law came to being, and about the increasingly polarized debate about the work of nongovernmental organizations in Israel.”
PCG teaches that Germany is destined to launch a military campaign to conquer the United States and take Americans as slaves to Europe. So if Germany does not like this law PCG members will view this as a sign that Germany will soon launch this cataclysmic attack.
The main takeaway from this controversy is this: Israel’s NGO bill—whatever the opinions about its legality or fairness—reveals an administration that’s still willing to compromise on some issues, but at the same time, equally willing to defy global opinions in order to expose its enemies, both local and foreign, in order to safeguard its security.
Who are these "enemies, both local and foreign"? Who are these local enemies of the State of Israel? This seems to be directed against left wing Israeli NGOs. So apparently these Israeli left wing NGOs are "enemies" of the State of Israel, according to PCG.

So often PCG presents themselves as friends of Israeli Jews. But if an Israeli Jewish person should be too left wing for PCG's liking they seem to be viewed by PCG's leaders as "enemies".

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