Wednesday, July 20, 2016

PCG's Trumpet Radio Live Downplays Plagiarism Within Melania Trump's Speech

In the July 19 broadcast of PCG's Trumpet Radio Live they mentioned the Republican National Convention. They also mentioned how Melania Trump's speech came under scrutiny after it appeared a section of it was plagiarized from a 2008 speech by Michelle Obama. The PCG radio hosts tended to dismiss it as not really worthy of notice.

At one point one of them states that others are focusing on Mrs. Trump when they should really blame whoever wrote the speech.

The hosts then complain that the media are not paying enough attention to the deadly axe attack in Wurzburg, Germany. That should be the front page news one of them declares. They complain that attention to the plagiarism issue is downplaying this axe attack massacre.

Considering the tangled history of plagiarism within Armstrongism it seems fitting to hear these PCG radio hosts choosing to downplay such a thing.

It is well known that HWA simply took many of his ideas from other sources and rarely acknowledged his sources allowing many of his followers to think he had simply discovered these ideas from reading the Bible when he actually took various ideas in creating his syncretic religion.

It is also widely believed that Malachi's Message was plagiarized from Letter to Laodicea by Jules Dervaes which was published in 1986-8, predating Malachi's Message.

(However another PCG writer seems to accept the charge of plagiarism as seen here, here and here.)


  1. I talked with the local CoG7D minister. It turns out that back in the 1970s, the WCG sued the Church of God Seventh Day for plagiarizing a booklet the WCG claimed it had written.

    The CoG7D then went into its archives and found the booklet they had written in the 1930s. It turns out that Herbert Armstrong had copied it word for word from the CoG7 and then claimed it as his own with no attribution.

    Needless to say, the WCG quietly dropped the suit and never said another word.

    Say... does anyone trust the Armstrongists?

    I see absolutely no reason to....

    1. Armstrongism is so entwined with plagiarism.

  2. I had no knowledge of the axe attack until I read about it here. Armstrongism attaches special significance to any news item coming out of Germany. The attack is indeed terrible, but terrorism is a global problem at this point in history. Why would Germany react any differently than the US would had the attack taken place on the subway in New York City? The funny thing is that it's Donald Trump (and not the Germans) who is calling for special sanctions against Muslims, which is one of the reasons why elected officials around the globe consider him to be gauche and fearsome. PCG's analyses are always going to be irrationally twisted by Armstrong prophecy.


    1. The COGs' 1% do so much to try and convonce as many as possible that their dogmas are true.