Sunday, July 17, 2016

PCG's Richard Palmer Welcomed Coup in Turkey

Recently elements within the Turkish military attempted to launch a coup to overthrow the government. In the tense situation it seemed as though the coup would succeed but it was put down. Tragically about 290 people were killed in this failed coup.

Before the coup was defeated PCG's Richard Palmer appeared to have welcomed the prospect of the Turkish government getting overthrown.

Here's one tweet by Palmer discussing a rumor that President Erdoğan had been denied asylum in Germany.

PCG's Jeremiah Jacques posted a tweet commenting on President Erdoğan speaking on FaceTime.

It is revealing how PCG's leaders are so careless about the blessings of living under democratic institutions that they would carelessly yearn for an elected government to be overthrown by force just because they did not like it heedless of the severe social problems any such military coup would be bound to produce. PCG is an authoritarian group so it is little wonder that elected institutions would be viewed so carelessly.


  1. If any of the European nations except the UK suddenly came under a totalitarian, nationalistic government, PCG members would literally be partying in the streets of Oklahoma! Their jubilance would probably set off an earthquake!


  2. I did not think about that. I have no doubt you are right on this matter. Thank you or sharing your insight here.