Wednesday, July 27, 2016

PCG Discussing Churchill's Fall from Power in 1945

Falk and Blondeau discussed Winston Churchill getting voted out of power in 1945 in the July 26, 2016 episode of PCG's Trumpet Radio Live.

They talk about how, they say, Britain turned socialist after the war by voting for the Labour Party.

They mention Churchill's controversial "Gestapo" comment directed against the Labour Party.

They discuss the paradox of the British public voting against the Prime Minister who led them through the war. Perhaps there were reasons why the British public reacted this way.

They praise Churchill's graceful acceptance of this electoral defeat. It is noted that he later returned to power. They muse on what might have been the state of Europe if he had been allowed to remain as Prime Minister at that time.

Notably the leader of PCG has no need to worry about an election that might unseat him. There are no elections in PCG. Instead they have one man rule.

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