Wednesday, July 13, 2016

PCG's Stephen Flurry Cries "Race War" Again

Stephen Flurry hosted a recent episode of his Trumpet Daily broadcast entitled, "One Step Closer to Race Wars, Social Unrest and Anarchy." It is introduced with the following description.
“Race war is coming,” Herbert W. Armstrong warned almost 50 years ago. “Racial tensions, passions and hatreds are being deliberately stirred by organized planning. It will explode into mass violence that will stagger the imagination!” Eight years ago, when then-Senator Barack Obama was being lavished with praise for his intent to heal America’s race wounds, Gerald Flurry warned that simmering racial passions and hatreds would boil over into a red-hot violence that would spill onto our streets. We are one step closer to that reality today.
That quote is from an October 1963 article by HWA (p. 3). Here is some of what else is written in that article of his.
I can tell you now, that Century 21 will dawn, in a few shore years, on a peaceful and happy world. The race problem will have been SOLVED! Racial strife and violence will have ceased--and everybody will be happy and prosperous. Bur I can tell you, also, by authority of the Power that rules the Universe, that neither present crusades nor any of the solutions or ideas of MEN will bring us this happy state of PEACE. (pp. 3-4.)
From 1953 onward HWA taught that Christ would return in 1975. That this prediction failed to come to pass proves that HWA is a false prophet and that God was never with him.

Since 1992 (if not earlier) PCG's leaders has scare mongered that in the near future African Americans would launch a wave of riots against the white majority as a part of the Great Tribulation. PCG's leaders call this supposedly future events as a "race war" or "race wars" or "race riots." This racist false prophecy will never come to pass.

For more information on this topic see: PCG's False Prophecy of "Race War"

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  1. Race wars come and go. A few ass-hats decide to hate driven by community organizers and burn down several blocks. This has been going on in America since the 60's at least. HWA was not a prophet of god , but was like Barack Obama, steering up the hate hoping for the desired outcome.