Saturday, July 30, 2016

PCG's Joel Hilliker Condemns the "Savage World"

Back in January 2015 PCG's Joel Hilliker wrote an article discussing the Tabernacle. He also ridiculed churches for just letting the "savage world" into their sanctuaries.
This veil divided the sanctuary into two rooms. Veil literally means “to separate.” This modern age fails to even recognize the difference between holy and profane! Today’s churches invite the savage world right into their sanctuaries. But God not only distinguishes between clean and unclean, holy and unholy (read more in Part 7 of this series)—He even makes a distinction between holyand most holy! This thick curtain was a barrier separating God from the sinful Israelites and preventing them from viewing His glory. The presence of God was not open for anyone and everyone to see or enter anytime they felt inclined.
The world is "savage"? What venomous contempt this shows for the surrounding society outside of his PCG. It is quite simply shocking and shameful invective.

He does talk about the veil being torn during Jesus' crucifixion later in the article but this passage seems strikingly negligent of the traditional Christian teaching that this veil has now been torn away.

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