Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Profile of Leader of White Supremacist Group in Sacramento Stabbings

Recently a bunch of white supremacist extremists attacked anti-fascist protesters in a clash in Sacramento. What follows is the start of an article that discusses the leader of that white nationalist group and the various racist ideologies he has espoused.
Last weekend, havoc reigned in Sacramento as 30 white nationalists clashed with hundreds of anti-fascists during a protest. At least ten people were injured in the brawl, two of them critically. .... the group that organized the protest, doesn’t seem fazed by the violence — they appear emboldened. They’ve since promised to go to the Republican National Convention to “make sure that Donald Trump supporters are defended.” (Rachel Cain, The Most Important White Supremacist Of 2016, Think Progress, July 2, 2016.)
It was sad to hear that some brave counter-protesters had been attacked by this group. I hope they may heal well.

We must give no room to extremism and racist hatred.

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