Tuesday, July 12, 2016

PCG Wrong About Mavi Marmara

Recently the State of Israel and the Republic of Turkey made a normalization agreement restoring their relations after a rupture in relations following Israeli personnel raided the Mavi Marmara and killed ten Turkish men including an American citizen in 2010. As part of the deal Israel is to provide a $20 million compensation fund to the family members of those who died. $2 million per victim.

At the time of the deadly raid PCG's leaders slurred the people on the Mavi Marmara as terrorists, members of Hamas and Al Qaeda.
The terrorists who sponsored the Gaza-bound “humanitarian” mission in early June got exactly what they were aiming for: a lethal retaliation from Israel’s navy, followed by a tidal wave of international outrage against Israel. It doesn’t matter that 50 passengers on board the Mavi Marmara were linked to terror groups, or that the “peace activists” attacked Israeli commandos with metal rods, broken bottles, knives and stun grenades, or that three of the Turks killed by Israeli commandos actually wanted to die as martyrs, or that investigators discovered bulletproof vests, night vision goggles and gas masks on board the ship, while finding nothing that constituted real humanitarian aid. (Stephen Flurry, "Israel The Outcast," June 4, 2010.) 

The folks who organized it knew what they were doing. The Turkish group that staged the “humanitarian” mission to Gaza had ties to terrorist networks. It invited dozens of terrorists with ties to Iran, Hamas and al Qaeda to participate. It specifically sought to bust a naval blockade solely intended to limit Hamas’s ability to turn the Gaza Strip into a military bunker. It forced a confrontation, banking on the ability to turn it into a public relations disaster for the Jews. (Joel Hilliker, A Good Excuse to End a Bad Relationship, June 9, 2010.)
Israel just agreed to pay $20 million to the families of those who died on that terrible night. What happened was so awful that Israel is willing to pay all that money over it. Clearly PCG's leaders were wrong to be so dismissive and defensive about it. PCG's leaders messed up and viewed this situation incorrectly.

Israel demanded that Hamas not be allowed to operate in Turkey. Israel conceded on that demand and Hamas is left unmentioned in the agreement.

Turkey demanded the blockade be lifted. Turkey conceded on that demand.

Israel was willing to address this problem. Will PCG's leaders ever admit that they were wrong about this issue after slurring those on board this flotilla?

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